10 Anime Like Berserk You’ll Love To Watch

Fist Of The North Star

Berserk, created by Kentaro Miura, is a well-known dark fantasy franchise in both Japan and abroad. Since this anime has had multiple hiatuses throughout the years, its fans can find an alternative option from our list of anime like Berserk while waiting for its comeback.

10 Best Anime Like Berserk You’ll Love To Watch

1. Claymore


When “youma,” a shapeshifting demon with a hunger for human flesh, appears in Raki’s hamlet, a silver-eyed woman with a sword on her back wanders into town. She – a half-human, half-youma creature created for the sole goal of eradicating these monsters –  is called a “Claymore”.

The Claymore saves Raki’s life at the moment his family is slaughtered, but he is then exiled from his village. While Raki has nowhere else to go, he chases after Clare, the Claymore, with the purpose to accompany her on her adventures.

Clare’s organization and her other warriors are revealed as the two journey from place to place, defeating youma along the way. They get closer and closer to the youma that Clare has sought revenge since she chose to become a Claymore as each village is cleaned and every demon vanquished.

Claymore has a clear resemblance to Berserk since their settings are both fictional medieval worlds. Also, they both feature slaughtering scenes, incredible actions, and the presence of demons.

2. Devilman Crybaby – Same violent elements like that Berserk

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby, another anime to watch if you like Berserk, tells a story about the world, where devils cannot survive without a host which is a living body. However, if that person has strong willpower, they can vanquish the demon and claim its power, transforming into a Devilman.

Akira Fudou, our main character, has always possessed a broken heart, despite his calm personality. So when Ryou Asuka, his childhood buddy, asks for his assistance in locating devils, Akira gladly accepts.

However, Akira is surprised to learn that the location they visit is Sabbath, an immoral gathering of immorality and degeneracy.

Demons kidnap the party participants, transforming them into horrible creatures that wreak havoc in the midst of murder and destruction.

Akira unintentionally turns himself into a Devilman when combined with the devil Amon, earning the strength to destroy the other demons in a desperate bid to save his closest buddy.

Devilman Crybaby is a near-perfect suggestion for Berserk enthusiasts looking for more of the same graphic, brutal, and violent elements that Berserk is known for.

3. Death Note

Death Note

Death Note is one of the best serious dark anime that you should certainly give a try.  The story is about Light Yagami, a brilliant 17-year-old Japanese student who shares the same belief with the cruel god of death Ryuk that both worlds of humans and death gods are corrupted.

Ryuk decides to release his “Death Note” into the world of humans for his own entertainment. Light comes upon it and laughs at the first of its rules: The person whose name is recorded in this letter will perish.

Light, however, succumbs to the temptation and tries writing a random felon’s name, which uncomfortably reenacts his first murder.

Light – under the identity “Kira,” aware of the dreadful and also godlike power in his hands – follows his vicious sense of justice with the ultimate objective of purging the world of all evil-doers.

At that time, a mastermind international detective L is on his tail, but when Light’s intelligence approaches that of L’s, the epic search for Kira becomes a gripping war of wits that can only finish when one of them is dead.

A striking resemblance exists between Light and Guts: while Light fights the world using his brain, Guts fights it with his powerful sword Dragon Slayer.

4. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D

The second movie in the Vampire Hunter D anime series, Bloodlust, is a cult favorite among both dedicated and casual anime viewers. It follows a wandering dhampir which is a half-vamp, half-human hybrid in his search for a vampire.

The show has a romantic air to it, but there are supernatural beings and bloodshed galore.

The story is well-written, deep, and dark, much like Berserk. Each show’s protagonists, D from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and Guts from Berserk, have a number of similar characteristics.

Both are quiet, reserved, and highly skilled, with a steadfast commitment to their objectives. If you enjoyed Berserk’s “occult-heavy” themes, this anime masterpiece will bring you the same emotions.

5. Bastard!!


Bastard!! is a wild fantasy journey that is not intended for young viewers, as indicated by the title.

