Top 10 Best Anime Like Attack On Titan

Vinland Saga

So, 2022 is not the year we bid goodbye to this worldwide acclaimed anime, and now you will need some of the best anime like Attack on Titan to revive the excitement and the hype. Dark, violent, action-packed, and a little bit of romance – are you ready?

Top 10 Best Anime Like Attack On Titan

1. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

In a world where various formidable monsters exist, the goblin kind is far from a threat even though their cunning nature and reproduction ability should never be overlooked. They go as far as to commit abduction of females to increase their population, but capable adventurers actually brush it off and focus on bigger bounties.

A group of rookies takes on a goblin investigation for their first mission, unaware of what the goblins can do. They end up in an ambush and get themselves killed, except for the priestess Onna Shinkan. She almost succumbs to the cruel fate, but a goblin slayer has saved her life in time.

Like the giants in Attack on Titans, these goblins are a nuisance to deal with. That intense beginning is only the surface of the iceberg, there are many more bloodbaths throughout the show.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo is taken over by malicious creatures called ghouls. They look exactly like a normal human, except that they feast on flesh – this information was enough to keep people on the edge of their seats, but their alertness doesn’t stop the chaos from growing more critical.

Ken Kaneki is a lonely student who distances himself from everything and everyone to avoid the depressing news about the ghouls. Nonetheless, a young man can’t reject a date with an attractive lady, though he soon learns that she is another ghoul trying to feed off humans.

After Kaneki’s great escapade, he is so badly injured that he only survives thanks to the newly transplanted organs from the ghoul, but unfortunately, his body starts to transform into a hybrid. It somehow resembles the weight on Eren’s shoulders.

If you want something similar but more terrifying than titans that usually have no brain, the human-like monsters in Tokyo Ghoul will give you satisfaction.

3. Death Note

Death Note

If you are into Attack on Titans because of the plot twists and the essence of a thriller rather than exciting battles, there is a high chance that you will love Death Note – one of the most epic shows that ever exist in the anime industry.

Bored shinigami Ryuk dropped his notebook on earth and bored student Light Yagami picked it up. As stated on the first page, anyone whose name is written on this note will die. Light had his doubts at first, but once confirmed, he grew determined to purify the world and eliminate all the bad guys.

Despite the godlike power in his hand, Light’s plans never went smoothly under the watch of L, a bizarre yet brilliant detective. They developed an unforgettable rivalry and a strange friendship along the way, even when they knew death is the only ending for the defeated.

4. Berserk


It will be such a shortcoming if Berserk is missing from the list of dark anime to watch if you like Attack on Titan! The series doesn’t lack battle scenes, violence, and even horror dynamics.

Guts, the protagonist, is a wandering mercenary who never sticks to any group for too long. One day, he gets attacked by the Band of the Hawk, yet the crew members are too weak to be a danger to him. However, Griffith the leader is on a whole new level, knocking him out in the One-Punch-Man style.

After losing to Griffith for the second time, Guts has to obey the deal and join the Band. With leadership prowess and remarkable strength, they never fail to bring the team to victory. But Griffith seems to have many secrets, some of them might change Guts’ life forever.

5. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Ever since Demon Slayer became available on Netflix, it managed to reach more international audiences and received positive feedback from them. A lot of viewers would agree that it is more on the soft side compared to an anime like Attack on Titan, but it still has moments that get your heart wrenched.

There are demons who kill and eat humans as counterparts of the titans, and like Survey Corps, we have Demon Slayer Corps to hunt the devils down and protect the folks. Tanjirou Kamado joins this organization in hope of finding a cure for his demon-turned sister and killing the Demon King.

It won’t take you too long to grow fond of this wholesome protagonist! Being a good-natured boy, not only did Tanjirou get some loyal friends on the way, but he even touched the hearts of the devils he defeated.

6. Claymore


Who said an action anime would have to include a lot of male characters? Madhouse Studio chose a different way and offered us a feast with female warriors fighting against demons. Intense and gruesome even, it is no inferior to Attack on Titan, and you should definitely keep it out of children’s reach.

A “yoma” invaded a village and ruthlessly killed Raki’s family, him being the next target if not for the punctual appearance of Clare the “Claymore” – a title for half-demon women who chase and slay the devils. Having no one else to turn to, Raki decides to go with Clare.

They visit many places together and wipe out many yoma individuals as a means for Clare to get closer to the demon she holds grudges against. Nonetheless, other Claymore warriors and the organization itself are not entirely innocent.

7. God Eater

God Eater

It’s 2071, and the Earth has been plagued with monsters hungry for human flesh called Aragami. They are greedy and ravenous, they outnumber human survivors, and normal weapons are useless against them – and here we already see the similarity between them and the titans.

Standing between the monsters and humankind is Fenrir, an organization consisting of Oracle-infused soldiers called “God Eaters”. They can wield the God Arc weapons and take down the demons, and hopefully, every last one of them.

As a video game, God Eater doesn’t have an epic storyline, but we know we have something to look forward to when Ufotable Studio steps up and turns into a mesmerizing animated show with awe-worthy CGI violence.

8. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Thorfinn the protagonist had a childhood with many stories about Vinland, a neverland with fertile soils and without malicious intentions. But he grew up as a mercenary in a village that is freezingly cold, and the old stories became as unrealistic as they could possibly be.

Although his father told him there was no enemy and it would never be acceptable to hurt others, Thorfinn found it difficult to digest when he witnessed a Viking assassinate his dad.

Strangely enough, the Vikings took him in and brought him up even after he revealed his vengeance intention. His lack of power at first and his unmovable determination are similar to what Eren has expressed.

The background era of the 11th century is an important factor that keeps the series afloat. If the political games in Attack on Titan intrigued you, the invasion of England into Danish will be irresistible.

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9. Castlevania


Even though Castlevania is not exactly an anime, it has a manga version based on a video game with the same name, and the inspiration from Japanese animation is heavy throughout the series. The sense of vengeance and the explicitly displayed violence can definitely match what Attack on Titan delivers.

Set in medieval Europe, Castlevania tells us another story about Dracula in a unique way. When Lisa Tepes, the woman he loves receives the death penalty for being a witch, he becomes blind with agony and fury.

After giving the guilty city a year to prepare and run for their lives, he does what he says and destroys the whole zone with his minions.

However, the son of Dracula and Lisa opts to join forces with two other people and tries to stop the nightmare caused by Dracula. Blood and amazing character development are the most memorable part of this show!

10. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

When humankind faces a threat named Vampires, there needs to be an organization to go head-to-head with them and balance the power. We have Hellsing and their ultimate weapon – the overpowered vampire Alucard who sides with humans instead of his own kind. Does it ring any bell? Eren and the Survey Corps also have this dynamic.

Things get complicated because the vicious creatures are not the only problem for Hellsing and Alucard. If anything, the Iscariot organization and the Nazi group Millennium seem even more threatening than vampires and ghouls.

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Final Words

And there you go! These unfairly good anime series like Attack on Titan will keep you entertained while waiting for the epic journey of Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and more to reach its ending.

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