Top 10 Goriest Anime Ever Created


People enjoy gore anime for various reasons, but making their stomachs turn is among the most common ones. Blood and intestines, or even the brain, can be found in this genre.

Despite not being a fan of gory details, anime lovers can still appreciate the goriest anime mentioned in our article because their stories are well-crafted. Viewers are advised to proceed with great caution when perusing our following list.

Top 10 Goriest Anime To Watch

1. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is the bloodiest anime included in our list.

In this anime, people who are unlucky to be captured in the clutches of the evil creatures during the night will be eaten whole. To fight against them, a group called Hellsing exists to rid the world of these devil supernaturals that pose a great risk to human survival.

The head of Hellsing, Integra, devotes her life to battling the undead. While her massive army is formidable, it pales in contrast to Hellsing’s greatest weapon, which is Alucard – a vampire. This special soldier must face not just monsters but also others who defy Hellsing along with his fellow vampire and servant, Seras Victoria.

2. Genocyber


Genocyber, released in the 90s, is rated by many anime lovers as the goriest anime that has ever been created. The story begins in Hong Kong in near future.

An illicit experiment to harness psionic power in order to create Super Soldiers includes 2 psychic sisters: Elaine and Diana. While Elaine is a mute and mentally impaired woman, Diana is handicapped. Diana is assigned to get her sister back when she flees from the research facility but she ends up killing Elaine while being wrathful.

Nevertheless, Genocyber, one of the scariest anime creatures, is born after Elaine’s mind controls Diana’s robotic body. Even though the critics of this gory robot anime are controversial, one thing is certain: a lot of blood is shed.

3. Claymore


“Youma” is a demon that can change its appearance and has a voracious appetite for humans. When it appears in Raki’s hamlet and his family was slaughtered, he’s saved by the woman who carries only a sword as a weapon. She is “Claymore”, a manufactured hybrid creature of youma and human with the sole aim to rid of the demons.

Even though Raki survives the attack, he was exiled from his village. Without any other options, he finds Claire, his benefactor, and becomes a partner on her adventure.

Gradually, they’re getting closer to catching the youma that is the reason Clare has chosen to be a Claymore and has been seeking revenge as the duo purge every village and kill every youma.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a strong candidate for the best gore anime. Tokyo is under attack by ghouls, or zombies, that eat human flesh but look like humans and blend in with the locals. Ken Kaneki, who is a university student, ignores the rising catastrophe by burying his head in books.

When Rize Kamishiro, a stunning female, shows up and asks him out, his solitary existence is abruptly interrupted. It turns out that he has been duped all along, and he realizes this when he walks her back to her apartment. He is saved when Rize’s organs are transplanted into his body following a harsh battle.

Consequently, Kaneki turns into a hybrid creature, whose body changes horribly, which can make him the scariest anime boy. He holds on to the human side in him as the brutal fight between ghouls and the government hunters continue to evolve.

5. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Lucy is a “Diclonius”, which is an extraordinary human breed with horns on her head and undetectable telekinetic hands. Because of this, she falls victim to the government’s harsh scientific testing.

When a window of escape appears, Lucy, whose character has been tainted by her captivity and suffering, unleashes a bloodbath on the captors. During her escape, she suffers a devastating brain injury, which results in her split personality: a naive child that has limited verbal capacity.

In this state, she meets Kouta and Yuka, Kouta’s cousin, and they unwittingly take in a wounded fugitive, not realizing that she has violent intentions. As a result of their goodwill, their lives will be turned upside down since they are soon drawn into the murky world of conspiracies and government secrecy.

6. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party Tortured Souls

9 high schoolers assemble late during the night inside the school to say their goodbyes to their friend. As a tradition, lots of students execute a rite to ensure that they will always be friends, using doll-shaped paper charms.

They don’t know that the charms are linked to Heavenly Host Academy, a destroyed school following a string of horrific murders. It lies beneath the Kisara Academy’s foundation, the high school that the 9 students attend.

They are now stranded in a parallel universe inhabited by furious ghosts from the past. The students must band together to find a way out before they join the dead.

7. Blood-C


In this gory anime, Saya Kisaragi leads a double existence as a daytime female student and a nighttime monster killer. To protect her peaceful hamlet, she wields a ceremonial sword handed to Saya by her dad for sacred duties.

Her faith in reality and the truth of her beliefs are shaken when she accidentally hears the monsters discussing a broken covenant, which she is completely unaware of. Then, there is a weird pup that suddenly shows up, wondering about the potential outcome if she didn’t keep her pledge to defend the hamlet. Blood-C follows Saya’s journey as she tries to unravel the mystery of her village.

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8. Another


In the horror anime, Kouichi Sakakibara, a transferee of Yomiyama North secondary school, returns to the class after his month-long sick absence. He is unexplainably attracted to Mei Misaki, who is a quiet girl whose eye is covered with a patch.

They met each other in a hospital while he was absent from school. However, no one from his class recognize her existence, like she is a ghost, and they advise him not to become acquainted with unreal things. Despite his friends’ warnings, Kouichi still hangs out with Mei, only to discover the deadly truth as the source of their fears.

There have been worrisome rumbling about a student who used to study at Kouchi’s class. Nonetheless, nobody will tell him the entire story of what happened. His classroom is plagued by a mysterious curse, and Kouchi decides to find its link to his newfound friend.

They must now work together to figure out what is going on as a succession of disasters occur all around them. However, this will imply a high cost for them as well as the rest of the classmates.

9. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Hundreds of years ago, humans were forced to hide massive walls as a result of the nearly total annihilation of humanity by the scariest-looking Titans. The most disturbing aspect of these Titans is that they seem to like eating the flesh of humans, not because they’re starving.

There were no giant encounters for a century because the remaining humans built defenses around themselves. However, the seemingly unassailable exterior wall is breached by a gigantic Titan, sparking the battle for humanity’s survival against flesh-eating Titans.

By joining the top military force known as the Survey Corps, the leading male character, Eren Yeager, has dedicated his life to ridding this world of the Titans after seeing a terrible personal tragedy. His mission is supported by Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman, his childhood buddy, and adoptive sister respectively.

10. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!

The Revolutionary Army has a clandestine assassination unit called Night Raid. This unit attempts to depose Honest, the Prime Minister that has exploited the young emperor. Without a powerful and compassionate ruler, the country will be doomed to poverty, war, and disaster.

Despite being seasoned assassins, Night Raid members are aware that murdering is not a noble act and they would certainly suffer retaliation because they savagely slaughter anybody standing in the path of revolution.

Tatsumi, an innocent young man from a remote hamlet setting out to save his destitute homeland, has joined Night Raid. He was impressed by their beliefs and tenacity, which led him to join their cause.

Tatsumi battles the Empire and confronts strong weaponry, opposing assassins, and obstacles to his moral compass and the meaning of being assassins that have a cause.

Final Words

Even though this bloody genre is controversial, its fans are enthralled by horror details. Graphic violence as entertainment isn’t the sole purpose. The animators of the goriest anime utilize it to convey a darker narrative.

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