Top 10 Best Anime Like Dr. Stone

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Dr. Stone is a fascinating anime that depicts a story about one civilization that has turned to stone mysteriously, and a high schooler scientist – Senku learns to be adaptive and use science to aid in his daily routine.

Looking for an anime like Dr. Stone or science anime shows that are either educational or exhilarating moments? Well, stay tuned and scroll down our following list.

Top 10 Best Anime Like Dr. Stone

1. Tokyo Magnitude 8

Tokyo Magnitude 8

The first anime to watch if you like Dr. Stone is Tokyo Magnitude 8. The female lead is a secondary schooler named Mirai who wastes her summer dully and daydreams about the end of the world. An earthquake occurs out of the blue and everything is wiped out.  Mirai’s summer vacation now turns into a survival battle.

In the aftermath, Mirai and her brother stumble on a single mother named Mari. The plot of the anime focuses on how three people trudge their families, and how they figure out the best way to deal with death and disaster.

You’ll see Mirai who starts off as a bratty teenager change her attitude,  and Mari who plays a tough strong single mother shows her vulnerable side when it comes to family matters.

Both share stories about protagonists working out to fight for their lives in natural disasters. Dr. Stone is more of an insightful science anime whereas Tokyo Magnitude 8 centers around a family reunion.

The most outstanding difference between the two anime is the setting of the world. Senku lives in isolation that is surrounded by vast nature while Mirai struggles to survive in natural chaos.

Beyond the educational substance of Tokyo Magnitude 8, it makes you sympathetic to the characters about human realism and overcoming hopelessness.

2. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm

The next choice for survival genre anime similar to Dr. Stone is Ascendance of a Bookworm. The title says it all. It depicts the afterlife of a bookworm named Urano Motosu. This university student has an endless love for books and her dream is to become a future librarian.

But the rainbow never shines in her life. Sadly, Urano loses her life in a sudden earthquake. Yet, this pathetic girl wishes to read more books in her next life.

Hilariously, she reincarnates as Myne – a fragile five-year-old girl and continues her passion for books. But there were no printing presses in the medieval era. Books have to be written and copied by hand and this poor girl can’t afford them. A wild idea comes to her mind. She makes books herself.

Compared to Dr. Stone, this anime has such a phenomenal theme. The story is based on a female lead who craves books. Still, the two anime share the same topic about science. Senku learns how to use scientific knowledge for his daily needs whereas Myne figures out a way to make books by herself. Their settings are similar, which are in an old historical world lacking modern facilities.

What makes Myne more special is her grown-up soul inside a little girl’s form. That’s an advantage for her to change her present-time lifestyle to be adaptive to the ancient one.

The story has its repetitive nature with a bit of a coming-of-age slice of life. And it also has a mind-tickling comedic essence, which Myne gets herself to be involved in, that satisfies you every episode.

3. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

Despite the entire world of The Promised Neverland having darkness and seriousness, it’s still mind-blowing. Orphans live happily together in the Grace Field House surrounded by a forest and a gated entrance. The children are taken care of by Mama Isabella and are free to play around the house.

Peculiarly, whenever there’s a child adopted by a new family, they are never to be heard again. The three oldest siblings feel suspicious about what actually happens here at the home, and decide to discover the truth after all.

Will curiosity kill the cat? Will they see the true colors of their beloved Mama?

The 4 genres “thriller, horror, psychological, and mystery” make this anime a unique taste for an audience. You can predict what the next scenes are about in Dr. Stone but not in this anime. It turns out to have many plot twists.

You’ll be shocked by the characters, the cries, the demons, and the intensive pace of the story. The music synchronizes with the background well and it makes you feel more anxious.

4. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Let’s dig into one funny anime like Dr. Stone. What if you are reborn as a slime in your next life? Here, our male lead – a thirty-seven-year-old corporate worker – Satoru Mikami has a content single life in Tokyo.

This pathetic man is stabbed by a random assailant on the street and is unconscious after that. When his consciousness regains, he soon realizes that he is reborn as a goop of slime in an unfamiliar realm.

Reincarnated as a slime, this man is gifted with the power of devouring any entities and mimicking their appearance and abilities. He runs into the Storm Dragon Veldora and grants him divine protection upon the name Rimuru Tempest. Satoru soon becomes familiar with his new physique and embarks on a fresh journey.

The similarity between Senku and Satoru is regaining themselves in a set of new worlds, where they learn to be adaptive to them. Meanwhile, the setting in Dr. Stone is surrounded by vast nature with natural disasters and the male lead is in human form. The modern office worker Satoru needs to grow accustomed to his new appearance and get through in a new fantasy world.

5. 7 Seeds

7 Seeds

If you like the survival genre elements surrounded by greens, you should watch 7 Seeds. This series is full of scientific aspects that keep you intrigued until the end.

