Top 10 Best Anime Like Yuri On Ice

No. 6 anime

Yuri on Ice is a hugely popular anime series after its first release in 2016. Many otakus hardly escape from the attractiveness of charismatic male fanservice. Are you into anime series that show off masculine form? Well, here are the top 10 best anime like Yuri on Ice that you have been looking for.

As you know, anime series mostly portray real-life matters but sports themes take it up a notch. Gay anime like Yuri on ice not only characterizes athletic pursuits but also digs the focus on a romantic bond or bromance.

Top 10 Best Anime Like Yuri On Ice

1. Free!

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Come first on the list of Yuri on Ice recommendations is Free!. The main theme of the anime series is about one swimming club. It follows a high school student – Haruka Nanase, who sees himself as a person that loves all activities associated with water. The desire of being surrounded by water is unstoppable for him.

Haruka together with three other friends, Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki, and Rin Matsuoka obtained a reward in a swimming competition when they were in primary school. Time goes by and they live in separation. One day, Rin makes a surprising comeback and challenges Haruka to join another competition. Rin defeats Haruka and decides to give up on their friendship.

After that, Haruka pairs with Makoto, Nagisa, and a new member – Rei to create the Iwatobi Swimming Club. They will recall old memories to relive their passion one more time. Will Rin and Haruka be friends again? What obstacles are waiting for our new club?

This anime series is based on a well-developed plot that gives off butterflies for young hearts burning with passion. It also reflects insecurity and struggles during adolescence, rivalry, and brotherhood.

2. Banana Fish

Banana Fish

The next recommendation is a bit bizarre in the mainstream culture of sports anime, but if you are crazy about male characters with intensive homoerotic interactions, Banana Fish takes you to the limit.

The storyline describes a fate between an American boy – Ash Lynx and a Japanese innocent photographer Eiji Okamura. The setting is New York in the 1980s, where the pretty Ash was adopted by the head of crime Papa Dino Golzine, and was brought up to be his pet.

Ash yearns for freedom and successfully runs away from his Papa. He roams the streets day by day with his loyal gang. Unfortunately, this poor young boy never expects to keep a hideous secret that can turn the table and put his Papa in danger. The unexpected meeting between him and Eiji leads to bloody battles of revenge and ambition.

This anime has mature themes connecting to physical abuse, drug use, and criminals. One similarity between Yuri on ice and Banana Fish is that they both create unrealistic characters with unconditional love.

3. Given

Given anime

Back to another anime like Yuri on Ice with gay interactions and boyfriend materials male leads, Given is now waiting to make your fangirl hearts skip a beat.

Ritsuka Uenoyama somehow feels contempt for his hobbies out of the blue. The guitar that he used to play no longer appeals to him. The basketball game that he became obsessed with now remains tedious. During the burn-out time, he encounters Mafuyu Sato – who is on the way to repairing his broken guitar.

They become friends and soon when the guitar is back to its standard look, they already get more attached to each other. They are about to say farewell and continue their usual life until Ritsuka hears Mafuyu sing for the first time.

The soft voice along with a sweet melody resonates with his heart. Something is lingering in his heart and ready to bloom at any time. The distance in their relationship starts to shorten.

Yuri on Ice connects ice skating while Given deals with music. Both show slow-paced relationships yet dark sides of frustration and frangibility. It is a miracle to find someone who is willing to hold your hands and protect you in this cruel world.

4. Haikyuu!!


Haikyuu is indeed an anime to watch if you like Yuri on Ice. The anime focuses on Shoyo Hinata – a secondary schoolboy who earns a huge ambition for volleyball. His determination is to be a member of the high school volleyball team.

Sadly, Shoyo confronted the “King of the Court” – Tobio Kageyama in the first elimination round, and his team was defeated. However, the bright Shoyo doesn’t want to quit his dream easily like that, he keeps on practicing to finish off Tobio in their next encounter. Shoyo chooses Karasuno high school – where trains many talented athletes that set his heart for volleyball.

After enrolling in, Shoyo is so close to shooting his first shot and joining a team. He never thinks about meeting Tobio there and this one is now considered one of the best players at school. Can a little boy with a burning passion for volley reverse a situation and steal the title “King of the Court”?

Haikyuu!! portrays the same sports theme as Yuri on Ice but mainly for volleyball. Both characterize loveable characters and show how the underdog fight for themselves to achieve their dreams. Just one quick reminder that Haikyuu!! releases fewer gay sweet moments than the other anime, however, this anime is worth watching.

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5. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Fruit Basket looks somehow odd but you shouldn’t miss out to check this series.

