Top 33 Sexiest Anime Girls To Draw Your Attention

Shiraki Meiko (Prison School) - Sexiest anime girl

Anime has developed very quickly in the past 10 years and gained millions of fans all around the globe. People are crazy about anime for the great plot, amazing improvement of animation, and most importantly, good female characters.

Here is the list of the hottest & sexiest anime girls you may love.

Top 33 Sexiest Anime Girls Of All Time

Nakano Itsuki (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Nakano Itsuki (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Nakano Itsuki from The Quintessential Quintuplets is a stunning character with long, wavy hair that frames her face beautifully.

Her sharp tongue and independent personality only add to her appeal, making her an instant favorite among fans.

I love how her love for spicy food and music brings out her passion and adds depth to her character.

Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame from Akame Ga Kill is a striking character with long, black hair and piercing red eyes that reflect her deadly skills as an assassin.

Her stoic demeanor only makes her more intriguing and mysterious, drawing me in even more.

Her loyalty to her comrades and her tragic past tug at my heartstrings and make me root for her even more.

Annie Leonhart (Attack On Titan)

Annie Leonhart (Attack On Titan)

Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan is a gorgeous character with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

Her cool and calculating personality adds to her beauty and makes her a captivating character to watch.

The reveal of her past trauma and guilt only deepens my emotional investment in her, and her shifting allegiances keep me on the edge of my seat.

I can’t get enough of her complex and multifaceted character.

Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)

Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)

Her pink hair and innocent-looking face hide a psychotic personality, making her one of the most terrifying characters in anime.

Her obsession with the protagonist, Yuki, drives her to commit unspeakable acts, all in the name of love.

Her small frame and cute features only serve to make her more disturbing.

Rin Tohsaka (Fate)

Rin Tohsaka (Fate)

A beautiful girl with long black hair and piercing green eyes, Rin is a powerful mage from the prestigious Tohsaka family.

Her sharp wit and fierce determination make her a formidable opponent in battle, while her kind heart and loyalty make her a beloved friend.

Her style is a mix of traditional Japanese and modern fashion.

Yukinoshita Yukino (Oregairu)

Yukinoshita Yukino (Oregairu)

Yukino is a stunning beauty with long black hair and striking blue eyes. She has a cold and aloof demeanor, often pushing people away with her biting words.

But beneath her icy exterior lies a kind heart and a desire to help others, especially her friends. Her style is elegant and refined, reflecting her upper-class background.

Hibana (Fire Force)

Princess Hibana (Fire Force)

With her strikingly beautiful appearance and commanding presence, Hibana is a force to be reckoned with.

Her long, flowing pink hair and piercing blue eyes are just a few of the features that make her stand out.

But her alluring beauty is matched by her fierce and determined personality, making her a formidable opponent and an inspiring ally.

Historia (Attack On Titan)

Historia (Attack On Titan)

Historia’s innocent appearance belies her true strength and cunning. Her delicate features, including her soft blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, only serve to draw people in and underestimate her true capabilities.

But beneath her fragile facade lies a tenacious and resolute spirit, one that is capable of standing up against even the most daunting of foes.

Shion (Slime Isekai)

Shion (Slime Isekai)

Shion is a character from the anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.” She is a member of the Ogre race and serves as one of Rimuru’s closest allies.

Shion stands at an impressive height of 5’7 and has a beautiful complexion with long, purple hair and a pair of captivating green eyes. Her attire consists of a revealing red dress with thigh-high boots that highlight her shapely legs.

Miku (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Miku (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Miku Nakano is one of the five Nakano sisters from the anime “The Quintessential Quintuplets.” She is known for her distinctive long, dark purple hair and her half-opened, sleepy-looking eyes. Miku stands at an average height of 5’2 and often wears her school uniform with a pair of white stockings.

Her introverted personality, coupled with her timid nature, makes her an enigmatic and intriguing character. She is often seen with a book in her hand, lost in her own thoughts, and her love for the written word is evident from her avid interest in poetry.