A Kingdom called Metallicana is invaded by the 4 Lords of Havoc. As a result, the high priest’s daughter is asked to resurrect Dark Schneider, a legendary magician as well as former Riders’ commander, from Luche Renren’s body.

This sex-driven frolic has a lot in common with Berserk, including not shying away from adult subjects. In addition, both series are set in the Middle Ages, and both feature a lot of magic.

Bastard!! would be a nice fit for those looking for a comparable anime movie like Berserk that is a little lighter-hearted and more romantic.

6. X

X anime

The other name is X, based on the original manga X/1999, a classic work from CLAMP. Despite the fact that this is a shoujo film rather than a seinen film like the others on this list, the movie still has many commonalities that will appeal to lovers of Berserk.

For a girly anime series, this anime show includes a fair amount of dark fantasy with romance as well as the fights of the Dragons of Earth/Heaven for humanity’s destiny and a coming Armageddon that casts a shadow over the Earth. The staggering sense of fearsome religious undercurrent.

7. Hellsing Ultimate – Dark fantasy anime like Berserk

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is another dark fantasy anime like Berserk. The series tells the narrative of Alucard, who is a vampire hunter killing these creatures for fun. Alexander Anderson, a minor character in this anime, would be a fantastic fit for Berserk’s style. He is off on a mission to kill anything that isn’t human, including Alucard.

The utilization of religious and paganistic elements is a striking parallel between Berserk and Hellsing: Ultimate. The employment of massive weaponry, like Seras’ cannon and Gut’s sword, is another resemblance between the 2 shows.

Moreover, the usage of gory combat sequences and excessive amounts of filthy language is also their similarities.

8. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Berserk and Vinland Saga, both are aggressive and feature well-executed action scenes with interesting flashbacks, but Vinland Saga is likely a happy shoujo anime. Berserk takes place in a fantastical medieval setting, whereas Vinland Saga recounts the lives of Danish Vikings.

Berserk Golden Age is quite similar to Vinland Saga in that both are about a powerful young lad who is a member of a mercenary group and fully respected by the leader who assigns him the most critical assignments.

The art of the two is extremely similar, however, Vinland Saga is crisper, whilst Berserk tends to be sketchy and detailed.

9. Gungrave – Best seinen anime like Berserk


The seinen anime like Berserk starts with the image of a truck encircled by evil creatures that look like humans. In that vehicle, there is a scientist and a little girl who are in a dangerous scenario.

However, Brandon, a true war machine, is thankfully awakened by the scientist. He easily annihilates the horde of monsters with his two massive weapons called the Cerberus.

The cause of the attack is gradually revealed via a lengthy flashback that follows the lives of 2 young gangsters when they join the criminal organization running their town.

Gungrave has been considered Berserk with firearms. The story’s concept is shared by both main characters. Guts and Brandon were initially peaceful persons but they were transformed into somebody eviler as a result of their trials.

Moreover, they also do whatever is necessary to defend their romantic partner. Guts and Brandon are both driven by vengeance and will go to any length to get it, including wielding incredibly strong weapons and being exceedingly merciless.

10. Fist Of The North Star

Fist Of The North Star

Comparable to Berserk’s plot, this anime follows the narrative of Kenshiro who explores the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic world to find Yuria. His missing fiancee was kidnapped by a jealous competitor.

This is analogous to how Guts, following the Eclipse, maintains his protection over his significant other, Casca after she lost her memories and has reverted to having childlike behavior following an awful deed committed against her by Griffith, Guts’ closest buddy.

Both shows feature overly strong men risking their lives for a lady, who is abducted forcibly by somebody whom the main protagonists formerly trusted.

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It’s rare these days to discover dark fantasy anime for adults that can have a shocking effect and engage viewers, however, Berserk accomplishes exactly that.

For those waiting for Miura to return from one of his numerous hiatuses, consider our list of the best anime like Berserk to satisfy your hunger for the arduous conflict of morality, magical monsters, gore, and lunacy.

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