Top 10 Best Anime Like Naruto You’d Love To Watch

Fairy Tail

Naruto is one of the most successful anime series, often mentioned as part of the three pillars in Shonen Jump! When the show ended, it left a void in everyone’s hearts, keeping them yearning for the same emotions all over again.

If you are one of the nostalgic souls, let’s find out which is the best anime like Naruto!

Top 10 Best Anime Like Naruto

1. Black Clover

Black Clover 

Here in the world of Black Clover, not having a magic ability will make you a black sheep, not the other way around, which is the story of Asta.

Despite the difficulties, Asta still wants to be the most powerful wizard, but he has to train physically first in order to stay alive. How is he going to protect the kingdom when a monstrous organization strikes?

Considered a zero to hero anime like Naruto, the biggest reason for Black Clover to appear in this list is the similarity between the two main protagonists. Both Naruto and Asta are orphans with a rough start and an undying dream to become great. They both also befriend one of the most talented prodigies of their generation and develop a rivalry.

Attractive, quick-paced, and inspiring, the show is undoubtedly one of the most famous anime series recently. You wouldn’t want to miss out!

2. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Not a fantasy world, the Taisho period of Japan is the chosen era to set the popular anime Demon Slayer. You will be in awe of how smooth the period blends with the concept of demons, how terrifying it must be for the people to face these cruel creatures without formidable weapons and magic powers.

Tanjiro has been there. He returns home one day and finds his entire family killed by demons, his little sister Nezuko is the only survivor. From a clueless teenager, Tanjiro now has no other choice but to become stronger if he wants to save Nezuka and seek revenge.

When it comes to determination and courage, Tanjiro will definitely remind you of Naruto. Furthermore, the remarkable designs and unique personality traits of the other protagonists and even the antagonists are another mutual advantage shared between these two series.

3. Bleach


Bleach is probably the best anime if you like Naruto and want another series packed with satisfying actions and hilarious moments. After all, we have a lot to expect from an anime from the big three (along with One Piece and Naruto itself)!

Of course, the story of Bleach is still unique. Our focus is Ichigo Kurosaki, who receives the power of a Soul Reaper when the former owner, Rukia Kuchiki, is critically injured.

A Soul Reaper is responsible for eliminating evil spirits and accompanying normal spirits to the other world. Ichigo seems suitable for the role since he can see spirits.

However, he can’t simply take over her duties. To the Soul Society, Rukia Kuchiki’s action was unacceptable and deserving of a death sentence. And Ichigo starts a mission to battle the organization and save Rukia.

4. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

Although Dragon Ball doesn’t have shocking revelations and twists, it still has a large fanbase after almost two decades and owns a solid rank in the category of fighting anime series.

The characters and the battles have become iconic, the powerful individuals are still a topic to talk about whenever someone wants to discuss strength. You will find a lot of similarities between the main character, Goku, and the young Naruto.

Goku was an alien sent to destroy the Earth. However, they failed to predict that he would forget everything and ended up sending his brother to figure out why the planet is still thriving. With a partner, Goku managed to defeat the malicious sibling and learn about the disasters in the near future.

The show extends to the afterlife when Goku plans his resurrection and trains himself to be the most capable warrior and defend the Earth.

5. One Piece

One Piece

Another popular anime like Naruto and also another rival of the ninja series, One Piece takes us to the exciting world of pirates and journeys across the oceans. As a Naruto fan, you probably have heard about this series already.

Monkey D. Luffy, the main character, is a seemingly ordinary boy from the weakest quarter of the world, which has fewer notorious pirates compared to the other three.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t kill off his dream to become the Pirate King. Not even the fact that he couldn’t swim anymore after eating the Devil Fruit would stop him.

We can easily spot the mutual traits between Luffy and Naruto, as they both aspire to be the best and cherish the friends they have made along the way. The way these lively pirates support and stay loyal to one another surely can give you emotional moments.

6. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Coming up next in the list of anime most similar to Naruto is the popular Hunter x Hunter. In this universe, a hunter is after a lot of things and not only animals, promising us satisfying battles animated with high-quality graphics.

Deep inside, Gon Freecs is very different from Naruto, but what they share is a childhood being isolated. Left behind by his adventurous father, Gon will become a hunter and begin his own journey to search for him. By his side are three friends, and the little squad takes on perilous yet exhilarating quests together.

Another thing you wouldn’t want to miss if you enjoy Naruto is the martial arts and the fighting styles. Coupled with the cheerful Gon, you are in for a quirky show!

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7. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

The next name on our list is none other than Jujutsu Kaisen, a series that has been sweeping the anime enthusiasts along with its unique system of power, intriguing plot, and flawless animation (thanks to MAPPA). Many Naruto fans agreed the main characters remind them of the trio and the sensei from Konoha.

The show focuses on Itadori Yuuji, a high-school boy with amazing physical strength who swallows a finger of Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses, and becomes a vessel for him.

As Yuuji learns about how rare this incident is, he decides to join the sorcerers in finding the rest of Sukuna’s digits and thus reviving the demonic entity. They plan to kill him once and for all, but the journey won’t be so easy.

When you choose Jujutsu Kaisen as your next destination, you should prepare yourself for outstanding art and animation! However, also be aware of the warnings for gruesome and violent scenes.

8. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Not an anime exactly like Naruto, yet it still holds details that will definitely remind you of the ninja series. In Fairy Tail, we are following the footsteps of Natsu Dragneel, a wizard keen on looking for his father.

Like most protagonists from fantasy series, Natsu won’t walk the rough path alone. He forms a team with other wizards, all of them owning a special ability, and fights off devilish enemies who crave destruction. We will have a visual party with elemental, shaping, and even summoning magics.

With 328 episodes broadcasted, Fairy Tail is neither long nor short for an anime, but it for sure can keep you occupied for a good while.

9. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

In a world where everyone seems to have a magic ability (referred to as Quirk in the series), a powerless person is always overlooked. So, how determined Izuku Midoriya had to be when he wanted to be a superhero without having no quirk at all? How is he going to deal with the bullies who never cease to make fun of him?

It all changed on a fateful day, when Midoriya finally met All Might, the superhero he admired, and received his quirk. However, there is no guarantee that possessing a quirk will make your life any easier. The story truly began as Midoriya joined an academy and learned more about the path to superheroes.

The ways Midoriya and Naruto constantly motivate themselves to not give up are unarguably similar, even though Midoriya is quite reserved compared to the blonde ninja.

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10. Soul Eater

Soul Eater

After passing by different concepts of the world, we return to Soul Eater, an interesting anime show featuring a school theme in the afterlife, with the academy being run by no one other than Death. There are two groups of students here: one who can transform into weapons and one who can use them to fight.

Our focus is on Maka Albarn, a soon-to-be Soul Reaper, and Evens, her living weapon. Together, they train to be better and always ready for supernatural beings. Peaceful days are quick to end, though, when the duo starts to battle the bad with assistance from their friends.

Soul Eater is clearly one of a kind, but we won’t turn a blind eye to the concepts of power, blooming friendships, and intense battles, which makes it a great recommendation for any Naruto fan.

Final Words

Saying goodbye to part of your childhood isn’t easy, and this compilation of anime to watch if you like Naruto will hopefully help fill that little hollow in your heart. We have good news: as of now, most of the aforementioned anime shows are available on Netflix – one click away!

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