Power (Chainsaw Man)

Power (Chainsaw Man)

She has long blonde hair that she wears in braids, and her piercing red eyes add to her intimidating aura.

Her toned and muscular physique is on display in her tight-fitting clothing, and her devilish powers are evident in the bat-like wings that protrude from her back.

Despite her tough exterior, she has a vulnerable side that is reflected in her childlike behavior and desire for friendship.

Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live)

Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live)

She has long, wavy black hair, a curvaceous figure, and striking golden eyes that give her a seductive and alluring appearance. Her height is 5’6″, and she often wears a black Gothic Lolita-style dress.

Kurumi is known for being an unpredictable and dangerous character, with a sadistic personality that can quickly turn violent. Despite this, she has a soft spot for the protagonist of the series, Shido Itsuka, and will go to great lengths to protect him.

Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

She has long, chestnut-brown hair and big hazel eyes, with a height of 5’5″. Asuna is known for her strong will and fierce determination, which make her a formidable fighter in the virtual world of the anime series.

She is often seen wearing a white and gold outfit that complements her appearance, and she carries a sword as her weapon of choice. Asuna is also shown to be kind and caring, making her a beloved character among fans of the series.

Mizuhara Chizuru (Rent A Girlfriend)

Mizuhara Chizuru (Rent A Girlfriend)

Chizuru is a college student who works part-time as a rental girlfriend, pretending to be someone’s girlfriend for a fee. She is often seen wearing her rental girlfriend’s uniform, which consists of a white blouse, black skirt, and a pink scarf.

Chizuru is known for her professionalism and dedication to her job, but she also has a caring and compassionate side that makes her a likable character. She forms a complicated relationship with the protagonist of the series, Kazuya Kinoshita, leading to many dramatic and emotional moments throughout the show.

Midnight (My Hero Academia)

Midnight (My Hero Academia)

Midnight, the pro-hero of My Hero Academia, is a curvaceous woman with bright green hair that cascades down her back. Her eyes are a striking shade of purple that almost glows in the dark, and her figure is accentuated by her revealing costume.

She exudes sensuality and confidence, but beneath her sultry exterior lies a fierce warrior who won’t hesitate to fight for what’s right. With her unique Quirk that allows her to produce a sleep-inducing gas, Midnight can take down even the strongest villains with ease.

Saber (Fate Series)

Saber (Fate Series)

Saber, the legendary King of Knights from the Fate series, is a stunningly beautiful woman with long golden hair that falls in gentle waves around her face.

Her eyes are a piercing blue that glint with fierce determination, and her regal demeanor commands respect from all who see her. Her armor gleams in the sunlight, a testament to her incredible strength and prowess in battle.

Saber is a woman of honor and integrity, who always puts the needs of others before her own. Her unwavering loyalty and selflessness have earned her the admiration and affection of many.

Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Faye Valentine, the sassy and seductive bounty hunter from Cowboy Bebop, is a woman of contradictions. With her piercing green eyes, tousled purple hair, and skin-tight yellow jumpsuit, she oozes sex appeal and danger. But beneath her tough exterior lies a woman who has been hurt and betrayed, and who struggles to trust others.

Faye is a fighter, both in her physical abilities and her emotional resilience. Her sharp wit and devil-may-care attitude hide a deep pain and vulnerability that few can see. She’s a survivor, and her journey to find her place in the world is one of the most compelling stories in anime.

Rangiku (Bleach)

Rangiku (Bleach)

Her long golden hair and sparkling turquoise eyes give her an otherworldly beauty that is impossible to ignore. She has a voluptuous figure and a playful, carefree demeanor that makes her seem approachable and friendly.

Rangiku often wears clothing that is revealing and emphasizes her curves, which adds to her already stunning appearance. She may appear light-hearted and easy-going, but her fierce loyalty to her friends and her powerful reiatsu make her a formidable adversary.

Emilia (Re: Zero)

Emilia (Re Zero)

Her ethereal beauty is immediately captivating, with her long silver hair that cascades down her back in loose waves and her strikingly blue eyes that seem to glow with an inner light. Her slender figure is delicate and graceful, yet she exudes a quiet strength that is impossible to ignore.

