12 Best Anime For 10 Years Old

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With the growth of the Internet, anime garners huge appeal over the years. Whenever you google a series, there are many results for you. So when it comes to kid-friendly themes, parents should be cautious to prevent awkward situations.

Today, we’ll show you the top 12 best anime for 10 years old that is absolutely family-friendly and worth watching.

12 Best Anime For 10 Years Old

1. Doraemon


After its first release in 2005, Doraemon received lots of love and support from fans all over the world. It’s also been recommended as one of the all-time anime for 10 years old.

Whenever you hear iconic lyrics, you can tell that people are watching this anime. The setting is quite similar to the reality in Japan.

The story follows a dull nerd boy named Nobita. He isn’t good at studying. Nobita has a crush on Shizuka. He’s also envious of Takeshi’s intelligence as he’s a smart boy.

One day, there is a bizarre cat-like creature jumping out of his drawer. This creature introduces his name as Doraemon. He uses a time machine to travel from the future back to the present to help Nobita.

At first, Nobita doesn’t believe in Doraemon’s words easily. As time passes by, they get along with each other. Doraemon takes magic treasures out of his miracle bag to save Nobita from the most ridiculous situations.

Also, the story doesn’t focus on Nobita and Doraemon but on their parents and their friends. One of the most notable things about this series is that everyone treats Doraemon like a real friend or a real family member.

Despite having many funny scenes, this series has done a great job of capturing viewers’ hearts in terms of emotional moments. It also gives a good lecture about family matters and friendship.

2. My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro

What if there exists a fluffy friend on Earth and he comes to you one day? Your long days will be gone. Soon, your childhood is full of laughter and happiness. How wonderful it is!

The journey starts when the Kusakabe family relocates to their hometown. Unfortunately, there is a rumor about their current house – it’s haunted.

Two little sisters, Satsuki and Mei can’t hide their curiosity so they decide to figure out the truth. In the meantime, these girls make acquainted with their neighbors and befriend a boy named Kanta.

As usual, Mei plays around a forest near her house. What she doesn’t expect is to stumble upon a giant bunny that is lying down on the grass. She calls this big-tummy friend Totoro.

To her surprise, Totoro is actually a mysterious forest guardian. Mei is unable to show her excitement so she drags her sister Satsuki to meet Totoro. And that’s how their magical adventure begins.

Since this anime is intended for 10-year-old girls, you’ll see many sweet and sour moments mixing together. The point of is view is clear. It educates us about good values in life.

Also, the nostalgic vibe certainly is a perfect healing therapy for adults who wants to escape from exhausting lives.

3. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle

You’ll see our female lead – Sophie is now working hard at her family hat shop in the first episode. She’s on the way to her sister’s house for a family reunion.

While she’s walking on the street, some rude soldiers try to flirt with her. Luckily, a wizard shows up and tries to rescue her from these bad guys. But it turns out to be the change of her fate.

The With of the Waste is so jealous that she casts a curse and the young Sophie is long gone. She’s now an old grumpy Sophie. She doesn’t know that her encounter with the mysterious Howl is the cause of the curse.

How does she break the curse? Sophie has to move to Howl’s castle to continue her life as an old lady.

You’ll find Sophie still keeps her true colors even though she bewitches an old woman. She does her best for her family and friends whereas the powerful Howl has internal insecurity.

The romantic moments between Sophie and Howl are the most anticipated scenes. Each of the characters in this series also has its own story that gives you a strong impression.

4. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

How do you describe your teenage in one word? Wild? Memorable? Well, our male lead from Silver Spoon, Yuugo Hachiken somehow struggles with his age.

Being a 13-year-old boy, he needs to study hard to meet the expectations that are waiting for him. Too stressed to think straight, he chooses to run away from his parents’ control by enrolling in Ooezo Agricultural High School.

Yuugo is proud of his intelligence and he believes he will manage it well. But he never expects that there are such things that a city boy like him would accomplish in a thousand years.

It’s quite risky to stay away from parents’ protection and look for new opportunities at a very young age. Still, Silver Spoon portrays a story of a middle school boy that people can find relatable, such as how do you adapt to a new environment? Can you get along with people easily?

As in each episode, there are many insights that are waiting for your discovery, especially for 11-year-old boys, you’ll likely enjoy this series thanks to its plenty of comedic moments.

5. Pokémon – Fighting anime for 10 years old


This Pokémon series is a small hit for 9-year-old children. After the first release, its merchandise and goods are sold like hotcakes. Many people want to have their own Pokémon at home.

So, in the current world there exist peculiar creatures named Pokémon. Due to its bizarre appearance and hidden abilities, many trainers catch Pokémon and train them for battle.

