Top 10 Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time


Every time of the year is perfect to watch the best fantasy anime. It doesn’t have to feature mages and monsters, some many themes and concepts can contribute to an outstanding fantasy story. Are you ready for the candidates?

Top 10 Best Fantasy Anime Series

1. Black Clover

Black Clover 

Fate brought two orphans named Asta and Yuno together. They share the same ambition to earn the “Wizard King” title and make the other a competition target.

Nonetheless, as they grow older, the severe difference between their potentials also becomes clear. Yuno is a true prodigy that has no difficulty in learning and using magic to his will, meanwhile, Asta can’t wield magic at all.

Growing up in a world where everyone knows how to use magic and control mana, Asta is what you call an underdog, hence he resorts to training physically and hopes it will evoke the magical ability from him.

The distance between Asta and Yuno seems to be longer than ever as he doesn’t get the Grimoire, yet a sneaky assault changes everything. Asta successfully unleashes his emotions and obtains a five-leaf Grimoire, aka the Black Clover, which validates him as a contestant for the title!

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2. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Satoru Mikami is the most ordinary man out there. At 37 years old with a normal office job and no girlfriend, he is indeed lonely sometimes, but he doesn’t complain about it. However, when an assailant stabs him to death, his life changes drastically.

From hearing unfathomable commands when he is dying, he wakes up in a whole new realm and realizes he has been reincarnated as a slime.

He is equipped with the formidable ability to consume any other creature and become them completely. After befriending the sealed dragon in the same cave, he carries a promise and starts a journey in the magical world.

If you want an anime with OP mc that is full of surprises, this series is your type!

3. Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World

Re ZERO - Starting Life in Another World

There are so many isekai animes, and Re:ZERO remains a true gem of the genre for a reason. It has a predictable beginning where the protagonist is stolen from reality and tossed into the fantasy world without any clue. But the excitement immediately arrives.

Subaru was attacked by some rascals and saved by a beautiful girl named Satella. Since she is searching for a lost insignia, he suggested he could help, and indeed he did. Unaware of the surrounding, they failed to notice a stalker sneaking up behind them, which cost them their lives.

Jolting to wakefulness, Subaru is beyond shock to find himself in a reboot of the events, starting from his encounter with the thugs. It seems like he will always have a chance to fix his mistakes, but what if the continuous resurrection eventually takes a toll on him?

4. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!

Konosuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Ever since his childhood crush breaks his little heart, Kazuma Satou becomes distant and isolated from other people. As if it wasn’t enough, he dies at such a young age and the cause of his death was a laughable stress reaction. Waiting for him on the other side, however, was neither heaven nor hell.

Aqua, a beautiful but sassy goddess, gave him two choices: continue his way to the other side or stay in this fantasy world. Of course, the game addict chooses the second option and thus proceeds to the next phase of selecting any item he wants for the journey.

Having enough of Aqua’s attitude, the boy forces her to join him. Unbeknownst to him, she turns out to be useless.

5. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Trigger warnings: gore, death, violence, factors of politics – as you can see, Attack on Titan has a bit of everything in its plotlines without being disorganized and confusing. Without a doubt, this is the dark fantasy anime that is receiving the most attention and positive feedback right now.

Humans hide behind tall walls, believing they are enough to keep the giant monsters away. With such a mindset, they, for sure, weren’t prepared for an unexpected invasion. Many of them became food for the titans, including Eren’s mother.

Fueled by animosity as well as his longing for freedom, Eren vowed to kill every single titan out there and joined the special force responsible for surveying and fighting the obnoxious creatures.

Would it be possible when Eren has yet to figure out his secret? Is sheer strength enough when various schemes are thickening?

6. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Sometimes, we can’t understand the hatred directed at us, and it is what Naofumi Iwatani has been through. Even when he got swept into a new world and given a shield while his friends all received offensive weapons, he wasn’t jealous or hostile towards them. But they didn’t give him a break with constant disdain.

The toxic behavior reaches its peak when they set Naofumi up and accuse him of sexually assaulting the princess. It was a wake-up call for him to realize that he has to stop being foolishly nice and become stronger. They asked for his help and threw him away, maybe he should help himself instead.

Besides the usual magic fantasy elements, The Rising of The Shield Hero is an interesting story with great character development, where salvation has to come from Naofumi himself.

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7. Mononoke


Does it remind you of the princess from Ghibli Studio? Worry not, it is a whole new series of fantasy, investigation, and excitement.

The main character of Mononoke is a mysterious man called “The Medicine Seller”, a wanderer always on the hunt for malicious spirits or mononoke. However, unlike our usual demon slayers, the Medicine Seller has to know the form, the reason, and the truth before he exorcizes them.

The main event of the series is when a pregnant woman stays the night at an antique inn. Twisted enough, the only available room for her is occupied by a whole group of those evil beings. Fortunately, the Medicine Seller is there to save the day. But would it be easy for him to discover everything about them?

8. Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

The first episodes of Promised Neverland took us on a rollercoaster. We were swooned by the cuteness of the children. They don’t have anything to worry about. The suppers are more than sufficient, the games are endless, and the love from their beloved Mama feels so unconditional. But it was only a facade.

It quickly discloses that the house was nothing but a farm, and the kids are raised to be food for the human-eating monsters. Emma, Ray, and Norman decide on an escape plan for everyone. But the world outside is more atrocious than they can ever imagine.

The challenges and the dangers they face will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will feel bad for them, cheer them on, and adore them.

9. InuYasha


This fantasy adventure anime might have been a childhood memory for many of us. It was such a long journey filled with quirky moments and intense battles, wherein Kagome Higurashi tries to find and purify the fragments of the Shikon gem with the help of Inuyasha and a few adventurous friends.

While the Shikon gem can tremendously strengthen whoever uses even a piece of it, the result can be terrifying if that piece is tainted. This fact led our characters to epic battles and heartbreaking moments as well.

Aside from the monster-slaying, the audiences also have a fair share of comedy and romance. It is an old friend for us, and you won’t regret spending time on this series.

10. One Piece

One Piece

As one of the most successful fantasy action anime series of the shonen genre, One Piece guarantees an unforgettable experience in the pirate world for you with almost 1000 episodes that are still ongoing.

Everything is possible, and in this series, everyone can be a pirate. Eiichiro uses the most basic concepts and turns them into something special. The author sets his creativity free in creating unique characters and their abilities.

With the power from the Devil Fruit that everyone looks down on, how can Luffy achieve his goal and become the Pirate King? We don’t need to predict the plot or guess the next move of the Straw Hat pirates, enjoying the adventures, the fights, and the explosion of emotions is enough.

Final Words

These shows deserve praise as the best fantasy anime series with their unique plot and delicious twists. If you can’t help but go on a marathon and finish them all in one sitting, it is no surprise!

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