Top 10 Virgo Anime Characters (Female & Male)

Sakura Ogami

It’s possible the zodiac signs that rule anime characters can affect their personality. This article will reveal the top 10 Virgo anime characters in your favorite series.

Read on to see whether these characters are similar to other Virgo friends or family members that you know.

Virgo Zodiac Signs

Virgo Zodiac Sign

The Sun passes through the Virgo area in the period from August 23rd to September 22nd. The persons who have birthdays on those dates are Virgos.

They are well-known for being self-reliant, trustworthy, straightforward, and realistic. Moreover, Virgos are often introverted individuals, which attributes to their intellectual nature. Analyzing and resolving problems is second nature to them.

Although their direct criticism and judgment might be difficult for other people to bear, their unfiltered words make them great friends to be around.

Top 10 Best Virgo Anime Characters  

Female Virgo anime characters

1. Ibara Shiozaki (September 8th) – My Hero Academia

Ibara Shiozaki

Ibara Shiozaki is a minor character in the MHA anime series. She is trained to be a Pro Hero in Class 1-B.

She has a medium height and her head is covered with thorns and green vines which is actually her hair. She often wears a plain white robe along with a pair of black boots.

Ibara is a modest, humble, and meaningful girl. She is also grateful to Itsuka Kendo, a friend of hers, who gave her a chance when they were at the Sports Festival. She has a strong belief in fair play so she disagreed with Neito Monoma for throwing the obstacle race. She shows her strong faith in religion.

2. Monet (August 27th) – One Piece

Monet (One Piece)

Monet worked as a scout, as well as Caesar’s and his henchmen’s aide. Her human limbs were substituted with avian limbs, which gives her a harpy-like look with bird wings.

In fact, Doflamingo dispatched her to take the role of a deep-cover agent for the Donquixote Pirates.

Monet was a cool and composed character since she was rarely astonished or outraged in any situation and kept a calm demeanor despite the midst of a fight. She was also a far more skilled liar than Caesar.

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3. Mito Feecss (September 7th) – Hunter x Hunter

Mito Feecss

Mito Feecss is a Virgo anime character from the HxH series. She plays the roles of both Gon’s cousin and foster mom. She is a fair-skinned young woman whose hair is shoulder-length and eyes are hazel.

Because Mito has raised Gon since he was a child, she is his mother figure. As a result, her image appears when Gon attempts to visualize his mom. She was initially opposed to his desire to follow in his dad’s footsteps to become a Hunter. However, she eventually embraces it.

Mito is motherly, gentle, and patient. She can deal with Gon’s flaws and provide excellent care for him.

4. Sakura Ogami (September 13th) – Danganronpa

Sakura Ogami

Sakura Ogami attends Hope’s Peak Academy and participates in Killing School Life. She is sometimes mistaken for a guy due to her huge stature and masculine voice.

Sakura is gentle, compassionate, and composed, despite her outward looks. She hardly loses her cool and appears to remain calm in any circumstance. However, she can still get irritated and agitated at times.

Sakura is passionate about protein and protein coffee, as well as working out before a big breakfast.

Sakura has problems mingling with other people because of her frightening appearance and distant demeanor. She hadn’t had any true friends till she went to Hope’s Peak Academy because she spent much time on training.

5. Karina Braun (September 3rd) – Attack on Titan

Karina Braun

In AOT, Karina Braun is Reiner’s mom and a resident of Liberio. She is a middle-aged female with light-colored short hair.

Similar to other Eldian women, Karina is spotted with a scarf over her head. When being in her Pure Titan form, she retains most of her human traits. The only visible changes are the Titan’s size and somewhat bigger face.

Karina treats her loved ones, such as her niece and son, with kindness. She is proud of their accomplishments and always there for them. Katrina seems to be devoted to her romantic partner since she didn’t have any known lovers following Reiner’s dad.

Male Virgo anime characters

1. Near (August 24th) – Death Note

Near - Death Note

Near (Death Note) was one of two successors that L trusted. He starts investigating Kira after L died.

Near is a young boy with a fair complexion, a tiny physique, grey eyes, and short, unkempt platinum hair that he frequently plays with.

Although his youthful appearance and child-like manner may cause others to doubt his talents, Near is exceptionally brilliant. He is obsessed with resolving complicated problems and considers an investigation to be a puzzle to solve. He has a keen sense of observation and he is skilled at multitasking and can keep track of many computer screens at the same time.

Despite his brilliant abilities, Near lacks social awareness and has difficulty interacting with people.

2. Kaworu Nagisa (September 13th) – Evangelion

Kaworu Nagisa

Kaworu Nagisa, or Tabris, is the 5th child of the 17th Angel. Despite being categorized as an Angel, he occupies a human body. However, Kaworu doesn’t seem to regard himself as a human, calling humans “the Lilin” to distinguish himself from them.

He also seems to be much more at ease with his own identity than Rei, as well as being friendlier and more emotionally honest. Nonetheless, he shows a distancing from human protocols.

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma (September 3rd) – Demon Slayer

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma is among the main characters of the Demon Slayer anime series. He’s a young kid with a fair complexion and an average height. His hair used to be black, but after being struck by lightning while he was training, it transformed into yellow.

This Virgo anime character displays cowardice, claiming he doesn’t have much time to live owing to the deadly nature of being a Demon Slayer. Regardless of his power, his self-esteem is low, and even considers himself worthless.

Despite these flaws, Zenitsu still aspires to meet the expectations that others have set for him & will give it his all when the situation calls for it. He’s depicted as an aspiring womanizer, motivated by the desire to avoid being single if he’s slain.

4. Kakashi Hatake (September 15th) – Naruto

Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Kakashi Hatake is a shinobi from the Hatake clan of Konohagakure. In spite of his disdain for responsibility, he is frequently sought out advice and leadership since he is among the most capable ninjas.

Kakashi was self-assured and autonomous during childhood, bordering on cocky and patronizing sometimes. Despite this, he was extremely perceptive and intuitive, recognizing the nature of a situation immediately. Nevertheless, he grew more severe, aloof, and chilly to others when his dad died.

The adult version of Kakashi is usually laid-back, even bored, and not easily agitated by anybody or anything.

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5. Naoyasu Kuguri (September 9th) – Haikyuu

Naoyasu Kuguri

Naoyasu Kuguri is a junior at Nohebi Academy, playing as a wing spiker in its volley team.

His hair is wild and spiked up, which is claimed to be an inadvertent bedhead. He has drooping and downturned eyes, with fairly bushy dark eyebrows framing them. He frequently has a bored or indifferent look on his face.

Kuguri has been revealed to be a sluggish and under-active person who to tough to energize. He is also considered almost hard to read by his teammates.

Despite his enormous potentials and abilities, Kuguri is lack of passion and emotions is among the reasons he doesn’t make it to the Nohebi’s regular team.

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Final Words

Even though not all anime characters that are Virgo have identical attributes correlated to their zodiac sign, there are undoubtedly some similarities between them. We hope that you have enjoyed this list and found your favorite.

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