How Old Is Killua Zoldyck From HxH?

Killua in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

How old is Killua from the famous series Hunter x Hunter? Has he grown much older ever since the first time we saw him? We are certainly curious after seeing all the challenges he has gone through thus far.

How Old Is Killua From HxH?

Season Killua’s age
1 11
2 12
3 12
4 12
5 13
6 13

The Killua birthday was originally June 15th, when the first version of Hunter x Hunter’s data was released. However, ever since the 2011 manga, his information on reliable sites is always July 7th in 1987, hence we decide to follow the new data!

Despite a rather adorable appearance with silver hair and big deep blue eyes, Killua Zoldyck is the rightful heir of the most infamous assassin clan in the entire world. He shares similar playful and cheeky personality traits with Gon, which might be how the two became best friends. But Killua is not the most friendly person towards strangers.

Killua has a decent character development throughout the series. At first, he debuted as a formidable Hunter who has the skills and acknowledges his capability confidently and is thus sometimes too competitive. Nonetheless, he has grown up and become more composed.

The main reason for many HxH fans to love Killua is undoubtedly how he can still maintain a wholesome, pure side after everything he has been through as a child, yet he is still violent and dangerous as an assassin.

In Chimera Ant Arc, which is considered the best arc of HxH by the majority, Killua is 12 years old. He turns 13 at the end of this season 5.

Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

How old is Killua at the end of HxH?

The popular manga has taken a 4-year hiatus, and the wait is nearly over with the author announcing that 4 chapters will be released soon. Therefore, we have a good reason to expect the anime version will follow suit.

The update will continue where it’s left off after the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. According to the timeline, the current plot was in August 2002, thus Killua will already be 13 years old and slowly turning older.

Killua’s Age During The Anime Timeline

In the Hunter Exam arc: 11 years old

Killua In the Hunter Exam arc

Hunter x Hunter begins with a series of tests that the youngsters have to pass if they want to become a hunter. They have to hunt a wild boar, finish a strangely long marathon race, fight other applicants, and make sushi. It’s also the start of Gon’s friendship with Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio as well as his feud with Hisoka.

By the end of the arc, Killua has to face his brother, Illumi. As Killua clarifies that he is here only to try the Hunter tests and not to be a Hunter, Illumi seems relieved.

However, he continues and threatens to kill Gon, unless Killua can win against him. Having been trained to not pick a fight with an overpowered opponent, 11-year-old Killua admits defeat and makes himself look like he can never make friends.

In the Zoldyck Family arc: 11 years old

Despite being an unofficial arc, the Zoldyck Family arc is something we shouldn’t miss out on. It presents to us the adventure of the boys who dare to venture into the Zoldyck territory and attempt to find Killua. They pass the butler’s test and prove themselves worthy to be Killua’s friends. The event takes place right after the first arc, so Killua has only aged by a month!

Afterward, the four friends decide to go on their separate paths. Gon and Killua stick together and aim to train more, Kurapika aspires to be a bounty hunter and Leoria studies at medical school.

In the Heavens Arena arc: 12 years old

Heavens Arena is the next destination for Gon and Killua. In this surreally grand building with 251 floors, participants will spend all their time fighting for cash. Moreover, thanks to Kungfu master Wing, they get to learn about Nen, the key to unlocking superhuman potentials.

Joining them in the training is a child named Zushi and Hisoka, the guy who wants to make Gon a worthy opponent. It gives Gon the opportunity to show Hisoka his improvement. This season also marks Killua’s 12th birthday!

In the Yorknew City arc: 12 years old

Reuniting in Yorknew city, the four friends want to utilize the biggest auction event in the world and achieve their respective purpose. The actions happen right after Heavens Arena and last for about 2 months.

With the help from Killua and Leorio, Gon aspires to make enough money for the video game Greed Island, which might lead them to Gon’s father. Meanwhile, Kurapika attempts to infiltrate a mafia family, only to realize the culprits who assassinate his entire clan.

In the Greed Island arc: 12 years old

Killua in Greed Island arc

After Leorio and Kurapika’s departure, Gon and Killua are all by themselves again. They have the chance to play the game for billionaire Battera and further master their Nen technique with Biscuit’s education. They also team up to compete with a player named Bomber.

On another hand, the Phantom Troupe has arrived there as well. They want to find a Nen-remover to immunize the Nen blade Kurapika has used on Chrollo Lucifer and get his power back.

How old is Killua in season 4? He is only 12, but he is already carrying so much on his shoulders.

In the Chimera Ant arc: 13 years old

Leaving Greed Island behind, Gon and Killua receive an investigation mission. The two need to co-work with Kite and solve the mystery of the Chimera Ant. Before the trio manages to put an end to the chaos, the Ant Queen has spawned and killed a lot of citizens.

This arc filled the 5th season of HxH with 61 episodes of goodness, hence you might not want to skip it regardless of reviews saying it doesn’t connect to the main story.

How old is Killua in season 5 again? 13 years old, but you will see how much he has grown and improved.

In the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc: 13 years old

Killua in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

As the showdown with the Ant King led the Hunter chairman to dead, the Association needs a new leader. The most noticeable candidates are Ging Freecss and Leorio.

More importantly, Killua tries to heal an immunized Gon with Alluka Zoldyck’s ability. Nonetheless, Illumi and Hisoka don’t plan to give him an easy time. Now, how old is Killua in season 6? He has only turned 13 by a few months.

What to come next?

We have at least two arcs that have yet to appear in the animated series, specifically the Dark Continent Expedition arc and the Succession Contest arc, plus the new chapters that the author will release soon, hopefully!

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How Old Is Killua In 2022

Killua was born in 1987, and the series also took place in this era. We had more than one hundred episodes of HxH already, but the events are so quick-paced that the characters have only been through 2 – 3 years. Therefore, if we calculate based on the real timeline, the cute little guy would be 35 years old right now!


1. Who is the oldest in HxH?

With an admirable lifetime of 110 years, Netero is 12 years older than the second oldest character in HxH and thus owns the spot with no doubt. He is also the most skillful Nen user with a respectable demeanor and unmatched wisdom. Many characters have grown up under his influence.

2. Who is the youngest in HxH?

We can’t judge a book by its cover or, in this case, age. Born by Chimera Ant Queen, Meruem grows up and becomes the Ant King with such formidable ability when he is only 40 days old. He can endure a fair fight with Netero, and push them both to death.

3. Who is older: Killua or Gon?

Gon’s birthday is May 5th and Killua’s birthday is July 7th, hence Gon is 2 months and 2 days older than Killua. But since they were born in the same year, we can still consider them pears.

4. What are Killua’s powers?

Killua’s Nen allows him to manifest and control a transmutation aura, which means he can copy all properties of another entity. When he becomes more familiar and skilled in using Nen, he opts to transform his aura into electricity. Aside from Nen, he also has skills and knowledge sharpened by his clan.

Last Words

How old is Killua when he conquers such challenges and becomes an epitome of electricity? The answer will be quite shocking. Our Killua has got 11 years of childhood with the training of his assassin family, and it took him 3 years to become who he is now!

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