Episode 13 “The Story of God Killing”

Episode 13 Scene Photograph

A mighty, unsettling god manifested, and the world was about to fall into the darkness. Godo, who had run out of power in the previous battle with Kusanagi no Tsurugi, now has no way to counter it! With herself as a shield, Erica escapes the girl who holds the key to the guardian hall and the battlefield … However, due to the overwhelming power of the unsettling god, the good fight collapses vacantly. The separated Godo and the girl escaped to a shrine in the mountains of Mt. Fuji, Japan’s largest power spot. While regaining power, Godo communicates with the girl … And finally, the unsettling god arrives in front of the guardian hall! The strongest god and Campione, the end of the battle …!?


Episode 12 “Kusanagi no Tsurugi”

Episode 12 Scene Photograph

The guardian hall sent to the boundary between life and immortality “Yuyo” by the power of Ena. There he meets Susanoo, who claims to be Ena’s guardian. Susanoo used to manifest himself as an unsettling god, but he seems to have been tired of rampaging and retired to the ghost world. And Susanoo gives some advice in the guardian hall. On the other hand, Erica, who chased Godo and jumped into the ghost world, played a deadly battle with Ena. However, Erica is finally defeated by Ena who possessed Kusanagi no Tsurugi! Godo rushes to stop the battle, but Ena escapes from the spot. And Erica, who was invaded by the air of the ghost, was dying !!


Episode 11 “Tachi no Miko”

Episode 11 Scene Photograph

Since the incident in Naples, Liliana has joined the guardian hall under the guise of “Knight’s duty”, and everyday life is even more confused! One day, a new rushing wife appears under the guardian hall. Ena Seishuin, a girl with a big sword, says “I came to marry the king”. Too much to explain the current situation surrounded by beautiful girls, Godo just calls Yuri and his friends “just friends”. Shocked by the remarks made by a friend of Godo, Yuri and Liliana are blocked. When Erica noticed it, she forcibly took Godo out for a date. And there is a person ahead of them …


Episode 10 “Rough Demon King, Hero of the Sun”

Episode 10 Scene Photograph

A duel from Perseus arrives at the guardian hall and Liliana. Liliana wanted to give the revelation given by Athena to the guardian hall, but she couldn’t take the step of “professor” by word of mouth. And without progress, Godo and Perseus will face each other again! Perseus overwhelms the guardian hall that has no countermeasures from beginning to end. Liliana rushes to the fallen guardian hall, realizes her feelings for the guardian hall, and performs the technique of “professor” with loyalty as a knight! Revelation that flows from the overlapping lips … What is Perseus’s identity that Godo knows there !?


Episode 9 “Missing Kings”

Episode 9 Scene Photograph

It was Athena who recognized the guardian as his prey that saved the guardian who lost to Perseus. With her intervention, Perseus puts her sword in, but announces a rematch when her wounds heal. It was Liliana, who cared for him at the Bronze Black Cross branch, who welcomed the guardian hall that had revived from the brink of death. Karen, Liliana’s attendant, mainly advises her to entangle the guardian hall in order to outsmart her rival Erica. Liliana gets on Karen’s mouth, but she just spins idle because she isn’t used to romance. Athena reappears there. She hints at the guardian hall the key to capturing Perseus …?


Episode 8 “Heroes”

Episode 8 Scene Photograph

During the summer vacation, Godo was stepping on the land of Sardinia again. It was an action that relied on Lucretia to escape from Erica. … But when Yuri caught me on the way and arrived in Italy, Erica was there! In the end, it was a noisy vacation as usual, sandwiched between them … That night, Godo, who left Erica and his friends, reunites with Athena. At the same time, in Naples, Campione’s Salvatore Doni was destroying the sacred tool Helion without hearing the restraint of Liliana, the watchman. Following the dragon that was born as a result, a new unsettling god appears!


Episode 7 “Wind, Rain, Wolf”

Episode 7 Scene Photograph

Defeated by Voban’s powerful powers, Godo was forced to retreat. Meanwhile, her rival, Voban’s servant Liliana, appears in front of Erica, who is taking on the dead of her pursuers. Erica continues to struggle. Yuri rushes there and calls on Liliana to move away from Voban. Liliana, who values ​​the pride of the knight, refuses to do this, but when Erica tells her a secret …!? Godo came back there. On the chest of the guardian, there is a trump card brought about by Yuri’s spiritual vision and Erica’s knowledge …!


