How Old Is Eren Yeager In Attack On Titan?

Eren Yeager (Attack on Titans)

How old is Eren Yeager when the titan nightmare and the ruthless political schemes fall onto his shoulders? If the time skips in the series and the flashbacks sometimes confuse you, this article will come in handy!

How Old Is Eren Yeager In Each Season?

In the timeline of Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager was born on March 30th, year 835. As the story advances chronologically, he also becomes older after each season.

Season Eren Yeager’s age
1 10 – 15
2 15
3 15
4 19

How old is Eren Yeager in season 1?

Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan season 1

  • Prologue Arc

In the first episode, we witnessed 10-years-old Eren who admired the Survey Corps wholeheartedly. His mother, however, was not supportive of this dangerous dream. They had an argument that became one of Eren’s deepest regret as he witnessed a titan eating her up not so long after.

This event also urged Grisha to give Eren a titan form and let Eren eat him along with the titan’s ability.

  • 104th Training Corps Arc

Jumping 5 years forwards, Eren has been training diligently and graduated in the top 10. Armin and Mikasa have good results too, but they all opted to join the Survey Corps.

  • Battle of Trost District Arc

The titans attacked again and killed a lot of Eren’s teammates before swallowing him in front of Armin’s eyes.

When everything seemed utterly hopeless, Eren transformed into a titan and sided with the soldiers. The power, nonetheless, earned him custody that would have ended badly without Levi helping him out.

  • The Female Titan Arc

The soldiers encounter and fight the Female Titan, who seemed fully aware of her actions like Eren. It was only after a successful ambush right in the city did they manage to catch and expose the mysterious titan’s identity – Annie, one of their fellow soldiers.

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How old is Eren Yeager in season 2?

Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan season 2

  • Clash of the Titans Arc

The name indicates most of the content, and you can expect a whole lot more actions and lives taken. It turns out that there are several intelligent titans among them.

They want Eren for unknown reasons, but it ends up helping Eren unleash his power to control the mindless titans at the age of 15.

How old is Eren Yeager in season 3?

Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan season 3

  • Royal Government Arc

Taking a break from titans, this arc focuses on humans. We found out that Historia is the real heir to the throne, thus Erwin plans for a coup d’etat.

Eren also convinces Historia to take over and protect everyone because they are friends, which leads to Historia killing her father and Eren getting another titan power from Rod.

  • Return to Shiganshina Arc

It is arguably one of the most intense battles with the titans going against the Survey Corps. Every answer you have been looking for will unravel itself in Yeager’s basement.

What’s more concerning is the inherited memory Eren receives, which shows that in 4 years, he will wipe out most of the population behind the walls.

How old is Eren Yeager in season 4?

Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan season 4

  • Marley Arc

Season 4 introduced us to another time skip and took us across the ocean. The amount of political talks in the first half of the 4th season surpasses any parts preceding it.

After they return to Paradis, Eren becomes a new person, and it seems like he has become a new person.

How old is Eren Yeager in season 5?

We are still waiting for the final episodes of Attack on Titan, but it’s no doubt that the story will follow closely with no time-skip, especially if we consider the future memories Eren has seen of himself.

The events in season 5 will be too overwhelming for a 19-years-old boy, and we are all excited to see what Eren will do next in the final season.

How Old Is Eren Yeager When He Dies?

As we previously mentioned, the anime hasn’t reached its ending yet, but we have got big spoilers from the manga.

Eren has only 13 years after he received the titan power and his lifespan is down to 4 years, but Mikasa put an end to his misery before the time is due.

How Old Is Eren Yeager When He Joined The Scouts?

Eren followed the common protocol and joined the Corps at the age of 15, like all of his friends including Mikasa and Armin.

After being validated, they got to choose to become members of the Scout Regimen, and they surprised a lot of people by putting themselves in such a dangerous position when they had more beneficial choices.

How Old Would Eren Yeager Be Today?

It’s very evident that the AoT universe is put in a whole different world compared to ours, hence it would be difficult to use our calendar for it. However, Eren is currently 19 years old in the latest episodes, and it is difficult for him to grow much older due to the limited time he has.

Age Of Other AoT Characters

Eren is not the only teenager in AoT who has to face dangers every day, and the age chart below might surprise you! The author has confirmed the birthday of some characters, but we can figure out a lot more of them based on their relationships and details.

Character Age in Season 1 Age in season 4
Eren Yeager 15 19
Mikasa Ackermann 15 19
Armin Arlelt 15 19
Bertholdt Hoover 17 21
Historia Reiss 15 19
Levi Ackermann 30 – 34 34 – 39
Erwin Smith 35 – 39 Died in S3
Hange Zoë 28 – 32 33 – 36
Sasha Braus 15 19
Connie Springer 15 19
Jean Kirstein 15 19
Reiner Braun 17 21
Zeke Jeager 25 29
Ymir 17 – 19 21 – 23
Kennedy Ackermann 40 – 45 Died in S3
Annie Leonhart 16 20
Marco Bodt 15 Died in S1
Floch Forster 15 19
Mike Zacharias 40 – 42 Died in S2
Moblit Berner 30 – 32 Died in S3
Petra Rall 22 – 25 Died in S2
Dot Pyxis 48 – 52 52 – 56
Gabi Braun Appeared in S4 12
Porco Galliard Appeared in S4 19
Pieck Finger 17 21
Colt Grice Appeared in S4 17 – 19
Falco Grice Appeared in S4 12
Lara Tybur 24 – 27 28 – 31
Frieda Reiss Died before all events


We believe your confusion about how old Eren Yeager is has been cleared out, plus a hefty amount of information on the events he has been part of. Are you ready for the epic ending of AoT? Because we are filled with excitement!

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