How Old Is Hinata Shoyo From Haikyuu?

Hinata Shoyo In Middle School

How old is Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu!!? After the series kicked off and ran on steadily for 4 seasons in total, you might feel the need to do a timeline check and keep track of how the protagonist has grown.

How Old Is Hinata Shoyo In The Anime And Manga?

For your convenience, here’s a summary of Hinata’s age in the released seasons of Haikyuu!!:

Hinata Shoyo’s age
In season 1 12 – 16 years old
In season 2 16 years old
In season 3 16 years old
In season 4 16 – 17 years old

The timeline hasn’t changed much thus far as the story still revolves around Hinata’s first year with the Karasuno team. The first four seasons show us the events during that 16th year of his life, and he has only turned 17 by the end of Season 4.

The animated series sticks closely to the manga when it comes to the age of the characters, hence you can use either of the versions for reference.

Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu)

How Old Is Hinata Shoyo In The Anime Timeskip?

Hinata is 12-16 years old in Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

After a quick introduction to Hinata Shoyo and his inspiration from ‘The Little Giant’, the Season 1 of the series started nicely with a face-to-face match between Hinata and Kageyama Tobio. Kageyama was already an outstanding player and led his team to victory. However, Shoyo’s playstyle was still impressive.

They reunited as members of Kurasano High and struggled to find the same voice. The seniors made them team up against other players and hoped the serious situation would help them mature. And it succeeded.

Hinata is 12-16 years old in Interhigh Arc

The Interhigh Arc still belongs to the first season, where our boys joined the qualifier round and encountered Aoba Johsai once more. They lost in the end, but Kageyama found his king mode again and the whole team learned a valuable lesson about cooperation.

Hinata is 16 years old in Tokyo Expedition Arc

The first half of season 2 took place right after. The boys had to pass the exams before they could attend the training camp. Won and lost, Hinata and Kageyama both learned more about improvement.

Tokyo Expedition Arc

Hinata is 16 years old in Spring High Preliminary Arc

This arc ended Season 2 on an emotional note. Ohgiminami, Kakugawa, Johzenji, Wakutani South, Date Tech, Aoba Johsai – these teams dedicate exciting matches to us.

Once again, Kurasano went head to head against Aoba Johsai, their fateful opponent, and defeated them for a spot in the finals.

Hinata is 16-17 years old in Tokyo Nationals / Tokyo Finals Arc

Hinata Shoyo, still a first-year student, experienced actual challenges when only Kageyama and Tsukki had training camps while he had to disguise and sneaked inside. Nonetheless, it seemed worthy, as Hinata managed to impress many people.

After practicing with Date Tech, Kurasano was ready for the tournament in Tokyo. Hinata finally achieved his goal of playing on the national level after getting enrolled in Kurasano High.

What’s next?

As the anime has only covered half of the manga, we are likely to have a fifth season (and more) soon. After the national tournament, there will be a time skip taking us to a grown Hinata.

  • Brazil: One year after finishing high school, Hinata came to Rio and trained himself in beach volleyball as recommended by the coach. He met Oikawa again in Rio, and he should be 19 – 20 years old during this time.
  • Joining MSBY Black Jackals: Hinata stayed in Brazil for two years and returned to Japan to be part of MSBY Black Jackals. At the age of 22, he still remembered his first motivation that is winning over Kageyama. It might be the main reason for him to avoid the team Kageyama joined.
  • Olympics 2021: Hinata and Kageyama joined forces once more and became Japan’s representatives for the prestigious tournament. Oikawa, however, was on Argentina’s side. An inborn prodigy battled with a passionate player.

Although the details of the game remained a mystery, the emotion transferred between players still made its way into our minds. At the end of Haikyuu!!, Hinata is around 24 – 25 years old.

How Old Is Hinata Shoyo In Middle School?

Hinata Shoyo would be 12 – 15 years old when he went to Yukigaoka Junior High. He was the captain of the volleyball team and certainly the most prominent player of them all. Even though his teammates were not talented, we could see how they were strongly inspired by Hinata’s enthusiasm.

Hinata Shoyo In Middle School

Is Hinata Shoyo the oldest first year?

Surprisingly, despite being born in June, Hinata is still the oldest member of the middle school team. Coming after him is Kei Tsukishima (September), Yamaguchi Tadashi (November), and Kageyama Tobio (December) is the youngest among them.

Hisashi Kinoshita is born in February 1996, but according to the Japanese school system, he would be a year higher than the four first-year rookies.

How Old Is Hinata Shoyo Currently?

Taking Hinata Shoyo’s birthday into consideration (June 21, 1996), he is 26 years old on the real timeline. In the manga, Hinata and Kageyama reunited a year after Olympics 2021 but on two different sides of the net, in two rivaling teams.

Throughout the years, the flame of passion inside Hinata never died. He is still the orange-haired boy we saw in the beginning, loud and inspiring.

Final Words

Now that you know how old Hinata Shoyo is after all the events in Haikyuu!!, you can confidently say he is one of the most likable and radiant characters, whose determination and courage did and always will motivate us.

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