Top 10 Most Underrated Anime Series That Deserve More Attention

Ben-To - Underrated Anime

Not all good anime series get a chance to shine. There are some jewels that slide between the cracks because anime series are constantly produced and televised and they have to compete for views. Check out our top 10 most underrated anime to find the best-hidden jewels.

Top 10 Most Underrated Anime To Watch

1. Eden Of The East

Eden Of The East

The drama anime is a unique mix of survival, psychological intrigue, and politics that defies any simple categorization. The plot involves 12 people, known ass Selecao, having been granted access to 10 billion yen to safeguard Japan from a missile attack in the future.

If spending the money recklessly or running out of it, the Selecao will be killed off by the Supporter, which is a mystery individual. In this game, nothing is out of bounds, even involving killing off other people. Takizawa Akira is the lead character of the anime and one of the 12 Selecao, with an extra problem of amnesia.

This anime will draw you in with its sleek, unconventional plot and leave you wanting to its end. So, don’t miss out on the post-series movies!

2. Hell Girl

Hell Girl

The anime movie belongs to the supernatural/horror genre and consists of characters who suffer because of the people around them.

Once the sufferers have reached their limit, they summon the enigmatic Hell Girl, named Enma Ai, through a website. Similar to a deal with a demon, if they sign the contract she offers, she will help them send their bullies to Hell. But the price is high, as they will also be condemned to Hell when they die.

This is a fantastic series that depicts the significant impact of revenge on humans. There is a terrible thrill in witnessing some very evil people receive what they deserve, however, it also raises moral questions about revenge and its nature.

3. Needless


This underrated anime with OP MC (overpowered main character) is set in the context of WW III in the future. In this series, no one could have imagined the impact of this war’s beginning on Japan. While it was declared over in 2150, the battles still continue.

Across Japan, large, strange places called “Blackspots” developed, filled with tainted remnants of towns and villages. Those confined inside started to change and their powers, ranging from shapeshifters, gravity controllers, and pyromancers, also started to mutate. All mutated people are called the Needless.

Adam Blade is among these Needless and he has tremendous regeneration ability and strength. To bring peace to Japan having suffered from war, he and his allies must band together to defeat the evil Simeon research team.

4. Flint: The Time Detective

Flint The Time Detective

The detective anime is another hidden jewel that you may have missed. The anime follows Flint’s adventures. He is a prehistoric child whose resurrection takes place in the 2100s. In this century, the evil lord uses time devices that may cause irreversible damage to history.

To defeat his wicked plan, the group, including Flint, his dad, Sarah, and Tony Goodman, has to journey through time to return those devices to a place called the Land of Time in order to save history.

Even though Flint is appointed as the Time Detective, it’s his friends, Sarah and Tony that do most of the investigation. On the other hand, Flint carried his own weight in battle, fighting with the aid of his dad, who has been partly revived from a fossil.

5. Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls

Tamayomi - best Yuri anime

Tamayomi is an underrated baseball anime, which mainly focuses on the loving relationship between 2 childhood friends, Tamaki Yamazaki and Yomi Takeda. They have been baseball fans since they were children.

Whenever they could, they would play catch together. It was through this activity that Yomi found her knack for tossing the baseball in a magical way. The girls pledged to continue playing the sports when they grew older, but they were separated almost promptly.

While Tamaki became a brilliant catcher in the following years, Yomi didn’t fare well regardless of her incredible throwing ability. After deciding to give up her passion for baseball, Yomi became a 1st-year student at Shin Koshigaya High.

Despite her best efforts to avoid everything baseball-related, she meets Yoshino and Ibuki Kawaguchi, twins and baseball superfans. She also runs into Tamaki and plays catch, which reignites Yomi’s passion to pitch.

The two girls work together with Yoshino and Ibuki to bring the baseball team of their school back to life and aim to win the national competition after a long break.

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6. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

In this underrated adventure anime, Kujo Jotaro is a typical, well-liked Japanese high school student till he believes that a spirit has possessed him and he shuts himself away.

Jotaro discovers that the spirit possessing him is Star Platinum, alternatively known as Stand or combating energy in a quasi-solid state, after witnessing Joseph Joestar, his granddad and defeating Joseph’s buddy, Muhammad Abdul.

Later, his mom develops a Stand then gets ill. Jotaro discovers that this is due to Dio Brando, who is a vampire, being resurrected one century after being defeated by Jotaro’s great-great-granddad. He resolves to accompany Joseph and Abdul on their journey to Egypt to finally beat Dio.

7. BTooom!


The underrated battle anime focuses on Ryouta Sakamoto, who is an unemployed male and currently lives with his mom. His sole true accomplishment is that he’s the best player of Btoom, a well-known online game, in Japan.

His normal life changes once he discovers that he is trapped on an isolated island, holding a green crystal and having lost the memory of his journey there. Somebody has replicated the game he enjoys with the risks of life or death.

The players’ mission is to kill off their 7 fellow participants and steal their green crystal to get back home. Each of them is equipped with unique bombs, called BIM. Despite his initial opposition to violence, Ryouta is obliged to fight once he finds out that several other participants aren’t as friendly as they appear.

With Himiko, who also plays Btoom!, they seek to escape the island, getting closer and closer to the reality behind the survival game in this action movie.

8. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

The horror anime follows Lain Iwakura, who is a shy and introverted girl. She is among the girls studying at her school that received a troubling email from Chisa Yomoda, who had offed herself.

Lain is a low-tech girl with little knowledge about technology. Nonetheless, when she opens Chisa’s email, it takes her directly into the Wired, which is akin to the internet.

Lain’s life changes significantly when she encounters one perplexing mystery after another. Mysterious Men in Black start to emerge wherever she goes and they ask her questions and seem to know her better than she knows herself.

With the lines between reality and the online world becoming increasingly blurred, Lain is thrust into stranger and odder occurrences in which identity, perception and consciousness have new meanings.

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9. Ben-To

Ben-To - Underrated Anime

Supermarkets are important facilities in any community because they provide a simple way to buy a wide range of foods in a family-friendly environment. However, they quickly change when unsold bento boxes are on 50% sales off at night in the fantasy world of Ben-To. War begins and friends turn into enemies. There are now solely Wolves & Dogs, or winners and losers at these hours.

You Satou, a high school boy and the main character of this harem anime, is exposed to these clashes after unintentionally stumbling into this war zone. However, instead of avoiding their nightly fights, Satou is interested in participating in them.

Sen Yarizui, a senior and Wolf, welcomes Satou and Hana Oshiroi, a young female who likes watching the battle, to her club to teach them the difference between Dogs and Wolves. Here they discover the true meaning of battling for your food as a group.

10. Mushishi


Mushishi is a slow-paced anime that follows the adventures of Ginko. In this series, there is a type of ethereal spirit called Mushi. They inhabit the world and interact with humans who are simply attempting to live their regular lives.

Ginko is aware of the Mushi and has made it his mission to assist humans who are suffering from their ill effects. Unlike most anime, this series doesn’t follow any particular plot, but rather the story concentrates on the people that Ginko aids.

It foregoes action and suspense in favor of beautiful animation as well as intimate storytelling. It also moves at a leisurely pace that allows you to take in the scenery.

Final Words

These underrated anime may not be similar to the usual mainstream titles that you have seen. However, they show that their unique plot and likable character are just as equally compelling. We hope that our list of these rough diamonds can offer you some interesting finds.

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