Emilia often wears flowing white garments that accentuate her beauty and purity. Despite her sweet nature, Emilia possesses a fierce determination and an iron will, which she uses to protect those she loves. With her gentle heart and stunning appearance, Emilia is a character that you cannot help but fall in love with.

Vladilena Mirizé (86 Eighty-Six)

A beautiful and intelligent girl with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She stands at an average height of 5’6″. She always carries herself with a sense of confidence and determination, which adds to her charm. Her serious and aloof demeanor often causes others to underestimate her, but she is a force to be reckoned with.

As a skilled tactician and strategist, Vladilena is the commander of the Spearhead Squadron and has a strong sense of responsibility towards her fellow soldiers. She is willing to risk everything to ensure their survival, even if it means putting herself in danger.

Yoruichi (Bleach)

Yoruichi from “Bleach” is a stunning and athletic woman with dark skin, long purple hair, and golden eyes. She stands at 5’9″ and has a well-toned body due to her frequent training. Her mischievous personality is complemented by her alluring appearance, which often catches others off guard.

As a former captain of the Stealth Force, Yoruichi possesses great agility and speed, making her an elusive opponent. Despite her carefree attitude, Yoruichi is a loyal friend and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect those she cares about.

Boa Hancock (One Piece)

Boa Hancock, the powerful and alluring pirate empress from the anime series One Piece, is a tall and statuesque beauty with flowing black hair and piercing violet eyes that seem to gaze into the souls of those around her.

Her voluptuous figure and seductive curves are matched only by her cunning and skill in battle, and her beauty and power have made her the object of admiration and envy among all who cross her path.

She exudes an air of danger and sensuality, and her deadly beauty is matched only by her fierce determination and unshakable will.

Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden is a beautiful, tall, and slender young woman with long, golden hair that cascades down her back in gentle waves. Her striking blue eyes shine with both strength and vulnerability, a testament to the pain and trauma she has endured throughout her life.

Her elegant and graceful movements belie the fact that she is a highly skilled and deadly weapon, trained for combat since childhood. Despite this, she has a kind heart and a strong sense of justice, and her journey to find her place in the world is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Fubuki (One Punch Man)

Fubuki is a striking figure with waist-length, black hair that frames her face perfectly. Her piercing blue eyes seem to hold a hidden depth, one that speaks of both power and longing. She is tall and lithe, with a physique honed by years of training and battle.

Her quiet strength and determination are a stark contrast to her playful and teasing personality, making her an enigma to those around her. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and will go to great lengths to protect them, even if it means putting herself in harm’s way.

Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

She is a breathtakingly beautiful woman with long crimson hair that falls in loose waves around her shoulders. Her striking green eyes are both alluring and commanding, a testament to her status as a devil of high standing.

Her curvaceous figure is both powerful and elegant, a perfect embodiment of her noble and regal nature. Despite her cold and calculating exterior, she cares deeply for her loved ones and will stop at nothing to protect them. Her journey to balance her duty as a devil and her desire for love and companionship is both complex and intriguing.

Nico Robin (One Piece)

She is a tall, slender woman with long black hair and large brown eyes. She has a striking appearance that is both alluring and mysterious. Her intelligence is evident in her glasses, which add a touch of sophistication to her overall look. Her tall stature gives her an air of confidence and power, while her sly smile hints at a mischievous side.

Tsubasa Hanekawa (Bakemonogatari)

She is a young girl with long, straight black hair that extends down to her hips. Her golden eyes are often filled with a mixture of curiosity and melancholy, hinting at a troubled past. She is typically seen wearing a white school uniform with a red bowtie.

Tsubasa is a bookworm, spending most of her time reading and studying. Her intelligence is matched by her kindness, as she is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. However, her inner demons often cause her to suffer from extreme exhaustion and stress.

Yor Forger (Heroes)

She is a tall and muscular woman with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that give off an intense and fierce gaze. Her body is covered in scars and tattoos, a testament to her years of experience as a mercenary.