What if your normal life days turn the table? When awakened, you find out that you no longer exist in the existing world but are sent to a whole new world, where you are now on a sinking boat in the middle of the storm with 5 other strangers.

That’s the reality of our female lead – Natsu Iwashimizu. Humanity remains only five groups of men and women for the sake of continuing mankind’s existence.

While everyone is born with their talents, Natsu is a black sheep who can’t voice her opinion. To make it to Seven Fuji and survive, she must overcome all obstacles and get along with others.

Obviously, there’s a big gap between the two protagonists of two anime series. Senku is a bright kid who is always persistent with his plans, whereas Natsu is trying to come out of her shell.

This time, 7 Seeds centers the mutual engagement that no characters have any special powers.  A tale of survival and inter-group tension is certainly a new fresh breeze on your list.

6. Moyashimon


Have you ever mentioned anything about Moyashimon being vivid and not just exciting? Well, it is! Why don’t you grab this opportunity to accept the invitation to the wonderful world of a first-year agriculture student, Tadayasu Sawaki? This young possessed a peculiar ability that allows him to see microscopic organisms as cute chibi creatures with his naked eyes.

Despite being advantageous, this ability somehow leads to misunderstandings and causes him trouble. Will this boy know how to control it and achieve more goals in his studying paths?

One of the strengths of this anime is the ability to see the microbes of the male lead. There are either intensive moments or violent scenes. Unlike Dr. Stone, all is about comedy with a fun sweet story. You feel at ease when watching this series.

7. Astra Lost In Space

Astra Lost In Space

Astra Lost In Space sets its sights on a survival journey, just like Dr. Stone. The huge variance is about the outer space setting in the future, particularly in 2063, when space travel is commercially available.

The story centers on the embarkment of the B5 group landing on McPa planet for camping. A mysterious light globe pops up and eats them up. They are taken to a strange space that is thousands of light-years away from home.

Luckily, the nine members find an abandoned ship nearby that can help them return home. With the existing means, they must cautiously calculate and manage their resources to find their way back home.

Noticeably, this anime has more characters than Dr. Stone, henceforth, the more the merrier. You’ll see mutual interactions between them and they all encounter the same problems, which wait for you to find out their behavioral developments throughout.

8. From The New World

From The New World

From The New World portrays a world after the fallen chaos, people here develop their psychokinetic powers. And our female lead, 12-year-old Saki Watanabe rejoins her friends at a school for the gifted after the awakening.

After going through the aftermath, they are aware of the price of materialism in the existing world and the rumor about Tainted Cats. The five friends make up their minds to start off the journey.

It’s not easy for these youngsters when faced with the dark and shocking truths of society with no guardians nearby. Just like Senku from Dr. Stone, despite having people go against his plans, this young boy together with his friend somehow manages to work it out. But for the five members here in From The New World, cope with the powerful organization that puts them in the riskiest situations.

9. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma

Food Wars

Are you ready for a new taste experience out of 10 anime here? Well, this series focuses on Souma Yukihira – a young potential cook who has been cooking alongside his father for as long as he can remember. He is so passionate about inheriting his father’s restaurant. Then, he is shocked to learn that the restaurant will be closed since his father moves to New York.

Instead of tagging along with his family, Souma decides to enroll in a reputable school to develop his culinary expertise. More challenges are waiting for this boy ahead. Is skill alone enough to let him be on top? Will he lose himself when living with fiercely competitive students?

The background of this series is totally different from that of Dr. Stone. The theme is not about science but mostly about cooking skills and dishes. One undeniable fact is that both share the image of the male lead. These boys have bright personalities and a deep passion for their goals. It’s about character-driven anime so you’ll find yourself somehow similar to Souma.

10. Death Note

Death Note

Death Note’s setting is a human world that is full of brutal murders, petty thefts, and senseless violence. There’s a 17-year-old Japanese student Light Yagami signs a mutual contract with the god of death Ryuk after this young boy accidentally picks up his Death Note. Any human name that is written in this note shall die.

Light vows to get rid of scoundrels from the existing world by using that note. The increasing number of deaths raises questions among people. Governments demand L – the detective to arrest the killer. Is Light able to fulfill his life goal?

This anime is absolutely distinctive. The story is unique in that depicts a notebook from the sky, a contract between a boy and a death god. The theme is highly based on morals and justice. One similarity between Senku and Light is that they are intelligent boys. Both live in dissimilar worlds so that’s why they are not matching for another.

Still, we bet you can’t take your eyes off the anxious uncertainty about what may happen in the next episode. What do you think about Light’s action? Is he doing the right thing?

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Final Words

That’s our top 10 anime like Dr. Stone. We don’t want to spoil any further so the topic is about to close right here. Parts of them may end in cliffhangers or leave you speechless but we’re sure they are worth your time. We feel great that we make these Dr. Stone recommendations for you. Are you ready for them? It’s time to unveil them.

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