Episode 6 “The Kings Discuss”

Episode 6 Scene Photograph

Yuri has been taken away by Voban! Voban, who had been paying attention to Yuri’s talent in the “Invitation Ceremony” four years ago, used her to call the unsettled god again and enjoy the struggle. After hearing about this from the official history compilation committee, Amakasu, Godo headed to Voban with Erica to recapture Yuri! Eliminating the dead and golems that stand in the way, Godo finally confronts Voban! The old opponent proposes a game to the young Campione. If the guardian escapes from Voban by dawn, Yuri will be released …


Episode 5 “Days Not Good Days”

Episode 5 Scene Photograph

As usual, Erika was confused by Erica, who was confused by Athena’s threat and her peaceful daily life. The appearance of the two flirting in the classroom buys jealousy of the boys in the class, and Yuri who is serious is giving a series of sermons to Godo. Eventually, the baseball showdown between Erica and Yuri broke out … and Godo had no time to rest. Meanwhile, Campione Voban, known as the Demon Lord of Eastern Europe, was visiting Japan. Liliana, a bronze black cross who follows Voban, rushes around the guardian hall at his command. What is Voban aiming for …!?


Episode 4 “Athena Unsettled”

Episode 4 Scene Photograph

The guardian hall collapsed due to the spirit of death, and the surrounding area where Athena manifested was extremely confused by the calamity caused by God! Meanwhile, Yuri, who escapes to seal the Gorgoneion, is being chased by Athena. And Godo, who was revived by the authority of Verethragna, prepares for the decisive battle with Erica. Eventually Athena arrives at Yuri. Liliana Kranjal, a magician who came to Japan for a certain purpose, joins in, but the Gorgoneion is robbed in front of the power of God. Athena regains power with a sacred treasure. In such a desperate situation, a breeze blows … In response to Yuri’s call, Godo will come to you with authority! And he confronts Athena again with a golden sword in his hand– !!


Episode 3 “Enemy comes from afar”

Episode 3 Scene Photograph

Overcoming the challenges imposed by Erica with authority, Godo was being recognized as a new Campione by associations around the world. But Godo’s daily routine was stimulating but mediocre, with the ardent approaching Erica and the jealous gaze of the surroundings abrading his nerves, and he himself wanted it. One day, Godo is called by Yuri and is questioned that he brought the god tool “Gorgoneion” to Japan. It was a medal given by Erica in Rome, a sacred treasure prophesied to cause global calamity. And Yuri finds the mighty unsettling god Athena in the midst of disasters with a spiritual vision …!


Episode 2 “Landscape with a King”

Episode 2 Scene Photograph

The guardian hall that defeated the manifested unsettling god Verethragna and deprived the god’s abilities to become Campione. A week later, Erica rushed to Godo from Italy and asked for love in the classroom. On the other hand, there are also people who pay attention to the power of Campione and approach the guardian hall. Touma Amakasu of the “Masashi Compilation Committee”, an auditing organization for Japanese magicians, and Yuri Mariya, a cooperator of the shrine maiden. Amakasu tells Godo that Erica is moving under the secret order of the magical association “Shakudo Black Cross” and warns her. A guardian hall that asks Erica what she really wants. Then she takes the guardian to a certain place …?


Episode 1 “The Story of the Beginning”

Episode 1 Scene Photo

Kusanagi Godo, a boy who landed on Sardinia, Italy. As his grandfather’s messenger, he came to deliver the mysterious stone board “Prometheus Secret”. A beautiful girl in a crimson dress, Erica Blandelli, appears there and demands that she hand over a stone board. While the two argue, a roar suddenly rises, and a huge wild boar appears as if it had escaped from the myth! Desperate guardians in front of the wild boar! This time, a huge tornado occurred, and the boar was erased. To the stunned guardian, Erica tells them that they are the “unsettled gods” who bring disaster, and that the stone slab is a spellbook of their ties. And he forcibly decided to accompany him on the journey of Godo …!