10 Anime Like High School DxD That Will Surely Please You

Here is our collection of the best anime like High School DxD in case you’re missing the horny Issei Hyodo and his harem. Not many series can be as successful as DxD, though the stories and the animation we recommend will surely please you!

10 Best Anime Like High School DxD

1. The Testament of Sister New Devil – Main character like High School DxD

The Testament of Sister New Devil

No normal person would ever want to walk in the bathroom with an unfamiliar girl, only to find out later that she will be your new step-sibling. It happened to Basara Toujou, however, and his father left him no choice but to accept the Naruse sisters in his home.

Not so long after the sisters move in, they reveal their origins as demonic offspring. Mio is the only daughter of the previous Demon Lord and Maria is her servant rather than her sibling. They also force Basara to expose himself as part of the Hero clan, their archenemy.

All plans stray off the route when Mio fails her attempt to seal a master-slave contract and unintentionally makes Basara the master. However, Basara has grown enough affection towards his new sisters and decided to protect them.

You will find big similarities between Mio and Rias because both are demons and pretty redheads, except for the setbacks that rendered Mio a slave instead of a mistress.

2. Highschool of the Dead – School anime like High School DxD

Highschool of the Dead

Who could have woken up and foreseen their country succumb to chaos? Takashi Kimuro witnessed a teacher being bitten and turned into a zombie that mindlessly attacks and eats everyone around him, but he barely has any time to spread the word. The entire school is soon full of zombies almost immediately.

After reluctantly killing his unlucky best friend, Takashi takes up the responsibility to protect his girlfriend Rei. Joined with a few acquaintances from their school, would they manage to break out of the tough situation and find out the roots of this disaster?

High School of the Dead is an anime similar to High School DxD due to the school-themed settings. It also includes a heavy amount of ecchi for fan service. You can expect nonstop actions though, for the characters will have no time to rest and relax in an apocalypse.

3. Trinity Seven – Harem Anime like High School DxD

Trinity Seven

What is going to happen if the sun ceases to shine? In Trinity Seven, it leads to a phenomenon called The Breakdown, which destroys Arata Kasuga’s hometown and mysteriously erases every resident. The world created by the grimoire given to him was but an artificial product.

However, it appears that with every world created, another world would disintegrate, and it doesn’t take long until someone comes for him. Lilith Asami lets him choose between dying and giving up the book, but Arata likes neither of them and opts to attend the magic academy.

Awaiting him at the academy are six prodigious magic users who join Lilith as the Trinity Seven. Determined to save his cousin and revive his town, there is nothing Arata wouldn’t do.

This harem-like setting is what makes the series a decent High School DxD recommendation, plus the ecchi jokes that will make you smile always.

4. Date A Live

Date a Live

Three decades ago, the Eurasia Sky Disaster occurred and eliminated millions of people. These spatial quakes then regularly happen but are not as strong as the first strike, and no one has been able to figure out the origins of this phenomenon.

As Shidou Itsuka rushes to save his little sister, he didn’t know there would be a lot of information he needs to digest.

First of all, the cause of these detrimental quakes is a race called Spirit. Secondly, his sister Kotori is the leader of Ratatoskr, an organization that tries to save the Spirits instead of eliminating them.

The series swerves to a whole new lane when Kotori reveals that Spirits will no longer be a threat once they have fallen in love, and the task is on no one other than Shidou. As if it wasn’t difficult enough, the Anti-Spirit squad is always ready to jump in.

Although the main character has to charm many girls and unwillingly create his harem, it will still remind you of High School DxD in one way or another. Furthermore, it is a lot more SFW to watch!

5. Demon King Daimaou – Have God concepts like High School DxD

Demon King Daimaou

What are you going to do if a prophecy pops up and declares you will be the next Demon King? It might be awesome for anyone who seeks power, but it is awful for Akuto Sai, who dreams of changing the world for the better.

Before everything turns unpredictable, Akuto was your ordinary teenager with a heroic dream. To make it come true, he enrolls in a magic academy and meets Junko Hatari, a girl from a ninja clan who shares the same ambition as him. They share a vow that shatters when Akuto is believed to become a demon.

Nonetheless, even if Junko wants nothing to do with him anymore, there are countless girls following him and forming a harem, either to change him back into a good guy or use his newly found power.

