Top 10 Oldest Anime Characters

Old Kai (Dragon Ball)

Have you ever questioned who the oldest anime characters are? If you think surviving a few centuries is enough for a character to get a spot in the Top 10, you will have to change your mind!

The 10 Oldest Anime Characters

10. Joseph (The Ancient Magus Bride) – Over 2 Thousand Years

Joseph (The Ancient Magus Bride)

Let’s start our list with the youngest among the oldest anime characters, and he is Joseph from The Ancient Magus Bride. Although Joseph looks like a college boy, he has already been living for over 2000 years, and it somehow shows in the attire he chooses for himself: coat, suit, vest, and shorts.

His life is divided into two phases: before and after the merger. He used to be a kind helper for the lost souls until he encountered Cartaphilus. He couldn’t help the man but his conscience didn’t allow him to abandon anyone, and they became one.

Although the merger gives Joseph more time than he should have, it also puts him in misery. Scared of the inevitable corrosion and corruption, Joseph ends up doing many horrible things.

9. Yamamoto (Bleach) – Over 2 Thousand Years

Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach)

Unlike many other characters included in our article, Yamamoto has the appearance of an old man with wrinkles, osseous features, long eyebrows, long beard, and a bald head. But all those details are still far from his real age. Born in January, the year unknown, he has been living 2100 years and still thriving.

Being the commander of Gotei 13 and carrying himself with respectable virtues, the Shinigamis look up to him. As a very experienced leader, Yamamoto rarely lets stress and anger get the best of him, though he is not expressionless.

Throughout the Bleach series, we have seen him show admiration and respect for his opponents. He, however, is ashamed to mention his past and calls himself a monster who dares to do everything and sacrifice everyone for success.

8. Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins) – Over 3 Thousand Years

Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins)

Despite standing at a humble height compared to the others, Meliodas is the oldest main character in the anime Seven Deadly Sins with more than 3000 years of life experience in his pocket. Furthermore, the youthful look and the absence of body hair convince us to believe he is a teenager.

The reason behind his immortality is a curse from the Demon King. As the King defeated Meliodas in a fight, he forces Meliodas to endure the punishment of resurrecting and slowly losing emotions.

Meliodas might look innocent and harmless, but we can all agree that his combat skills and powers are highly feared and respected by both his followers and his opponents.

7. Jibril (No Game No Life) – Over 6 Thousand Years

Jibril (No Game No Life)

Being a beauty who stops at nothing for knowledge and occasionally shows a rather sadistic side, Jibril from No Game No Life definitely has no difficulty drawing attention to herself. However, behind the look of a teenage girl is a magical creature of 6,407 years old.

Sora the protagonist refers to the Flugel race as angels of death because they possess immense strength. The power plus the wisdom somehow puts Jibril in an invincible position, and it’s probably why she takes pride in playing and winning games fairly.

When she joins Sora and Shiro, she proves herself as a reliable and loyal companion.

6. Kuran Kaname (Vampire Knight) – Over 10 Thousand Years

Kuran Kaname (Vampire Knight)

As we know Kuran Kaname is a vampire, and a pureblood on top of that, we are bound to expect him to live long. In fact, Kaname is immortal, as long as he isn’t severely injured by a weapon designed to slay vampires. Therefore, we need to track back to his birth for a more specific age.

Deeper into the series, we discover that he is not only a pureblood vampire, but he is actually one of the original vampires, and the timeline of Vampire Knight marks his age as over 10,000 years old. The year is unknown, yet we do know he was born on April 13th.

The origins of Kaname explain why he is so overpowered. We have seen him wield the anti-vampire weapons, and manipulate lower-ranked vampires as well as his fellow pureblood – these abilities are simply beyond what other vampires can do.

5. Zeno (Dragon Ball) – Over 8.5 Million Years

Zeno (Dragon Ball)

At first glance, who would have thought Zeno was 8.5 million years old, let alone an overpowered being in the entire Multiverse? Zeno is small and short, and his body proportion will remind you of a cute little robot.

Having lived through thousands of millenniums and also being a deity, it is understandable why Zeno is almost completely nonchalant towards life and everything related to it. He seems to have destroyed planets and universes as a game, and although he has a reason for his action, his loneliness and boredom probably exist.

People are either unfamiliar with Zeno or afraid of him, thus Zeno doesn’t have any other friend except for Goku, and he truly cherishes this friendship.

4. Moro (Dragon Ball) – Over 10 Million Years

Moro (Dragon Ball)

Even older than Zeno, Moro stands proudly at 10 million years in life. And he at least looks somehow more serious as well. The goat-like humanoid look on him gives away enough details about a villain.

While the deities like Zeno don’t care much about life anymore, Moro treats life with disrespect. The blessing of immortality turns him into an arrogant and ruthless being who considers other creatures his food. Furthermore, Moro simply refuses to change and give a second thought to his actions.

What makes Moro dangerous is his caution. Despite having lived for so long and growing deceitful, he always finds the most convenient way to win the battle. In his eyes, people who train hard to be strong are foolish.

3. Old Kai (Dragon Ball) – Over 75 Million Years

Old Kai (Dragon Ball)

Out-living Moro and Zeno, Old Kai has over 75 million birthday celebrations. He kind of looks his age with wrinkled, purple skin and bald hair. But you might be surprised to find out he is a pervert who digs adult magazines, and it is still a tiny part of his childish personality.

We certainly wouldn’t expect someone as old as him to read comics and demand food to function properly. Old Kai tends to fall asleep unexpectedly and throws tantrums when things don’t go his way as well.

But after all, he is still a man of wisdom. He is capable of pushing your ability beyond all limits, and it strangely fits his age.

2. Beerus/Champa (Dragon Ball) – Over 200 Million Years

Beerus - Champa (Dragon Ball)

The names above are still “baby” compared to Beerus and Champa, the twins are the oldest anime characters in DBZ. They have feline features with distinctive details to themselves, and their personalities somehow reflect that of a cat as well.

Beerus and Champa are both lazy and bored even though they are incredibly strong and witty. They don’t have much care for other beings after going through 200 million years, but they are generally very expressive when it comes to their annoyance or admiration.

Beerus is slightly stronger than Champa, though not to the point he can easily win in a fight. They have conflicts, yet you can still see they clearly do care about each other.

1. Ajimu Najimi (Medaka Box) – Over 3 Trillion Years

Ajimu Najimi (Medaka Box)

And last but not least, the oldest character in all of the anime with 3,402,193,822,311 years of existence – not a little bit but a lot more than 3 trillion years. She might not be the oldest main character in anime, but if you count all roles, there’s hardly anyone who surpasses her.

The enigmatic Ajimu Najimi in Medaka Box is not only one of the people who look young beyond imagination, her power is also a challenge to the limits of your mind.

Even when she was sealed by the strongest spells, Ajimu still shows many signs of inhuman physiology. As if to match her age, Ajimu possesses multi-trillions of skills, though the most fearful skill among them must be the ability to render others powerless.

Such a formidable individual with the appearance of a young (and incredibly gorgeous) lady never fails to amaze anime fans.

Final Words

To be considered one of the oldest anime characters, you have to be at least 2,000 years old. How crazy is that? These characters are sure to be fans’ favorites with their wisdom and unique personality!

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