10 Best Anime Like Maid Sama

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High school anime mostly revolves around romantic love stories. Maid Sama is one of the most recommended series that depicts sweet puppy love. No plot twists, no dramatic scenes, only pure love. Let’s dig into the top 10 anime like Maid Sama and recall your youthful memories.

10 Anime Like Maid Sama

1. Kamisama Kiss – Rom-com anime like Maid Sama

Kamisama Kiss - Best Rom Com Anime

Nanami is a high school girl that was born into a poor family. Her father is an irresponsible man who puts his family matter in a miserable situation.

While wandering on the street, Nanami runs into a stranger and rescues him from a stray dog. Then, this man offers her shelter to stay in.

To her surprise, this man is actually the land god  – Mikage, who looks for a successor. And he chooses her to be that person. Once she finds out that she lives in a shrine, Nanami decides not to live here.

However, her plan fails as the two spirits stop her from doing that. Then, our male lead – Tomoe appears.

After making up her mind, Nanami chooses to stay and protect the shrine. But she can’t fulfill her duties alone. Tomoe has to help her. As he has an extreme hatred of humans, Nanami struggles to get along.

This is a rom-com anime like Maid Sama, you won’t see many sweet scenes in the first episodes. The relationship among the characters grows rapidly. Soon, you’ll feel butterflies in your stomach whenever there are moments between Tomoe and Nanami.

2. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Another anime similar to Maid Sama is Fruits Basket. Since there is no one who is willing to help her, an orphan named Tohru Honda decides to live on her own. She builds up a tent on the land of the Soma clan. After the encounter with some members, they offer her to stay in a new home.

Later, she discovers the hidden secret: if the members are touched by the opposite gender, they lose their human shape. What is left now are their Chinese zodiac animals.

In the midst of darkness, there exists a light of hope. You can tell Tohru is their hope. She tries her best to heal their wounds and relieve them from this misery.

The most outstanding difference between the two anime is the supernatural elements. Maid Sama focuses only on pure high school love. Meanwhile, Fruits Basket tells a story about a hidden secret where the female lead is kind of a hero in rescuing other people.

Feelings and emotions are also highlights of this series. You’ll find it relatable to real-life matters as there is a combination of sadness and sweetness throughout the series.

3. Special A

Special A

Hikari Hanazono is an extraordinary child. She has the ability to do abnormal things. She’s so proud of herself that no one could defeat her. One day, there exists an intelligent boy named Kei Takishima.

She doesn’t accept the fact that she is defeated by a boy in the blink of an eye. The stubborn Hikari won’t give up despite her failure. She promises to take her pride back.

The first step in starting her plan is to enroll in the same school as Kei. They pair up as the top two students in school. They soon participate in the group of Special A. However, there is one little secret. Kei starts to go attached to Hikari without notice.

Hikari and Misaki are both characters having amazing abilities. Still, their starting point is different. Misaki has to work for her own living. Meanwhile, Hikari has a happy family to support her.

Unlike Maid Sama, despite being seen as a rivalry, Kei still shows his feelings toward Hikari. At the same time, Usui always tries to drive Misaki mad with his jokes.

4. Itazura na Kiss (ItaKiss)

Itazura na Kiss

This series – Itazura na Kiss is one of the most legendary love stories in the anime world. The unlucky Kotoko Aihara moves to Naoki Irie’s house after the collapse of her home.

In her wildest dream, she never expects to live in the same house with her crush. Irie-kun is the smartest student in their school whereas Kotoko is not good at studying. That’s why he turns down her love letter.

As soon as they’re under the same roof, they spend time together and Kotoko slowly takes steps toward his heart. And this innocent Irie-kun is cast a love spell without knowing.

Compared to Maid Sama, the two protagonists in this series are different. Irie-kun is tsundere boy. His actions speak louder than words. You may feel frustrated when he’s puzzled by his feelings. Once he realizes his affection for Kotoko, he’s not shy anymore but bold enough to confess his love.

5. Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You)

Kimi ni Todoke From Me to You

If you look for a gentle teenage love story, this series is for you. Due to her appearance, people see Sawako Kuronuma as the famous Sadako of The Ring series. To her expectations, her classmates even stay away from her and spread malicious rumors about her.

Despite being treated badly, this timid girl longs for making best friends. One day, she helps Shouta Kazehaya on the way to school and he falls for her at the first sight.

Kazehaya is the first person to defend Sawako from their friends’ bad jokes. He even helps her to get along with other classmates. Little do they know, they already have feelings toward one another.

Misaki and Usui always bicker over the small stuff. Meanwhile, Sawako and Kazehaya always have a friendly friendship. The way that Kazehaya cares for Sawako definitely touches your heart. Their love is so beautiful.

6. Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Being a teenager who dreams of an ideal boyfriend, Erika Shinohara shows a photo of a handsome boy and states that he is her lover.

But you can’t cover up a lie for a long time. Her friends soon figure out that the boy is the popular Kyouya Sata. Erika is not brave to tell her friends the truth so she has to play along with it.

She comes to see Kyouya and asks him to be her boyfriend. He accepts the offer under one condition: Erika has to become his “dog”. After interacting with him many times, she is able to see the real Kyouya and starts to grow feelings for him.

Both Erika and Misaki have secrets that can’t let anyone know. Misaki doesn’t let her prince control her over this. But for Erika, she accepts her “owner” offer and follows what he tells her to do.

You’ll see how the young stupid Erika works hard for her love throughout the series of Wolf Girl and Black Prince. She’s honest about her feelings. That’s the reason why she is capable of stealing Kyouya’s heart.

7. My Little Monster

My Little Monster

This is a romantic comedy anime. In people’s eyes, Shizuku Mizutani’s priority is her grades. The encounter between a cold-hearted girl and a troublemaker changes their lives.

They share one thing in common: they both don’t have many friends. So right after the first meeting, Haru Yoshida can’t hide his feelings and he wants to be her boyfriend.

As this is their first time making friends, they both experience a hard time together. Day by day, time passes by. Their friendship grows more attached. There’s no more violent Haru. Shizuku’s feelings start to bloom.

The beginning of this anime is different from Maid Sama. Both characters don’t show much attention to the world where they live. Once two souls find the connections, their feelings start to grow.

8. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Once upon a time, little Yuuki was safe from a vampire attack. That man is a pureblood vampire named Kaname Kuran. They reunite after 10 years apart. Yuuki now has complicated feelings for this man.

At school, Yuuki and Zero are members of a committee. They take turns to support 2 classes. However, people don’t know that there are real vampires in their schools.

Vampire Knight is a romantic comedy anime showing a love story between humans and vampires. This series focuses on supernatural elements. Still, it’s a good anime to watch if you like Maid Sama.

9. Skip Beat

Skip Beat

A girl chooses to sacrifice her life and work like a dog to help her boyfriend achieve his dreams. Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t smile at Kyouko Mogami. She’s totally so into Shou.

One day, she realizes that Shou only sees her as his maid and doesn’t respect her love for him. She vows to become the world star to revenge on this cruel boy.

But the showbiz is not a good place for an innocent girl like her. Despite many pitfalls, she’s able to keep her belief and claim her top position.

This kind of love in Skip Beat is different from the love in Maid Sama. Kyouko’s willing to give up everything just to work for her boyfriend’s dream. You’ll find it upsetting sometimes when she gives Shou many things without receiving anything back.

10. Horimiya


Horimiya is actually the combination of two names: Hori and Miyamura. This couple doesn’t get along well with each other. You’ll see many bickering scenes most of the time, just like Maid Sama.

Hori is a nerd who always tries her best to study. Meanwhile, Miyamura has a secret that no one knows: he has many tattoos and piercings.

After spending time at Hori’s house, the two pals start their friendship pretty well. Then, when their feelings are stronger, they are able to reveal their true colors to another one.

Final Words

We compile a list of Maid Sama recommendations for otakus that are crazy about high teen love stories. This type of love always brings back good old days memories of youth.

You can easily find these series on Netflix. Then, let us know what is your favorite one?

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