10 Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul To Feed Your Hunger

Tokyo Ghoul has been a huge hit in the anime world. During the wait for its next manga release, another new anime season, or a solid live-action adaptation, there is still enough anime to feed the hunger for your favorite show.

Read on to see other anime like Tokyo Ghoul.

10 Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

1. Shiki – Anime exactly like Tokyo Ghoul

Shiki anime

Shiki, an anime exactly like Tokyo Ghoul, narrates the tale of a young female’s untimely death, which heralds the start of a devastating pandemic inside Sotoba, which is a small village.

Ozaki, the village’s physician, has reservations about the pandemic nature, but he gradually learns the truth about it.

At the same time, Yuuki, an antisocial adolescent, is mourning his best mate’s death, Megumi. To protect their beloved people, Ozaki and Yuuki must discover the mystery that has begalled their town before it turns into a vampire-infested desolate wasteland.

Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul are notable for attempting to humanize the conventional monster while walking the line separating the good and the evil. Therefore, it raises the question of morality: whether as humans, we should overlook our closed ones’ desire for other humans’ flesh.

Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, Shiki also belongs to the gore genre with its violent and blood-splattering scenes.

2. Death Note

Death Note

This anime tells the narrative of Light Yagami, a male high schooler who discovers the death notebook intentionally dropped by Ryuk, a death god. Because this special note grants him the ability to kill anybody, he embarks on a journey to establish his utopia world.

As his power grows, L, who is a special investigating agent, tries to stop him, fearful that Light would one day triumph and throw humankind into chaos. Death Note’s storyline is comparable to Tokyo Ghoul’s because of its concerns with the legal aspects, morality, and justice.

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3. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

There exist 2 dimensions in Blue Exorcist, one of the best anime series like Tokyo Ghoul.

Humans reside in Assiah without awareness of what lurks in Gehenna, the other realm. In the latter world, evil and powerful demons live and plan to take over Assiah.

Despite the limitation on cross-world travel, there is a loophole: these demons can possess the human world’s creatures and use them to travel between realms.

To prevent the demons’ sinister intention, an exorcist group fights them to safeguard the peace. Rin is cursed by the fact that his illegitimate dad is Satan. His foster dad ends up sacrificing himself to prevent Rin from suffering a dreadful fate and to disrupt Satan’s scheme.

Both protagonists in Tokyo Ghoul and Blue Exorcist used to be ordinary humans before their lives are disrupted because of the hidden realm’s disastrous incidents occur.

Additionally, both shows feature mankind vs evil non-human beings.

4. Attack on Titan – Gore anime like Tokyo Ghoul

Attack on Titan

If you are searching for a continuing struggle between humans and human-eating monsters and the main character serving as an unintentional link between the 2 groups, Attack on Titan (AoT) and Tokyo Ghoul is a perfect match. However, don’t refrain from watching the former anime.

Tokyo Ghoul addresses its concerns with contemporary sensibility and a sensitive protagonist.

On the other hand, AoT tackles its problems from the angle of existential fear and political intrigue. Amist the chaos and various action and gory scenes, the anime is sometimes filled with romance between its charming characters.

This anime is included in our list not only because of its commonalities with Tokyo Ghoul but also a shift in perspective.

So, if you’re searching for high-octane action and gore, you should let AoT  fulfill your need while also immersing you in political upheaval within its walls.

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5. Parasyte


This anime tells the story of how extraterrestrial species called “parasytes” attempt to invade Earth. A parasyte tries to creep into Izumi Shinichi’s brain and take over his body while he is sleeping.

Nevertheless, it is unable to infiltrate Shinichi’s brain because he’s putting on earbuds at the moment, so it ends up digging into his arm instead. Consequently, the alien is obliged to mutually exist with Shinichi from that point onward.

Kaneki Ken and Shinichi Izumi would make great friends. They were not only initially shy students but also went through major transformations because of circumstances out of their control and now contend with monstrous bodies that are both powerful and dangerous.

