Top 10 Best Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

Code Breaker

“I want to find the best anime like Akame Ga Kill because the characters and the storyline are way too intriguing and captivating! I can’t get enough of it!” If you often have such thoughts, this list will be your best friend!

Top 10 Best Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

1. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins 

In this universe, the protagonists are not the good guys, but supposed criminals named after the seven sins. It’s a general belief that they planned to wreak havoc in the kingdom but failed and thus became the enemies of the Holy Knights. However, Elizabeth the Princess managed to find Meliodas, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, thanks to a fateful encounter.

It turns out that the Holy Knights have imprisoned the royalties and ruled the nation by sowing fears. Princess Elizabeth figures she can only rely on the wrongly accused knights to put an end to the chaos.

You will find the medieval theme quite similar to Akame Ga Kill with minimum differences in art style. But the essential dynamics with the seemingly bad guys going head-to-head against a cruel empire are shared between the two series, and you wouldn’t want to skip it!

2. Code:Breaker

Code Breaker

How are you going to react if you witness a cold-blooded massacre and nobody believes you because the pieces of evidence have disappeared without a trace? Moreover, the murderer committed the killing by conjuring a strange blue flame and burning people to death. It is hard to imagine, but Sakura from Code:Breaker has gone through it all.

The very next day, a new transfer student joins Sakura’s class, and she immediately recognizes him as the killer. Unlike any assumption Sakura might have, Rei seems very nice and gets along with everyone easily. He reveals his identity as one of the Code:Breakers, who believe in absolute justice by eliminating the bad guys.

Now, Rei wants to do good things but his belief surrounds him with a villainous vibe. Sakura’s journey to understand the mysterious air around Rei and convince him to stop with the crusade. The story of an anti-hero is what makes this show an amazing anime to watch if you like Akame Ga Kill.

3. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

For the enthusiasts seeking an action anime like Akame Ga Kill, Attack on Titan is undoubtedly a potential candidate. Both series present a protagonist who has suffered loss and misery, combined with intense battles, heartbreaking tragedies, and unique characters.

In a world where humankind is not in control, they have no choice but to retreat and stay behind grand walls, hoping these barriers are enough to keep them safe from the giant monsters.

However, one day, a colossal titan appears out of nowhere and paves the way for his pears. The walls they thought were invincible can no longer protect them.

Eren Yeager has always wanted to join the soldiers of the Scout Regiment to fight the titans and see the world outside, but his faith only becomes rock-solid when he helplessly witnesses the monsters eating his mother up.

Nonetheless, the goal he sets might be unobtainable, for the noble individuals he serves seem to hold too many secrets.

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4. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

If you perceive goblins as harmless beings that like to pull pranks and pose as no threats, you will have to change your mind after watching Goblin Slayer, wherein these creatures become a true threat because human adventurers look down on them and focus on more rewarding missions.

When the young priestess took on a commission to investigate a kidnap case involving the goblins, she never thought it would be such a disaster. The team stepped right into the ambush and their demise was inevitable. The priestess had no hope left in her, and Goblin Slayer came to the rescue.

The series is packed with goblin-slaying battles as the protagonists travel and get closer to their true purpose, which will give you a nice feeling of déjà vu!

5. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is similar to Akame Ga Kill when it comes to gore, action-packed, and plot twists, even though it might be slightly darker. The story takes place in Tokyo in the middle of a crisis, where creatures called “ghouls” infiltrate to live among humans and wait for a chance to eat them alive.

Ken Kaneki didn’t want to see the same news every day, hence he chose to keep himself occupied with books day by day. His peace ends when the attractive Rize asks him out, but not because a romance is freshly brewed.

Rize reveals herself to be a ghoul and attacks Kaneki. He manages to survive despite being injured due to Rize’s organs being transplanted into his body.