Both Demon King Daimaou and High School DxD have demon/god concepts with ecchi scenarios for fan service. Plus, the protagonists have some attitudes, unlike many harem series wherein the male lead is of no use.

6. Sekirei


Minato Sahashi is a smart guy, but the biggest obstacle between him and his success is his inability to perform well under pressure. After failing the university entrance exam twice, he has become worthless in everyone’s eyes, including his sister.

One day, a beautiful lady named Musubi fell onto him from the sky. She belongs to the Sekirei race, who can awaken the dormant abilities of a human by kissing them. Sensing potential in Minato, she does the magic to him and subsequently creates a bond.

Now connected to the realm of the Sekirei, Minato is also part of a battle against other competitors. It is a survival game, though the contestants don’t know they have a whole lot more to worry about.

It jumps right onto the bandwagon with the male protagonist getting his power awakened by beautiful girls and the girls being more powerful than most humans. It’s a great anime to watch if you like High School DxD!

7. Rosario + Vampire – Ecchi & Funny like High School DxD

Rosario + Vampire

No parents can tolerate it anymore if their kid keeps failing all subjects at school, and Tsukune Aono was sent to Youkai Academy, the only place that will accept him and his terrible scores.

However, not so long after his arrival, Tsukune discovers that this academy is far from ordinary. The students are different species of monsters who are learning how to coexist with the human race.

Whether they are vampires, yuki-onna, or succubus, they have to remain in a human form. On another hand, they will execute any human caught on campus.

His problems only pile up because he has fallen in love with the prettiest girl in Yokai without knowing she is a terrifying vampire. He also draws a lot more attention to himself than he should have, and concealing his identity seems more challenging than ever.

If you want something ecchi and funny to reminisce about High School DxD all over again, this series is the goodie. We need to warn you though, the manga version has more stories and actions!

8. Campione!

Campione! Anime

In this universe, gods exist and have their battles, which result in natural disasters for humans. “Campione” or “God Slayer” is a term for warriors who can and must defeat these Heretic Gods to protect humanity.

16-years-old Godou Kusanagi receives a request and travels to Italy. He needs to find an old acquaintance of his grandfather and returns a mysterious tablet to them.

Dragged into a fight between two gods along with a witch named Erica Blandelli, he fortunately wins and becomes a Campione himself.

It takes after High School DxD a little bit here! Numerous Heretic Gods come to Godou for a challenge, yet he has a harem of devout women willing to help him in every battle he takes. The way these girls fawn upon him and proficiently use their magics will be so familiar to DxD fans.

9. To LOVE-Ru

To Love-Ru

Rito Yuuki is not a pervert like the main character of High School DxD and many other harem anime series, and his timidity has always made it hard for him to face his crush. And when a naked girl lands on him in his bath, everything becomes even more chaotic.

The strange girl bears an equally strange name – Lala Satalin Deviluke – and she is an alien princess running away from her homeland and her arranged marriage.

Lala is ready to marry the ordinary Rito as well, regardless of his status, as long as it saves her from the political arrangement she despises.

The simple life of Rito is completely turned upside down with Lala’s pursuers as well as other alien females who are deeply interested in him. The plot is not that deep, you have been warned. But it can be on par with High School DxD when it comes to unrealistic lewd moments and generous fan service.

10. So, I Can’t Play H

So, I Can't Play H

You will have a redhead demon teaming up with a perverted human and plenty of ecchi fan service. The quality of the animation is pretty decent too, and it deserves a spot in your High School DxD recommendations.

Lisara Restall is your stunning goddess of death, and when she wants to make a deal, the hormonal Ryosuke Kaga can’t say no, even if it means getting his sexual energy sucked out of him every day.

As Lisara embarks on her journey to find the One, a powerful person with magic powers, she needs to feed off carnal desires to remain in the mortal realm. With a connection with Lisara, Ryosuke is inevitably involved in an unknown world filled with dark secrets and intriguing individuals.

Closing Words

There is a lot of anime like High School DxD if you’re looking for hilarious situations and fan service, but these series take the cake as the most worthy of your time. We hope you enjoy a hefty dose of pretty girls and chaotic moments!

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