Moreover, parasyte monsters can conjure specific blades as well as appendages from their bodies to use for combat, similar to the kagune of Ghouls. Nevertheless, both their bodies’ distorted transformations help them meet any demand.

With all of that, Parasyte is a simple anime to watch if you like Tokyo Ghoul.

6. Pupa


The fantasy anime Pupa depicts the tale between 2 siblings, Utsutsu and Yume. They get Pupa, a mystery sickness after they visit a park.

Yume acquires the massive set of wings and has an insatiable appetite for flesh, both animal and human, while her older brother obtains regenerative abilities.

As a result, Utsutsu offers his flesh to satisfy Yume’s unquenchable thirst for flesh in order to safeguard humanity from his sibling.

Similar to Tokyo Ghoul’s main character, Pupa’s female leading character also has an inhuman hunger for her fellow creature’s flesh. Moreover, both male protagonists have regenerative abilities and have dark organizations with which they establish a dubious relationship

7. March Comes in Like a Lion

March Comes in Like a Lion

The anime tells the tale of Rei Kiriyama, a solitary orphan struggling to interact and feels bad about achieving success as a result of his traumatic past. Even though it revolves around a Shogi tournament, it’s more about the main character’s psychology than about winning.

The anime’s complex character development and amazing art along with the plot’s sad moments allow the audience to comprehend Rei easier.

Even though it’s an anime focusing on competition, many viewers may be turned off by the absence of high tension. However, it’s still a wonderful watch.

Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, March Comes in Like a Lion also makes viewers constantly worry about the physical and mental health of the tragic main character, a protagonist that exemplifies “the innocent” at the start of the anime.

If that is the element of Tokyo Ghoul that is compelling to you, then this show should be the next on your watchlist.

8. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Humankind has to conceal themselves inside iron fortifications, or stations, on the imaginary island Hinomoto to avoid Kabane, which refers to creatures like zombies.

Humans commute between these iron fortresses, which are secured only by armored locomotives called Hayajiro. This offers some sense of normalcy to their existence. Nevertheless, everything changes after the Kabane creatures penetrate the Hayajiro.

This anime has some parallels with Tokyo Ghoul, particularly in regards to the handling of Kabane, which will be killed on sight if discovered.

Another similarity with Tokyo Ghoul is that the authorities conduct regular inspections to detect the infected.

9. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

When an enigmatic male wearing red kills Ganta Igarashi’s entire class, his world is turned upside down. After being falsely accused of the crime, he receives a death sentence and is transported to Deadman Wonderland to carry out his sentence.

This isn’t an unusual prison since it is a theme park where inmates execute life-threatening activities for the park’s visitors. Nonetheless, this prison is more than its brutal approach to amusement.

The lead character, their skills, as well as the slaughter are shared by Tokyo Ghoul and Deadman Wonderland. Similar to Kaneki, Ganta is an average youngster whose life changed dramatically due to an event that everyone else is unaware of.

Moreover, these characters are compelled to learn and develop themselves in the new reality for the sake of their survival.

10. Beyond the Boundary

Beyond the Boundary

Beyond the Boundary presents an impressively, visually diverse vision of the struggle of people viewed as being different while staying away from its negative aspects.

The anime follows Mirai Kuriyama, who is among the remaining Spirit Warriors when she attempts to slay a youmu or Akihito Kanbara who studies in the same class as her.

Regardless of the gloomy premise, the tale later turns out to be unusually joyful when Akihito brings Mirai into his friend circle as well as the Literary Club. This occurs in the context of a battle to protect humanity raging on.

Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, Beyond the Boundary focuses on identity and individual responsibility, however, it is portrayed in an adorable and comforting way solely enabled by Kyoto Animation’s production.

Final Words

Each of our recommendations for the best anime like Tokyo Ghoul has received great remarks from a large audience, so we’re confident that you’ll enjoy our selection. Their most prevalent genres are horror and gore, so we recommend you not to watch them late at night in case you cannot stomach a little terror.

You can easily watch many of them on Netflix. Enjoy your time!

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