10 Anime Like Classroom Of The Elite

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

If you are asking about anime like Classroom of The Elite, you probably have prepared yourself for a school theme with twists and dramas. However, each of the series below also possesses unique details that are sure to blow your mind!

10 Anime Like Classroom of The Elite

1. Kakegurui


It’s impossible to leave Kakegurui out of the list when this series is all about an academy with a ranking system. The top students will earn respect and certain privileges, while the lowest tier suffers day by day, referred to as a pet.

What makes Kakegurui different is its association with gambling. Academic studies don’t matter in Hyakkaou Private Academy even though they still take place during the day. Everyone only expects afterschool time, when their school turns into a casino.

Every dispute can be arranged through a gamble here, and it’s the main education method of this elite academy. How to use your money and how to manipulate other people in your favor are the keys to survival here.

Standing above all are the Student Council members whose position is stable enough for them to not necessarily gamble every day. However, the appearance of a seemingly naïve Yumeko Jabami threatens to change the system forever. Behind the beautiful and angelic face is a true addict living for the excitement and not the win.

2. My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

Also known as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU or Oregairu, this anime tells the story of Hachiman Hikigaya, an antisocial teenager who believes the trends and the funs other youngsters enjoy is merely a waste of time.

Furthermore, he is willing to go the extra mile and prove himself right anytime, but writing an essay looking down on social affairs is undeniably a bad move.

Forced to join a volunteer club as a punishment, Hachiman is now in the least favorable situation he can ever imagine, wherein he has to listen to people’s dilemmas and find the best solution. You will find him very similar to the MC of Classroom of The Elite due to their social ineptness.

As pessimistic and sarcastic as Hachiman might be, it would be a lie to say his new club is boring. The only member of the club is an ice princess whose beauty and attitude come as a combo, and she seems so incompatible with Hachiman’s personality. The way this duo deals with different issues and partially improves themselves is definitely worth watching!

3. The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia is a high school anime like Classroom of The Elite, with the main character stuck in an extraordinary academy named Mihama. However, the school consists of a principal and five female students. Being the only boy, Yuuji Kazami can’t help but wonder what’s the reason behind this strange academy.

As Yuuji spends more time with them, he has come to learn more about their past and their trauma – unwanted experiences that turn them into a castaway. Mihama Academy is a home for these girls and Yuuji is the sliver of hope to save them, yet how can they rely on him when he has so much to cope with as well?

If you’re interested in the harem concept, you will have a good time watching Yuuji unveil his tragic story and the girls totally depend on him. We know the past sometimes affects how we behave and function in the present, though Yuuji takes it to another level.

4. Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game

This psychological anime deserves a spot on our list because it will constantly remind you of Classroom of The Elite with a slightly darker look. The plot revolves around a group of close friends overcoming bad situations and protecting themselves: Yuuichi Katagiri, Yutori Kokorogi, Shiho Sawaragi, Makoto Shibe, and Tenji Mikasa.

Everything begins when the school prepares for a trip and assigns the money to Shiho and Makoto. With the money stolen and no explanation to give, they are considered thieves and inevitably distanced from other classmates.

Being set up, the quintet gathers and gets themselves captured in an obnoxious white room with an even more obnoxious guy named Manabu. This stranger reveals that one of the five friends has signed up for this whole thing. If they play and win all the games, they will earn a sufficient reward to pay the debt.

Stuck with no way out, Yuuichi and his best friends have to comply and participate. Nonetheless, the games are far from ordinary. Each of them was designed to make people reveal their nature and eventually break the supposedly invincible friendship.

5. Baka and Test

Baka and Test

Welcome to Fumizuki Academy, another abnormal high school. By the end of their first year, students will be divided into different classes based on their scores in the final exam. The most talented youngsters will be in A-Class, and the rank goes as far as F-Class.

If you think being intelligent will help you get to the highest rank, you’re unfortunately wrong. Akihisa Yoshii the protagonist is your living proof. Shoved to the lowest tier in this small society, Akihisa starts the sophomore year with pathetic and ruined equipment, though he manages to find good companions.