Kaneki’s life is officially changed now, literally and figuratively. He slowly transforms into a hybrid and finds himself trapped in the growing conflicts between the government and the monsters, not to mention his humanity is also fading away.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Bringing back the dead always comes with consequences. The Eldric brothers, Edward and Alphonse had violated the rules as they tried to revive their deceased mother, and the aftermath was horrendous.

Edward had only one leg left and Alphonse lost his whole body. To keep Alphonse’s soul alive, Edward ended up sacrificing an arm to put the soul in armor.

The only cure to their mishap is the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Since it is the most powerful magical item ever, the number of studies and myths about it is overwhelming. Therefore, the two brothers must start a long journey, during which they encounter strong individuals and unveil endless mysteries.

The revelation should remain a secret until you finish the series by yourself, yet we will drop a hint: Everything has its price, even the ultimate technique of alchemy.

Plot-driven with a strong vibe of adventure like Akame Ga Kill? Fullmetal Alchemist has it!

7. Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World

Re ZERO - Starting Life in Another World

No need for a life-changing event, Subaru Natsuki from Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World was on his way home when an abnormal force teleported him to a foreign realm.

Not having any time to process the occurrence, he ran into a thug gang and got himself beaten up. Almost too magically, a beautiful fighter named Satella defeats the rascals and saves him.

To show his gratitude, Subaru tries to help Satella search for her insignia and, strangely enough, he manages to mark the location despite being unfamiliar with the land. However, they are not aware of the stalker lurking in the dark, who kills them as soon as they find the lost item.

The story doesn’t end there, of course! Subaru jolts up after as if everything was a nightmare, facing the thus and meeting Satella again. This isekai anime is very different from Akame Ga Kill, though the exciting riddles are sure to please the fans!

8. Berserk


A few members from the Band of the Hawk set up an ambush on the young Guts (also known as the Black Swordsman). Although they outnumbered him, his combat skills were on a whole different level, thus they didn’t stand a chance. Their leader, however, was another story. Griffith simply stepped forward and knocked Guts out effortlessly.

The first thing Guts had in mind when he woke up was revenge. He proposed a rematch in hope of killing Griffith, but the beautiful man only wanted him to join the Hawks.

That was how Guts became part of the mercenary squad and embarked on a journey full of dangers and thrills together. Nevertheless, the aloof and unfathomable air surrounding Griffith remained unfazed.

Berserk features the most intimidating villains and the dark themes, not every anime dares to present such, and the combat style is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

9. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of The Shield Hero might not be the darkest isekai show out there, but it contains the right amount of dramas and actions to be uniquely intense. If you want an anime like Akame Ga Kill with more romance for your list, look no further!

Summoned from the real world and assigned to the roles of Four Cardinal Heroes along with three other people, Naofumi ended up with the shield while the others got the sword, the bow, and the spear. With not much offensive ability and a subservient nature, he quickly became the target of disdain and ridicule.

The only person who still hangs out and trains with him also ends up betraying him and accusing him of sexually assaulting her. The injustice and discrimination finally fuel the fire within Naofumi’s heart and motivate him to become stronger, to purify his reputation.

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10. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Aside from the similar-sounding titles, Kill La Kill can definitely remind you of Akame Ga Kill with the thick, overlapping layers of mysteries.

Determined to investigate the murder of her father, Ryuuko Matoi comes to Honnouji Academy. The system functioning in the academy is filled with competitiveness and hierarchy. The top students will receive a special uniform named “Goku” and superhuman powers.

Without help, Ryuuko thoroughly loses the fight with one of the “Goku” wearers and returns home in misery. The blood she sheds somehow touches the God of Clothes Senketsu, who then clings to her and blesses her with powerful abilities.

And now, she stands a chance against the merciless Student Council.

Final Words

These anime similar to Akame Ga Kill recommendations are brimming with action, thriller, and delicious plot twists, and they will undoubtedly fill up your list. Each of them has its unique points, we won’t be surprised if you become a loyal fan of them. Conveniently enough, you can find most of the mentioned shows on Netflix!

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