Top 10 Taurus Anime Characters (Male & Female)

Asia Argento - High School DxD

Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign. People of this zodiac are generally believed to be highly grounded and even annoyingly unyielding at times. In this article, we will focus on the top 10 Taurus anime characters.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Folks having birthdays between April 20th and May 20th are ruled by the Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus people are persistent, but this trait might make them reluctant to change. They are also materialistic, valuing luxury and being very athletic.

The earth sign is known for bringing solidity to their social relationships, which makes them valuable companions and romantic partners.

Top 10 Best Taurus Anime Characters

Female Taurus anime characters

1. Shino Sosaki (May 1st) – My Hero Academia

Shino Sosaki

Nicknamed Mandalay, Shino Sosaki is a young girl, who has brown eyes and red hair in the MHA anime series. Wild, Wild Pussycats are under her leadership.

Shino’s personality is opposite to her partner’s, Pixie-Bob. While the latter is generally boisterous and lively, Shino is peaceful and compassionate. Nonetheless, she is as demanding and odd as her other teammates.

Shino is frequently concerned about others, notably Kota, her nephew, as well as the pupils at U.A. High school. Although she is sincerely caring, she also makes fun of others at their expense.

2. Kanao Tsuyuri (May 19th) – Demon Slayer

Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri is a key supporting character of Demon Slayer. She is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. Kanao is a youthful girl with huge, loving dark purple eyes framed by her thick eyelashes. Her hair is thin and black, worn as a right-sided ponytail.

Kanao chose to become a Demon Slayer because she couldn’t handle tasks such as nursing and housework like her coworkers at Butterfly Mansion.

Initially, she was an uncertain and silent girl as a result of the torture she had endured prior to the appearance of the Kocho sisters. Nevertheless, she progressively gains the ability to communicate her feelings and desires more openly.

3. Asia Argento (May 11th) – High School DxD

Asia Argento - High School DxD

Asia Argento is among several female main characters of the High School DxD anime series. She is a senior at Kuoh Academy. Asia is timid, naive, and inexperienced when it comes to social situations. Regardless of her reincarnation as a Devil, she still worships God and adheres to his teachings, which results in her great migraines.

As Asia is an innocent girl, others love her and just naturally gravitate towards her. Asia also enjoys agricultural activities and frequently engages in gardening and growing plants.

She grew bolder in her relation with Issei after other girls started showing their intimacy towards him because she disliked being left out.

4. Tsunami (May 4th) – Naruto

Tsunami - Naruto

Tsunami resides in Land of Waves. Her hair is a deep blue color. She is either dressed in a pink shirt that has a red collar or a blue dress.

Tsunami is an accommodating person and adores “prettiness”. She also appears to be a wonderful mom. Additionally, Tsunami is a strong-willed woman. When Gato’s followers kidnapped her to frighten Tazuna, she threatened to take her own life so Tazuna wouldn’t have to be worried about her.

As for her background, her husband passed away soon after Inari was born. When Kaiza appeared in her life and became Inari’s father figure, she couldn’t resist inviting him into her family.

5. Rika Shinozaki (May 18th) – Sword Art Online

Rika Shinozaki

Rika Shinozaki (or Lisbeth) is a character who appears multiple times in the SAO anime series. She was among 10,000 players stuck in SAO, where she worked as a blacksmith and ran her own shop in Lindarth.

Lisbeth is a kind, outgoing individual who gets along with almost everybody she meets. She is a dedicated worker who is proud of her skills as a blacksmith.

Therefore, if somebody challenges her blacksmith skills, she would become defensive and aggressive. Even though Lisbeth has a terrible temper, she can be a tease too.

Male Taurus anime characters 

1. Connie Springer (May 2nd) – Attack on Titan

Connie Springer

Connie Springer used to be trained in the Training Corps in the AOT anime series. After graduating, he became a member of the Survey Corps. He keeps his brown hair shaved, has a thin physique and grey eyes.

When becoming a Pure Titan, he is high enough to assault the Armored Titan’s head. Connie is an extroverted and impulsive boy. He has little trouble expressing himself and enjoys showing off his abilities, especially when he was a trainee.

Regardless of his military service, Connie is initially unfocused and enjoys playing around with his friends, however, he can be a little bit thick sometimes.

Even though Connie, who dislikes his weak power, accepts his limitations, he is determined to prove his value. Connie has always remained hopeful, cared about the well-being of his friends, family, and village, and been willing to help them however he can.

2. Byakuya Togami (May 5th) – Danganronpa

Byakuya Togami

Byakuya Togami is an exceptionally intelligent Taurus anime boy. As a student at Hope’s Peak Academy, he managed to win all his male siblings to be the heir of the Togami family, a global financial conglomerate.

Byakuya is a quiet, frigid, and self-centered individual. He is unwilling to work with others because of his sense of superiority and his belief that others are inferior to him, which results from his strict upbringing.

Regardless of his harsh and dismissive demeanor to other people, Killing School Life appeared to change his worldview and turn him into a more courteous and cooperative person, but he continues to deny that they’re his friends.

3. Satori Tendo (May 20th) – Haikyuu

Satori Tendo

Satori Tendo, also referred to as the Guess Monster, was a senior at Shiratorizawa Academy. He plays the middle blocker position in the volleyball team. His current job is as a chocolatier in France.

Tendo has spiky, vivid red hair with correspondingly colored eyebrows. His huge downturned eyes give him a tired appearance. Tendo is upbeat and loud, albeit a little cynical. He likes to tease not only his teammates but also his opponents, which irritates the latter.

However, when he is in his game on mode, he transforms into a more terrifying character, savoring the sight of despair on the opponents’ faces when they’re denied. He also has a lot of faith in his blocking talent.

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4. Gon Freecss (May 5th) – Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)

As a main character in the HxH anime series, Gon Feecss is a Rookie Hunter motivated to seek his dad, Ging Geecss. Gon has green, black hair and an all-green outfit.

He is an Enhancer, known to be straightforward and determined. On the other hand, his weaknesses are his anger and impetuous personality. His actions are often the result of his failure to take a long hard look at things, resulting in his suffering.

Despite having significantly more talent than typical for his peers, Gon feels compelled to prove his adversary wrong whenever his abilities are questioned.

5. Katsuki Bakugo (April 20th) –  Boku no Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo is a junior high schooler at U.A, serving as the anime series’s deuteragonist. This character in the BNHA anime series is lean and muscular with a fair complexion and an average height. Katsuki has short spiky blonde hair.

He is a snobbish, arrogant, irritable, and aggressive boy, particularly at the beginning of the anime series. For those who don’t know about Katsuki very well, he appears unheroic, if not apparently malevolent.

Katsuki has gradually turned into a less hostile individual after getting accepted into U.A. and enduring multiple personal defeats. Nevertheless, he still retains many of his disagreeable tendencies.

Katsuki is a fighter who isn’t only athletic and skilled, but also bright and intuitive as well as capable of improvising and strategic planning.

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Final Words

Not every Taurus individual is exactly alike. However, our list of Taurus anime characters shows that generally, they are obstinate and determined, which typically results in their success in whichever field they choose to pursue.

Furthermore, these characters can be unshakable supporters of their friends or other loved ones.

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