15 Best Manga Of All Time To Collect

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Watching anime is immensely fun, but it cannot beat the satisfaction of collecting the best manga of all time. What are the titles that you should keep an eye out for and possibly spend your sums on? Let’s check it out!

15 Best Manga Of All Time For Your Collection

1. Berserk


Berserk first appeared in 1989 and quickly gained attention for the dark fantasy genre and the medieval European setting. It follows the story of Guts, a lone fighter carrying a giant sword and surviving the world.

After being defeated by Griffith twice, the leader of the Hawk, Guts had no choice but to become a Falcon member. His combat prowess helps increase his rank among Griffith’s soldiers, but it doesn’t help him understand the white-haired leader as well as the menace surrounding him.

Before the journey of Berserk reaches an ending, the author Kentaro Miura, unfortunately, passed away. His best friend is announced to be in charge next, hence we can start anticipating the continuation of the series.

2. Vagabond


Coming up next is another manga published in 1998, Vagabond, the award-winner of the Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Grand Prize 2000. It is a creative piece telling us the life story of Musashi Miyamoto, a non-fictional, well-known swordsman.

Running away from the little village in search of something greater, Shinmen Takezou didn’t expect to be involved and defeated in a crushing battle. The hometown also didn’t hesitate to accuse him of murdering his best friend, and he would have been left to rot without the monk Takuan Soho.

This phenomenal individual also granted Shinmen the name he is usually referred to as Musashi Miyamoto.

Here, you will see one of the best character developments in the history of manga, as Shinmen changed from a reckless boy who wished to prove himself to a mature man with values.

3. One Piece

One Piece

A pirate-themed story promises a quick-paced action manga, and One Piece hasn’t disappointed its fans over the last two decades. It is a legendary name in the shonen category with over 100 volumes released, hence you might want to start collecting right now!

When the world government captured Gold Roger and executed him publicly, they didn’t expect the notorious pirate to mention his ultimate treasure called One Piece and fuel the adventurous (or greedy) hearts of the younger generations.

At the age of 16, Monkey D. Luffy embarks on his journey to become the Pirate King. A little goofy at times but always full of honesty and courage, Luffy manages to form a reliable squad on his way.

However, there seems to be more than a mysterious island and a treasure chest that they have to look for.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

The extremely high score and positive reviews over the years is a solid proof that Fullmetal Alchemist was and will be the best manga ever for a long time. It has a military theme – quite different from the other names on our list – and focuses on fantasy, adventure, and action elements.

In all sorts of lore, alchemists hold some great abilities because they are capable of manipulating matters according to their wills. They are free to study and experiment safely, as long as they don’t cross the limits and attempt to transmute human bodies.

Upon trying to revive their deceased mother, Edward lost a leg and sacrificed an arm to save the soul of his brother, Alphonse. The only item that can reverse this horrendous is the Philosopher’s Stone, yet it seems like the Elric brothers have to overcome deadly challenges before they might touch the gem.

5. Death Note

Death Note

Even if you haven’t got yourself engrossed in the fantasy, thriller stories of Death Note, you might have seen the name somewhere at least once.

This manga has a lot to contribute to your top lists: the most intelligent characters, the best crime series, and the greatest shonen. The only category it will be missing out on is romance.

Death Note is heavily focused on crime with continuous mind games and brain teasers. It starts with Light Yagami finding brilliant ways to shift the suspicious look off himself and hide the powerful notebook.

But it is truly mind-blowing with the appearance of L Lawliet, who creates one of the best rivalry bonds in history and constantly gives Light a hard time.

Not a lot of authors dare to tell us their story from the perspective of an anti-hero, yet Takeshi Obata did it. You will have to question why and how a high-schooler comes up with the idea of purifying the world and ends up lost in his ambitions.

6. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a heavily historical-themed manga about the Vikings. It focuses on Thorfinn, a fine warrior born by a renowned Viking. However, the violence entailed by the mercenary band is not something Thorfinn is fond of.

As the cunning leader Askeladd of the band tore his family apart with tragedy, Thorfinn swore he would become stronger and take his revenge. It comes with a price though, for he has to mingle with the Danes, who participate in wars and kill for pleasure.

But would he get his vengeance in time, before Askeladd turned the world upside down with his menacing plot?

Packed with actions and plot twists, the manga depicts perfectly how a paradise for the bloodthirsty might be hell for commoners.

7. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Although the JoJo memes have only exploded on the internet very recently, their publishing has begun on Weekly Shonen Jump since 1987. It is quite a long series, following different generations of the Joestars.

The series kicked off with George Joestar and the son Jonathan being unintentionally saved by Dario Brando. The Joestars took Dario’s son under their wing after he died. Nonetheless, Dio seems akin to his blood father and has his eyes on Joestar’s fortune.

Having the main characters altered in each arc makes the series easy to follow for new readers, so what are you waiting for? Dig in right now, and I promise you won’t be disappointed with all sequels.

8. Monster – Best-selling manga series

Monster anime

Started in 1994 and ended in 2001, but Monster is still on the list of best-selling manga series. With an intriguing plot and psychological elements, it is critically acclaimed in Japan and all over the world.