Yor’s no-nonsense attitude and brutal fighting style make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Despite her tough exterior, Yor has a soft spot for children and animals, often going out of her way to protect them. Her loyalty and determination to protect those she cares about make her a true hero in every sense of the word.

Nami (One Piece)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 37-21-33″ (95-55-85 cm)

Nami (One Piece)

Nami, also known as Cat Burglar is the hottest female anime character in One Piece. She is the second to join the Straw Hat Pirates as a navigator. She participated in the Straw Hats to rob them and buy her village back. But after the team rebelled and beat Arlong, she joined it legitimately.

She has medium height and orange hair. What is special about her is a black tattoo on her shoulder to show her respect to Bell-mere, Genzo, and Nojiko. She has a strap wrapped around her thigh so she can put her bo staff and the Clima-Tact.

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Tsunade (Naruto)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 42-23-35”(106-58-89 cm)

Tsunade (Naruto)

Tsunade is known as one of the most attractive descendants of the clan Senju and Uzumaki. She is also a Sannin of Konohagakure.

She gave up the shinobi’s life for a few years because of the loss of her beloved people. Since she has invaluable skills, she is persuaded to come back to Konoha and be the Fifth Hokage.

When Nawaki and Dan were still alive, Tsunade is a positive person who believes in dreams and wants to help others achieve these. But she lost faith when those two are dead.

Later, with the help of Naruto, she understands that when the dreamer dies, the dream can still be alive. She got her faith in dreams again.

Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 35-21-33” (90-54-85 cm)

Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

Esdeath is a general of high-ranking in the Empire. Thanks to her high performance in the Night Raid, she was chosen to be the Jeagers’ leader, following the orders from the Prime Minister. She has a deep feeling for Tatsumi.

She is described as a beautiful, tall, and slim woman with alluring blue eyes. She is usually seen in the General’s apparel and long sleeves. Her Teigu is expressed through a tattoo she has on the chest. Her skin is porcelain white because her home village has extremely cold weather.

She is a violent and manipulative person who has no empathy for the ones who she assumed were weak. She likes to torture her enemies, not only physically but also emotionally. She doesn’t think twice when she kills innocent people for her purpose.

Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 39-23-35” (99-58-90 cm)

Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

Rias Gremory – the main character in the series High School DxD is one of the sexiest anime girls. She is the heiress of the Gremory Clan because her older brother became Lucifer.

People know about her as “Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess” because she has red hair and destruction power. She is considered the hottest girl at Kuoh Academy and also a Great Lady.

Rias has fair skin, a charming body, and blue eyes, which she got from her father. What makes her outstanding among many people is her long crimson hair.

She is usually seen in the school uniform from the Kuoh Academy, which includes a magenta skirt, a white long sleeves, and a black shoulder cape. When she wants to sleep with Issei, she will put on seductive lingerie.

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Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 36-24-35” (91-59-88 cm)

Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia is a hot female in the Fairy Tail series, where she is a Natsu team member. She is portrayed as a blond girl with brown eyes and a curvy body. She usually keeps her hair in a side ponytail.

She has a pink stamp on her right hand as a sign of the Fairy Tail team. She changes outfits regularly but her must-have item is a belt to keep her Celestial Spirit keys and a heart-shaped end whip.

Lucy is very proud of her look and also aware of her attractiveness. Besides, she is also an intelligent, nice, and caring person. She has a deep passion for literature and is secretly writing an adventure novel on her own.

Madame President (Golden Boy)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 36-23-35” (91-59-90 cm)

Madame President (Golden Boy)

Madame President, also known as “Her Majesty” is the founder of the T.N software company. She is not only sexy but also independent, strong-minded, and brilliant. She never shows sincerity to men because she knows their true intention.

Kintarou is the first man she allows to work in her office. When she asked him to prove his ability by programing something for the company, he failed because he doesn’t know the C Base coding. She wants to fire him but he asked for a chance to stay and study. This man then helped her a lot in her work.

