How Old Is Kurapika From Hunter x Hunter?

Kurapika Use Emperor Time

How old is Kurapika, the teenage Hunter who seems to carry so much on his shoulders all the time? While his story and character development earned him a large fanbase, his age and his trivia might be somewhat elusive for new fans. So, let’s get to it!

How Old Is Kurapika Kurta?

Season Kurapika’s age
1 16
2 17
3 17
4 17
5 18
6 19

Note: Kurapika didn’t appear in s5, but we can still count his age based on the timeline.

Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)

How old is Kurapika at the start of the show?

Kurapika’s birthday is April 4th, 1982. In S1, he debuted as a 16 years old teenager, remarkably older than Gon and Killua, yet they still become good friends.

How old is Kurapika at the end of the show?

In S6, the latest pack of actions we had before the long hiatus, Kurapika has reached the age of 19, with remarkable developments in his character and strength.

How old would Kurapika be in 2022?

As we have previously mentioned, Kurapika was born on April 4th, 1982. If we put him in the real timeline, Kurapika’s age would currently be 40 years old, much older than most of us anime fans!

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Who Is Kurapika’s Girlfriend?

We never see Kurapika show any sign of romantic feelings to either gender, so he might have any sexual orientation, as far as it goes. However, since Kurapika is driven by rage and revenge, it’s hard to imagine him paying attention to a love interest and putting effort into a relationship.

People with a tragic past like Kurapika only have two paths ahead of them. They can forgive and forget, walking away and living a new life. Or they can focus on vengeance until they are consumed by their flames.

While Kurapika has made a few friends on his journey, he never takes his eyes off the final purpose of his life. It wouldn’t make sense to give him a lover and a fluff-filled story now.

Is Kurapika Married?

Many ships and theories are going about among the HxH fandom, especially the one about Leorio and Kurapika being a couple. It’s mostly a joke from Leorio since he also called Gon “a cute son”. So if you see any information on Kurapika’s spouse, don’t believe it straight away!

With an author as creative and unpredictable as Togashi though, we for sure should prepare ourselves for some surprises.

How Tall Is Kurapika?

According to the official databook, Kurapika stands at 171 cm (5 feet 7.5 inches), which is around the average height for a teenager but not too tall. He weighs 59 kg, so he is not another skinny role model.

Kurapika’s height and weight are balanced and unarguably healthy.

How Smart Is Kurapika?

Time after time, Kurapika has shown us his intellectual potential. He often comes up with a strategy, which succeeds more often than not. His analysis is phenomenal, to the point he seems like he is a mind-reader.

To an extent, Kurapika can also be creative during battles, proof of it being the Nen abilities he has come up with when fighting against the formidable members of Phantom Troupe. It is truly impressive when we take into account how cunning and merciless these guys are.

Kurapika vs uvogin

Nonetheless, Kurapika’s weakness is probably something that excludes him from the list of the smartest HxH characters. When a situation involving the Troupe arises, the Hunter seems to not have any control over his emotion anymore.

How Long Can Kurapika Use Emperor Time?

Normally, Kurapika uses a Conjuration Nen, but he shifts into Emperor Time when his eyes turn scarlet and utilizes all Nen types with the maximum efficiency he’s capable of as a Conjurer. In simple terms, he can use any type of Nen he wants, yet the power won’t surpass his original level. The enhancement lies in his force and accuracy.

It’s a good technique to counter different enemies, but it comes with a severe consequence: a shortened lifespan. Until the latest manga chapter, the longest duration Kurapika has activated and fought with Emperor Time is 9 hours.

As powerful enemies await him and his decisiveness when it comes to revenge, we believe Kurapika can and will push himself further at the end of the manga, when he has the showdown with his archenemies.

Kurapika Use Emperor Time

How Many Years Did Kurapika Lose?

The Emperor time seems invincible to outsiders, but it takes a toll on Kurapika. Whenever Kurapika enters his Specialist mode, one second in this state costs him one hour in real life. It’s a price not everyone dares to pay, except for someone like Kurapika whose path revolves around vengeance and fury.

We can calculate the time he lost with fair accuracy. In the latest arc, the young Kurapika had activated Emperor Time in 9 hours, so he had exchanged 3 years for it. Considering the occasions this ability has been in use throughout the series, Kurapika might have lost approximately 5 years.

What’s waiting for him in the last season?

He is still unaware of the enemies around him, but it’s safe to expect a clash. The strongest members of Phantom Troupe are difficult to deal with in a 1 vs 1 fight, so if Kurapika goes against them all at once, he cannot do it without Emperor Time.

Finally, he needs to retrieve the last Scarlet Eye from Tserriednich, and it’s unlikely that the Fourth Prince will give up without a fight. Not only is Tserriednich full of potential and power, but he is also not part of Phantom Troupe. It will restrict Kurapika’s Nen.

What Is Kurapika’s Ability?

Kurapika’s strength consists of his talents as a Hunter and a Nen user. From the beginning to where we are now, his capability has improved tremendously. To be specific, he was not on par with Killua when they first met, yet he eventually surpassed the skilled assassin by being a masterful user of Nen.

In s3, Kurapika has only trained his Nen for 6 months, and his achievement is already admirable.

Aside from his strength, Kurapika is a great strategist. With meticulous techniques and logical solutions, he manages to exploit enemies’ weaknesses and emerges victorious.

Kurapika's power

Physical Abilities

  • Scarlet Eyes: It’s an inherited trait of a Kurta born wherein they obtain immense physical strength when enraged. It allowed the child Kurapika to dominate 3 adults at the same time. The cost for such an advantage is his rationality and his health.
  • Enhancement: Keen hearing, preternatural instinct, strength, speed, reflexes, endurance – Kurapika doesn’t lack any of those perks.
  • Weapon Mastery and Hand-to-Hand Combat Proficiency.

Nen Abilities

In Hunter x Hunter, many characters have possessed and mastered their Nen, but Kurapika is the only one who owns 2 different types of Nen.

Usually, Kurapika belongs to the Conjurer type, which means he can create weapons using his aura.

  • Dowsing Chain looks like a sphere attached to a chain, used for fighting and investigating.
  • Chain Jail resembles a hook for capturing Spiders and immunizing their Nen.

However, his red eyes are the key to a new set of abilities. While they technically don’t enhance his strength, they can put him on the Specialist mode. In this state, Kurapika can perform new unique skills that other Nen types don’t include.

  • Emperor Time grants him access to other Nen types though to a limited degree only. As compensation, his accuracy and force are enhanced tremendously.
  • Holy Chain belongs to the healing category.
  • Judgment Chain coerces an enemy to follow one order from Kurapika, the result of violation will be death. However, Kurapika can only control it during Emperor Time.
  • Steal Chain pierces the body and steals a Nen ability for an unlimited time unless Kurapika decides to return it to the original owner. When in conjunction with Emperor Time, it’s called Stealth Dolphin.

Final Words

How does it feel to know how old Kurapika is and what he’s capable of? There is so much more to him than a pretty blondie with ruby-like eyes, and he surely will catch your attention in the long-awaited final season of Hunter x Hunter!

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