While doctors sometimes have to make tough decisions, Kenzou Tenma has it the hardest way as he has to choose between an orphan and a mayor. One wrong step and he has lost his position until the director of the hospital is mysteriously killed and thus spares him another chance.

When he finally climbs to success, his world threatens to crumble again because of a serial killer, who he saved on that fateful occasion. Packed in 18 volumes, it is worth collecting if you love a touch of psychology and drama.

9. Hunter × Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Hunters are treasure hoarders, travelers, and explorers. But for Gon Freecss, being a Hunter is the most possible way for him to look for his father. However, the entrance exam is nearly impossible with a probability of 1/100,000. And it is not the end yet.

Gon befriends Killua the young assassin, Kurapika the vengeance-driven, and Leorio the aspiring doctor. They also have to learn and master Nen, a type of power that allows them to exceed humane capability.

Don’t be fooled by the adorable art style! Hunter x Hunter has some memorable villains, who will send shivers down your spine! After a long break due to Yoshihiro Togashi’s health issues, the series is announced to be back soon.

10. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

If you have lingered in the weeb world long enough, you must have heard about One Punch Man. With a combination of superhero and comedy, it is well-received internationally as well.

Hero wannabe Saitama wants to be a hero and spends his time training so hard he loses all his hair but earns the nonpareil power. No one can take more than one punch from him, hence everything is boring now.

Saitama forgets one thing: he doesn’t belong to any organization, so no one knows about him yet. The cyborg Genos is determined to change it and become his pupil. Aside from searching for worthy opponents, the overpowered bald man is on another mission to earn his colleagues’ respect.

11. Attack on Titan – Best manga of all time for adults

Attack on Titan

Many long-term readers consider Attack on Titan the best manga of all time for adults because of the intense plots with political talks and of course, the bloody battles that have no mercy on our hearts.

Eren Yeager holds a deep hatred for human-eating monsters called Titans, and he vows to spend his life wiping them out after witnessing his mother become a victim.

What does he have to do, though, when he finds out that he can transform into a titan, albeit with consciousness?

Soon enough, Eren realizes the government and the royalty they serve might be even more intimidating than the monsters. What is waiting for them behind the walls? Are they safe in the confined territory or merely blocked from the rest of the world?

12. Naruto


What would be the best manga to read for beginners if not Naruto?

With an iconic main character and an epic plotline, it has become one of the most famous series ever on Shonen Jump Weekly, paving the way for its sequel, Boruto.

Uzumaki Naruto is an orphan always isolated by his villagers because he is the host of a catastrophic monster. Nevertheless, he holds no grudges toward them and hopes to be accepted by being the strongest ninja.

As Naruto grows up, he is caught between a lot more troubles. He considers Uchiha Sasuke his best friend, though the boy is immensely driven by vengeance even if it means leaving the village and becoming a criminal.

Furthermore, there are other monsters like the nine-tailed fox spirit in his body, and a horrifying organization is after them.

13. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Are you still looking for a sports manga on the list? Look no further, because Slam Dunk is on the way! In the 1990s, it was a pillar of the weekly Shonen Jump, and now it has become a legend.

Hanamichi Sakuragi is a fierce teenager with immense physical strength and a long rejection streak. The bad reputation follows him to his high school, leaving him with only two main concepts in life: hates basketball and needs a girlfriend.

The girlfriend part is perhaps more important because Hanamichi blurts out that he loves basketball when asked by the pretty Haruko Akagi.

Although he fails to do a slam dunk, he impresses Haruko with his almost superhuman strength and earns himself a spot in the team. Soon, Hanamichi discovers that basketball might not be as bad as he thought.

14. Haikyuu


No more basketball, but volleyball instead!

Unlike the giant Hanamichi, Shouyou Hinata is a shortie inspired by “The Little Giant” and determined to conquer impossible heights. The series is incredibly wholesome and encouraging due to the other characters as well.

Coming from a secondary school with no volleyball tradition, it was a great effort from Hinata to form a team, so there is no surprise if he ends up defeated by a big team with a genius leader.

Looking for revenge against Tobio Kageyama, Hinata enrolls in Karasuno High. However, that match of vengeance must wait for a long time because Togeyama is also a Karasuno student.

As expected, the volleyball genius is oppressive and full of problems, how is Hinata going to deal with him?

15. 20th Century Boys

20th Century Boys

With a seemingly funky name, one wouldn’t think 20th Century Boys tickle their mind with thriller and psychological elements. The concept can’t get any simpler: worldwide anxiety as the 20th century is coming to an end.

Kenji Endo leads a normal life as the manager of a convenience store until he notices the rising of a cult that is heavily tied to his friend’s mysterious suicide. Picking up cryptic clues left by the deceased friend, it finally dawns upon him that this cult is truly targeting his childhood squad down.

His ordinary life is officially off track as he learns that the cult has already been connected to him and his friends from the past. Their lives are in danger, and the whole world is probably reaching its demise if they don’t find a solution to this madness.

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They all deserve to be the greatest manga of all time, and they will be a valuable addition to your collection. Now it’s all about what your favorite genre is, and how long you want your manga to be!

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