Like the students in Classroom of The Elite, the F-Class squad is eventually sick of being treated with no respect and decides to strike back, utilizing the Summon system to have fantasy individuals as their assists. But would it be enough for them when their opponents are all skilled and experienced?

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6. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

The next Classroom of The Elite recommendation is Assassination Classroom, specifically Class 3-E where all the dropouts and delinquents gather. The disdain tossed at them by other students is not enough to motivate them with their studies. If there is any difference between them and Kiyokata Aayanokouji’s team, it must be them being forced to change.

When the government entrusts them with a save-the-world mission, they couldn’t imagine trying to kill their new homeroom teacher, nor would they understand why the octopus-like creature wanted anything to do with them.

The confusion only increases as Koro-sensei turns out to be better than all their teachers could ever compare, earnestly training them in both academic subjects and assassin skills.

The most difficult challenge for Nagisa Shiota and his friends is no matter how hard they try, Koro-sensei seems too overpowered. Why does the monstrous teacher have so much faith that they will excel?

7. The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School

Better known as Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, this series is an anime similar to Classroom of The Elite with the students being evaluated and categorized based on how they perform.

In a world where magical abilities are nothing special, people who are not proficient in magic receive no respect, hence they have to work hard to climb the ranks.

Protagonist Tatsuya enrolled in First High School and got himself in the Weeds group. Meanwhile, his cousin Miyuki was in the Blooms course for prodigies. But Tatsuya is not inept as others might assume. It’s the exact opposite.

Despite the low scores, he is fairly intelligent with more than decent knowledge about magic and weapon designing. Not only physical combat, but his magic skill set is also unique. Living up to the title of the series, he becomes the irregular – the phenomenon of the school, but he tries to remain lowkey and avoids causing Miyuki troubles. This detail is a nice reminder of Classroom of The Elite!

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8. Hyouka


When Houtarou Oreki gets to high school, his only goal was to lay low and save his energy. Nevertheless, his plan quickly comes to an end his sister Tomoe coerces him to join the dying literature club and save it from disbandment.

However, upon attending the first club meeting, he was quite relieved to see Eru Chitanda, another freshman. Her curiosity intrigues him and instead of talking about literature, the duo embarks on a journey to solve mysteries around them, from Eru’s uncle disappearing to a bunch of robberies.

While Hyouka doesn’t have a school with a ranking system, it has a composed, somehow lazy but very smart main character like Yuuichi in Classroom of The Elite. You will simply get a series with mundane mysteries and positive character development.

9. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

This animated version was first released in 2013, but it has a 2022 background. The MMORPG Sword Art Online finally has a virtual door for players to fully enjoy the game features. Through the latest technology called NerveGear, the brain will receive stimulation and create waves on the nerves, giving players the most realistic experience possible.

However, the excitement quickly dissipates, replaced by pure terror when players discover that there is no LOGOUT button. With their body restrained by NerveGear and their mind stuck in the VR world, they have no other option but to complete 100 levels of the game and get their freedom back.

As a beta-tester of SAO, the main character Kirito knew a lot about the game, but he remained quiet and eventually reached the highest level. It won’t be a surprise if he makes you think of Yuuichi!

10. Prison School

Prison School

Is there an anime to watch if you like Classroom of The Elite but also want a sprinkle of women’s power and suggestive details?

Yes, Prison School got your back. It will take you to the outskirts of Tokyo, where Hachimitsu Private Academy is located. It was a prestigious school for girls only but was recently available for male students.

Our story starts with only 5 boys, but the curious males are not allowed to approach and talk to anyone of the 200 schoolmates. The desire to get close to beautiful women urges them to peep into the female bathroom, which they soon regret.

Caught with no excuse for their action, the boys were sentenced to a month in the academy’s prison. The harsh life as a punishment is not the biggest trouble for them, but the way it tests their friendship. In a school where the student council members hold all power in their palms, how would they get out of this sticky situation?


How many of these recommendations for anime like Classroom of The Elite have you finished? Do you have favorite overpowered main characters that we didn’t get to mention? Let’s share your watchlist with us too!

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