How Old Is Bakugo Katsuki From My Hero Academia?

Katsuki Bakugo

How old is Bakugo Katsuki, the bad-tempered young hero from My Hero Academia? What makes MHA fans absolutely adore him? While the next season is in production, it’s time for you to catch up with more information about this adorable boy.

How Old Is Bakugo Katsuki In All Seasons?

Season Bakugo Katsuki’s age
1 14 – 15
2 15
3 15
4 15
5 15
6 (in production) 16 – unknown

Born on April 20th, the teenage hero expresses many traits of an Aries: hotheaded, honest, and reliable when you need him.

In the beginning, we get to see Bakugo and Deku before they enroll in U.A., which means they are still in secondary school, and Bakugo would be 14 years old by then, for the Japanese school year starts in March, and Bakugo couldn’t have celebrated his birthday yet.

As the story advances, Bakugo’s age has reached 16, followed by his improvement in both attitude and strength.

How old is Bakugo when he died?

Spoiler alert: In the latest chapter of the manga, Bakugo has received a fatal blow to his chest and falls lifeless. It might be Shiragaki’s hit that ended his life or his own explosive substance. It’s important to note that the boy is not aware of the issue he might encounter during a fight.

It would be devastating for the characters as well as the fans of the series, as Bakugo is only 16 years old when the final clash against the villains happens. The straightforward, honest, and competitive young hero has earned himself a large fanbase throughout the years. Nonetheless, we are holding onto the last hope: Eri and her Quirk, Reversal.

How old is Bakugo Katsuki now?

In the present, in season 5, Bakugo is 16 years old. And it’s very possible that he will be forever 16 years old if he doesn’t come back to life at the end of the manga, this outcome will be heartbreaking for all MHA fans.

Is Bakugo Katsuri The Oldest In Class 1A?

Bakugou Katsuki In Class 1A

As we mention the time a Japanese school starts a new year, Bakugo’s birthday in April is very close to it, and he turns out to be the oldest student in Class 1A.

Who is the youngest in Class 1A?

The youngest member of Class 1A is Mezo Shoji, whose birthday is February 15th. Koji Koda and Tsuyu Asui also celebrate their birthdates in February, but they are still older than Shoji by a couple of days!

How Old Is Masaru Bakugo?

Masaru Bakugo, Bakugo’s dad, is 43 years old, born on March 15th.

His Quirk is Acid Sweat, slightly similar to Bakugo’s Explosion, but he doesn’t have control over it. Although he can ignite explosions too, it’s unlikely for him to intentionally do so, for he appears very composed and reversed.

How Old Is Mitsuki Bakugo?

Bakugo’s mother, Mitsuki Bakugo, is born on December 1st and is currently 39 years old, but the Glycerin Quirk with its moisturizing properties allows her to maintain a young look. Bakugo’s short-tempered trait is obviously inherited from his mom.

Age Of Other MHA Characters

my hero academia characters

If you have known how old is Bakugo now, it’s only fair to figure out the age of some other important characters in the present!

  • Deku: 16 years old
  • Todoroki: 15 – 16 years old
  • All Might: 49 years old
  • Dabi: 24 years old
  • Hawks: 23 years old
  • Endeavor: 45 years old
  • Shigaraki: 21 years old
  • Aizawa: 31 years old

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1. How much older is Bakugou than Deku?

There is a difference of 3 months between Bakugo and Deku, for Deku was born on July 15th. Interestingly enough, Bakugo has his mature moments while Deku sometimes displays an aggressive attitude similar to Bakugo. After all, these two boys are very much alike.

2. Is Bakugo older than Todoroki?

Bakugo’s birthday is April 20th and Todoroki’s is January 11th, but no, Todoroki is not older than Bakugo. He was born in the next year, but he will still be of age to be Bakugo’s classmate. However, it feels like the gap between them should be reversed due to Todoroki’s calm and mature demeanor.

3. How long was Bakugo kidnapped?

As potential as Bakugo is, he is still a student and a hero in training, hence when facing merciless and insane villains, he is at a great disadvantage. And the same goes for his classmates. In season 3, episode 46, they have been tricked by Compress, leading to the League of Villains successfully capturing Bakugo.

The mishap happened at night, and it took the 1-A students a day to get settled and let the professional heroes clean up the mess. One day later, Midoriya planned to sneak out and rescue Bakugo, because he couldn’t ignore the guilty feeling of losing Bakugo and now waiting for who knows how long.

Hence, we can say Bakugo has been held captive for 2 days and 3 nights.

4. How tall is Bakugou?

Bakugo is currently standing at 172 cm (5 ft 7½ inches), which is quite tall compared to the average height of Japanese men, but he is still a lot shorter than some of his classmates such as Iida or Todoroki.

5. What is Bakugo’s ability?

  • Overall Strength

Even if we leave Bakugo’s quirk out of the picture, he is still a force to be reckoned with. During his training in U.A., Kacchan has developed amazing durability, reflex, and strength.

He looks impulsive for sure, though it is a big mistake if you think he is not smart. Bakugo always ranks pretty high in the class, which proves his academic capability aside from his strategic thinking. What holds him back is his struggle to work as a team, but his competitiveness and determination tend to motivate other students.

Audiences didn’t get enough of Bakugo in season 4 but the game has changed in season 5, where we finally see more of his changes in both aspects!

  • Quirk

In season 1, from the beginning scene, classmates have been fawning upon Bakugo for his strength, and the boy seems to be very confident as well. He ranked 3rd in the Quirk Apprehension Test and 1st in U.A. Entrance Exam with the highest points for taking down “villains”. It feels like fighting is already in his blood.

Bakugo’s quirk is Explosion, which is heavy on the offensive side. His palms sweat with an explosive substance that explodes by his will. Therefore, hot weather is in favor of his strength, for his perspiration will be more intensive.

However, if overusing this quirk, Bakugo’s forearm will suffer ache and pain.

With or without acknowledgment from other characters, we can see for ourselves that he is very skilled with his quirk. Not only does he use it for attacking, but he also utilizes it to increase his speed and mobility. In the right situation, the explosion can create a shockwave and shield him from damage.

In the movie Heroes Rising, Midoriya has transferred One for All to Bakugo in hope of increasing their chance of winning. By possessing two Quirks at the same time, Bakugo’s speed, strength, and durability are all enhanced beyond humans. The Quirk returned to Midoriya in the end, thus it’s correct that Bakugo has more than one Quirk despite it being momentarily.


Now you’ve known how old Bakugo Katsuki is during the anime series. We can be sure of one thing: his talents surpassed his teenage long ago, and we will be waiting eagerly for amazing animation and unpredictable twists from the next season of MHA.

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