10 Best Baseball Anime With Best Rival Scenes Ever

Shoot a strike and get a homerun. Yes, we’re talking about one of the most popular sports earning top class in the anime universe. This exciting topic depicts masculine characters and rivals, competitive scenes, and wonderful techniques.

We share with you our list of the top 10 best baseball anime that is worth your time On Netflix on lazy days.

10 Best Baseball Anime With Best Rival Scenes Ever

1. Ace of diamond (Yuji Terajima)

Ace of diamond (Yuji Terajima)

The storyline is straightforward: viewers witness the frustration of the male lead named Eijun Sawamura, who was defeated by his rivals in his middle school baseball game.

Unable to accept the reality, his aim is to enter the national tournament when he is a high schooler. Luckily, the sun shines on him again and he achieves the opportunity to start training at the prestigious Seidou High School.

However, when arriving at the new school, he is overwhelmed by the skillful baseball players there. He realizes that there is a tough path waiting for him.

With the extraordinary pitching style and a new lineup, will his Seidou baseball team reach its aim of becoming the best team in Japan?

All characters here in this series are relatable so you can find them lovable. Comedy also plays a big part. Still, the show has the potential to bring your feelings up and down and save the enjoyment to the last parts.

2. Major (Takuya Mitsuda)

Major (Takuya Mitsuda)

This anime shows the journey of Gorou Honda, a boy having an obsession with baseball. He is on the way to taking after his father’s baseball ability and becoming a top player.

Unfortunately, Gorou’s father, Shigeharu, hurts his elbow and he decides to leave the team. After suffering from his despair, a rainbow comes after the rain and Shigeharu is ready to back to the court.

And his son, Gorou focuses on his goal and tries to fill his name on the list of the Japanese Little League.

The show doesn’t have many plot twists or dramatic scenes. It’s simply about how people figure out to achieve their dream. Also, it has many emotional family scenes that touch your heart.

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3. One Outs (Shinobu Kaitani)

One Outs (Shinobu Kaitani)

Toua Tokuchi is born with amazing baseball and gambling skills. He’s famous for accomplishing 499 consecutive victories in One Outs game. However, Toua only uses his talent to make money instead.

His life changes after the encounter with Hiromichi Kojima. Toua’s skill is captured by Hiromichi’s eyes and he decides to drag this man to his team no matter what.

Still, money is a priority of Toua. He will join the team under one condition: he must earn five million yen for pitching an out. And he pays fifty million yen for losing a run.

Toua is a badass himself in this series. He seems to have no fear of anything but soon you’ll find him attractive. Also, Toua’s ability to make a way out of any impossible situation surely draws you in until the last minute.

4. Big Windup! (Asa Higuchi)

Big Windup! (Asa Higuchi)

This anime shares a story about a baseball acer with poor pitching skill. His name is Ren Mihashi. Due to the continuous losses, he ends up being a target for school bullying and not coming out of his shell.

He wishes to have normal high school life but then his baseball team Nishiura high school selects him to be their teammate.

Finding a new place that allows him to show his courage, he starts to light up his baseball ability again.

Eventually, the storyline mainly focuses on a low self-esteem young man. Also, it portrays the relationship development among characters after their first meeting.

A simple show doesn’t have any dramatic scenes yet has enough entertainment to make viewers fall for it.

5. Cross Game (Mitsuru Adachi)

Cross Game (Mitsuru Adachi)

Kou Kitamura and Aoba Tsukishima are childhood friends. Kou is born with amazing batting skills yet he is not interested in baseball.

Meanwhile, Aoba loves playing baseball a lot. The two besties seem to have nothing in common when it comes to hobbies. But they have one person who is important in their life: Wakaba Tsukishima.

This anime depicts an old-school anime that brings back a nostalgic atmosphere. The storyline is pretty simple.

You can find it relatable to reality somehow when seeing how characters overcome hardship and head to their dreams.

6. Moshidora (Natsumi Iwasaki)

Moshidora (Natsumi Iwasaki)

This anime centers around a girl named Minami. She becomes a baseball manager after the current manager aka her best friend Yuuki is taken to the hospital.

Since this is the first time, Minami tries her best to fulfill her responsibility so she chooses to read books. Unluckily, she buys a book titled Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices.

It’s not relevant to baseball management either. The poor girl has to keep the book with her, use her intelligence to make use of it, and lead the team to victory.

The story gives out some unrealistic depictions of baseball. Still, there are many scenes that highlight the good personality of Minami and her fellows.

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7. Battery (Atsuko Asano)

Battery (Atsuko Asano)

A 12-year-old boy named Takumi Harada is acknowledged as an amazing pitcher. The sudden change in his living place creates an impact on this young boy.

He looks for a catcher to keep pace with his pitch. Soon, he runs into a skillful player named Gou Nagakura. They have to get along well with each other to form a great teammate.

You may find Takumi is an arrogant teenager in the first episodes. Still, the anime portrays a realistic side of a baseball game that absolutely draws you into it.

8. Yakyuukyou no Uta (Shinji Mizushima)

Yakyuukyou no Uta (Shinji Mizushima)

In this anime, we follow a female player who possesses a magical pitch. Seeing her potential, the manager tries every way to get her to join Baseball Regulations.

What is waiting for her in the future? Will she be able to get along with her new team?

9. Star of the Giants (Ikki Kajiwara, Noboru Kawasaki)

Star of the Giants (Ikki Kajiwara, Noboru Kawasaki)

The story centers around a baseball pitcher named Hyuma Hoshi who is on the way to become a top star. His father was in a professional league back then.

Hyuma dreams of joining the lineup of the Giants team. But, the reality hits him hard. The expectations go beyond his imagination. Still, this bright boy doesn’t give up and works out to make his dream come true no matter what.

This anime-style kinda belongs to the vibe of the 1960s. The frames and drawings look a bit out of date. Still, the story development won’t let you down.

10. Mix: Meisei Story (Mitsuru Adachi)

Mix Meisei Story (Mitsuru Adachi)

Once upon a time, Meisei Academy High School was famous for its powerful baseball team. But their glory is slowly fading as the team can’t keep up with their record.

Then, there exist two stepbrothers, Souichirou and Touma Tachibana determine to regain the forgotten glory and lead the team to the national championship.

And of course, these brothers are born with wonderful baseball skills. They pair up as a team and start to work for their dream.

The storyline is solid. It gives off a family vibe and nostalgia. You’ll find some touching scenes when it comes to trauma, guilt, loss, and love.

Final Words

The anime universe is always good at portraying sports themes. The storyline is mostly about underdogs trying to figure out a way to get close to their dream. So harsh yet so relatable. You’ll love our best baseball anime as recommended. Let’s check them out and share your comments.

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