Celestia Ralgris (Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 36-21-33” (91-54-85 cm)

Celestia Ralgris (Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut)

Celestia Ralgris is studying at the Royal Officer Academy and also the Knight Squadron leader. She is considered the strongest one in the Academy. This girl plays an important role in the Ralgris House, where her father is a Great Noble. She became an assistant of Lux Arcadia after he joined the Seven Dragon Paladins.

She appears as a beautiful young woman who has long blonde hair tied with a black headband. Her regular outfit includes an uniform from the Royal Officer Academy and a blue tie.

She is portrayed as a strong and proud student who is not afraid to stand up for weak people, especially against men. She calls herself the Drag-Knights leader. As she is socially awkward, she doesn’t have many friends. Additionally, she is usually misunderstood as a men hater because she doesn’t know how to get along with them.

Shiraki Meiko (Prison School)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 44-24-36” (115-60-93 cm)

Shiraki Meiko (Prison School) - Sexiest anime girl

Meiko Shiraki is a sub-character in the Prison School series. She is studying at Hachimitsu Academy and is also the vice president of a school organization. Her mission is to guard in two months when the boys are locked in the Prison Block of this school. She is Mari Kurihara’s best friend and subordinate.

She is a charming girl with a voluptuous body and a slim waist. Her daily outfit is the school uniform and a miniskirt. She usually sweats when she is afraid to hurt or upset Mari.

People know about her as a misandrist and sadist since she punishes five boys during their detention. She usually brings a horsewhip to torture who doesn’t listen to her.

Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 39-27-42” (100-69-106 cm)

Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

Orihime Inoue who lives in Karakura Town was a student at Karakura High School. Her husband is Ichigo Kurosaki and her son is Kazui Kurosaki.

Orihime has medium height with long burnt orange hair. She is slim but still curvaceous with large breasts. She normally wears hairpins as a way of remembering her brother.

After Aizen was defeated, Orihime gets wavier and fuller hair. She keeps their hair clips on her school uniform instead of wearing them as before. She is described as a kind, friendly, sensitive girl. Although she seems clueless and a bit naive, she still gets high marks at school.

Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 40-24-35” (102-60-89 cm)

Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

Akeno Himejima is one of the main characters in the show High School DxD. She is known as the Queen of Rias Gremory, along with her best friend. She is also a fiancée of Issei.

She is a gorgeous woman with long black hair and purple eyes. She usually ties her hair in a ponytail with an orange ribbon. She normally wears her school uniform with a pair of black socks.

She appears as a gentle and elegant woman, representing the traditional Japanese woman. However, she is sadistic when fighting and she shows no empathy to the enemies.

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 37-25-35” (95-63-90 cm)

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet is a member of the Natsu team, and also an S-Class Mage belongs to the Fairy Tail Guild. When Makarov is absent in X972, she became the 7th Guild Master.

She has brown eyes and long red hair. Her right eye was lost when she was small so she has to use an artificial one instead. Her body is slender yet still curvy. She commonly wears armor made by Heart Kreuz smiths.

She is a very discipline woman, who will not hesitate to criticize other’s bad behaviors and make them apologize. This, along with her social awkwardness, makes it difficult for her to make friends.

Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

  • Measurements (B-W-H): 36-24-36” (92-60-92 cm)

Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane Strauss, an S-Class Mage belings to the Fairy Tail Guild, is also one of the sexiest anime girls. She usually models for magazines such as the Sorcerer. She has two little sisters named Lisanna and Elfman.

She is a slender young woman with below medium height. Her hair is white and a bit curly. Her most unique trait is a short ponytail that covers her forehead.

Her favorite outfit is a maroon dress, which is sleeveless and ankle-length, along with a pleated skirt. She wears a huge pink bow on her chest.

She used to be an intimidating person among criminals and guilds. However, she is very reserved about herself because of her powers, which make people call her “The Demon”. Before she gave up on herself, her sister and brother succeeded in connecting with her again.

Final Words

The list of the sexiest anime girls above may help you understand why they get a lot of love from anime fans. These girls are considered as the hottest, prettiest characters of all time. Have you decided which one is your favorite?

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