Tohru Honda becomes an orphan after a family tragedy and decides to live on her own. She sets up her tent and doesn’t have a clue about the private land that currently belongs to the Soman clan.

Later, she moves to live with this mysterious clan and quickly discovers their skeleton in the closet – if any members of the clan get close attached to the opposite sex, their human form disappears in the blink of an eye and crumbles into their Chinese Zodiac animals.

Despite not showing many gay interactions, characters within anime express strong bonds with each. Particularly, you shall be interested in bickering fights or daily quarrels between Yuki and Kyo. They share a mutual hatred toward one another at the beginning of the story which is definitely entertaining and funny.

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6. No. 6

No. 6 anime

No.6 deserves to be infiltrated into the mainstream culture of shounen anime. Despite having different genres – Yuri on Ice is more about sports themes in a modern world whereas No.6 is based on a light novel which is surrounded by an isolated society – both anime portray a positive boy x boy relationship.

The two protagonists in No.6 are the reversed versions of the other. They learn from each other to understand and accept who they are. The plot may go beyond your expectations but don’t worry, more mature romance is waiting there.

Back to the storyline, No.6’s setting follows a boy named Sion. He is highly educated and brought up in a privileged life within the area of No.6. On his 12th birthday, he was rescued by a boy whose nickname is Nezumi.

Nezumi is on the way to escape from the special security area. To keep him safe, Sion chooses to be a normal citizen and is forced to live in a lower rank town. They eventually meet after four years of separation. What will their reunion be?

7. Prince Of Stride: Alternative

Prince Of Stride Alternative

This anime series is a worthy option for Yuri on Ice fans. The storyline sticks to the setting at the Honan institute, where the two freshmen Takeru Fujiwara and Nana Sakurai try to recruit new members for their Stride club. This is a speedy sport that needs 6 teammates in a relay race.

This anime designates sleek and colorful aesthetic scenarios. The transition of parkour races looks smooth and cool. It is not only just about rivalry or competition but also about attachment within characters. They learn to connect to each other.

8. Run With The Wind

Run With The Wind

One convenience store owner chases the former ace runner of Sendai Josei high school – Kakeru Kurahara – away from their place. This incident results in his encounter with Haiji Kiyose, another student of his school.

Haiji is astonished to witness Kakeru’s agility and then convinces him to live in a run-down apartment with him and other students. The pathetic poor Kakeru can’t deny the offer since he has lost all deposits.

During Kakeru’s welcoming party, Haiji reveals where they are living now is the dormitory of the Kansei University Track Club. He even opens up to everyone about his goal of participating in the Hakone Ekiden – one relay race and calls on for participation.

Guess what? Nobody shows interest in his plan.  Will Haiji be able to find his teammate at the end?

If you want to look back on how young, wild, and free your adolescents were, why don’t you check on this masterpiece? Just like Yuri on Ice, this shall bring to you healing therapy and motivation. The storyline is solid and well-developed until the ending. It is a must-watch anime for everyone.

9. Tsurune


Tsurune follows the story of Minato Narumiya – an archer who loses his interest in archery after an unexpected accident. Time goes on and he is now a high school student. He starts to make friends and returns to be an archer in his high school’s archery club as they aim to attain the prefectural tournament.

This anime is probably the most realistic one. No superpowers, no extravagant characters, or any secret archery techniques. It’s simply about struggles that normal people have to face when playing a sport.

The flow is at a slow pace since it takes time for these adolescent boys to realize what they aim to do and how they battle with themselves to win the reward.

10. Love Stage!!

Love Stage!!

Love Stage!! tells the story of Izumi Sena – a boy whose mother is an actress, his father is a producer and his brother is a rock singer. While everyone looks forward to seeing him take after the family to step into showbiz, Izumi’s desire is to be a comic artist.

The 10th anniversary of a magazine leads to the reunion between Izumi and his ex-boyfriend – who is now a famous actor, Ryouma Ichoman. Surprisingly, Ryouma always sees Izumi as a beautiful girl due to his unisex name and small feminine figure. But Izumi wants to cross the line and cuts off their relationship.

Still, Ryouma accepts the truth and keeps on chasing his love. Izumi’s bothersomeness is now recalled.

This anime has likable characters. They have the ability to make viewers empathic. The image of the two protagonists is designated perfectly. Izumi shows the feminine side whereas Ryouma is a more masculine man. A very standard romance of love at the first sight gradually turns into a sweet yaoi relationship.

Final Words

We compile a list of anime similar to Yuri on Ice that triggers viewers’ hearts with a train of emotions and a well-developed plot. If you are tired of anime series with bouncy boobs or superpowers, why don’t you check our top 10 as recommended? Get ready now and it’s time to grab your popcorn.

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