The male lead Satoshi always dreams of having his own Pokémon. Sadly, most of them are claimed by other people. He has to choose an electric Pikachu. The unexpected encounter blooms a friendship tree between Pikachu and Satoshi.

Later, there are two friends, Kasumi and Takeshi join their adventure. Wherever they go, the infamous Rocket team shows up to pick a fight or tries to steal their Pokémon.

They must get through them to participate in the Pokémon League to win the award of Best Pokémon Master.

All characters are two-dimensional. Only humans can talk in this series but Pokémon has a strong connection with their owners. They can sense happiness or sadness on their trainers’ faces.

You’ll see there are many trainers treating Pokémon as if they are their slaves. But, Satoshi sees Pikachu as a real friend and promises to protect his Pokémon no matter what.

6. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

If you look for an anime with a dreamy fairy concept, Sailor Moon is a good choice for you. Usagi Tsukino is an ordinary teenager who worries about her low scores.

Her life changes after saving a cat with a crescent moon. Later, she learns that their meeting is destinated and Usagi has to become a Sailor Moon. Her mission is to be the guardian of the Earth.

But she’s not alone. She must look for the other guardians, the lost princess, and the famous crystal.

The series shows old-fashioned art but you can’t find this type of art nowadays. The physical features of each character are drawn well. The plot development is also good. Also, don’t miss out on any romantic moments between Usagi and Tuxedo Mask.

7. Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp

Most teenage girls look forward to having a flex vacation with their friends. Meanwhile, Rin Shima wants to spend her days relaxing at Mount Fuji.

However, Rin’s happy days are disturbed as there is a lost stranger asking for refuge at her camping site. Nadeshiko also plans to enjoy her holiday by herself. Her intention is soon disrupted because of her sleepiness.

Despite an annoying encounter, the two girls start to have a friendly relationship as they spend time chilling out together.

Both Rin and Nadeshiko are clever. Their actions work well with the situations. And one important aspect, you’ll notice how Nadeshiko gains Rin’s trust even though there are only two girls on the mountain.

The chemistry of girls is pretty good. The series also shows valuable lessons about friendship.

8. Spirited Away

Spirited Away

While on a family trip, Chihiro and her parents discover an abandoned place. Strangely, there is a food feast arranged in the amusement park.

Chihiro’s parents are enchanted with the flavor. They eat everything on the table and become pigs in front of Chihiro’s eyes.

Somehow her stubbornness saves her life from this misery. Then, strange things happen. She witnesses ghosts, bizarre creatures, and spirits walking around. She’s now in another dimension – not Earth.

She has no idea how to save her parents and return to a realistic world. She chooses to become a servant working and living among spirits. With the help of humans around her, and especially from Haku, Chihiro learns how to deal with her problems.

The best part of the show is its reality. Good characters come out as evil and vice versa. To survive in a strange place, they must learn to protect themselves. That’s why their actions are predictable and reasonable.

9. Haikyuu!!


Shoyo Hinata earns a huge ambition for volleyball and wants to be a member of a volleyball team. Sadly, when confronting the “King of the Court” – Tobio Kageyama, Shoyo’s team is eliminated.

Still, Shoyo doesn’t want to give up on his dream. He enrolls in Karasuno high school for professional training.

After enrolling in, Shoyo reunites with Tobio. This time, Tobio is already in the lineup of the school team.

This funny anime portrays the reality of underdogs who needs to overcome obstacles and fight for their life. Also, the show focuses not only on volleyball techniques but also well-developed plot.

10. Arrietty


One day, while staying at his aunt’s home for treatment, the weak Shou follows the cat and sees a figure of a tiny girl named Arrietty. At first, he thinks Arrietty is the only person on Earth. But, she lives with her parents in his aunt’s house.

Being such tiny creatures, they have to face many difficulties that humans never understand. Her parents also warn their daughter not to be friends with Arrietty.

Still, Arrietty believes in her decision and their friendship starts to bloom.

The noticeable aspect of this series is that we can see the opposing point of view of Arrietty towards humans. The chemistry between Arrietty and Shou is also charming.

11. Mysterious Joker

Mysterious Joker

This anime has a similar vibe to Kaitou Kid but it’s full of comedic stories and childish moments. It follows the journey of the infamous thief Joker and his friend Hachi.

They work together to aim for the next valuable prize. However, they have to face other opponents to win the title of the best magician of the night and take away treasures.

12. Sherlock Hound

Sherlock Hound

If you are a fan of animals being portrayed as humans, Sherlock Hound is a good choice for you. The series follows the plot of the famous Sherlock Holmes. This time, you’ll see all characters are in the form of dogs.

The story centers on a group of detectives trying their best to solve the mystery and catch the culprit.


The best way to grow attached among family members is to spend time together. If parents look for one anime that 10 years old can watch alongside them, let’s put our recommendations on Netflix and enjoy your happy time.

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