Top 10 Anime Characters With Purple Hair (Male & Female)

Konno Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Purple is considered a symbol of mystery, magic, creativity, and spirituality. Sometimes it is believed to be the color of rebellion and endurance. This color is used a lot in Japanese anime character creation both for aesthetic purposes and implicit meanings behind the characters.

Let’s explore these 10 anime characters with purple hair in this article and see whether they express the meanings listed above.

Top 10 Anime Characters With Purple Hair

Female anime characters with purple hair

1. Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

Rize Kamishiro is a ghoul feeding on the flesh of ghouls and humans for survival. She is fostered by Matasaka Kamishiro, who used to be the ghoul leader in the 6th ward.

During her childhood, she was disregarded by the Washuu Clan as they mainly used her as a womb to preserve the bloodline. This made her disgusted at her fate and led to her decision to escape the clan.

Rize is a charming girl of an hourglass figure with long purple hair and purple eyes. She appears to be an independent, voracious and enigmatic person.

Due to her extreme selfishness, she doesn’t care about the consequential aftermath of her binge eating habit affecting other ghouls in various wards in Tokyo.

2. Kae Serinuma (Watashi ga motete Dousunda)

Kae Serinuma (Watashi ga motete Dousunda)

Kae Serinuma is the main character of the Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda series. Besides being a junior university student, she is also a qualified fujoshi and otaku.

In the beginning, Kae appeared to be an oversized girl with small green-blue eyes, circular glasses, and dark hair. Then, the death of her favorite anime character heavily depressed her and made her skip eating for days.

Thus, she puts off weight and possesses a charming body shape with notably large breasts.

Kae is a kind-hearted and carefree girl who is very easy to figure out. As a result of her previous appearance and Fujoshi-personality, Kae seems very oblivious regarding love or romance-related things.

3. Blair (Soul Eater)

Blair (Soul Eater)

Blair is a cat witch currently working at ChupaCabra’s. She can switch between human and cat forms. In the former state, she has the appearance of a young woman with an attractive figure, large breasts, short violet hair, and large yellow eyes. In the cat form, she is a purple cat with yellow eyes and a long curly tail.

She is an affable and fun-loving person that excels in understanding others’ feelings. She always shows kindness to those in trouble.

As a cat witch, Blair can use magic and have nine lives, which means that she remains alive after eight times of being killed and permanently dies at the ninth time.

4. Chihiro Shindou (EF a tale of memories/melodies)

Chihiro Shindou (EF a tale of memories melodies)

Chihiro Shindou is a reserved girl with an eye patch on her left eye. She has a twin sister named Kei Shindou.

Before her accident at the age of 12, she used to be an active and cheerful girl. But after being struck by an automobile, Chihiro has lost her left eye and suffered severe brain damage that leads to her anterograde amnesia.

Chihiro is often seen to carry a diary to record the events of the day lest she forgets them later. She shows a strong interest in reading novels and harbors a dream of writing.

5. Aoi Yamada (Working!!)

Aoi Yamada (Working!!)

Aoi Yamada is among the protagonists of the Working!! anime. She is a 15-year-old apprentice waitress at Wagnaria Restaurant with dark purple hair and bangs.

She appears to be a blunt and clumsy waitress as she is constantly eating the food and breaking plates. Despite that fact, her boss Kyouko cannot dismiss her as she has to pay her rent at the restaurant through her job.

As a result of her lack of family care, Yamada yearns for a perfect family. She is also described as a mysterious girl who can be either a sweet and naive girl or a mischievous and evil one.

6. Konno Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Konno Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Yuuki is a kind and optimistic girl who enjoys living to the fullest of her life even when she is on the threshold of death.

In real life, she has short brown hair. In Alfheim Online, where this adorable girl is known as Absolute Sword, she possesses long purple hair and red eyes. She wears an obsidian windswept skirt beneath the chest armor, a black waist sheath, and a violet tunic.

She has won 67 duels in a row. She is also the creator of Mother’s Rosario, which is the eleven-hit Original Sword Skill in the game. Until the last moment of her life, Yuuki still logs on to ALO in the witness of her friends and other players.

Male anime characters with purple hair

1. Sinbad (Magi)

Sinbad (Magi)

Sinbad is the central character of the Magi anime. He holds many titles such as the head of the International Alliance, the chairman of the world’s leading Sindria Trading Company, the leader of the Seven Seas Alliance, the former King of Sindria.

As a child, Sinbad was described to be a sensitive, moderate, and energetic boy. When he grows up, he remains altruistic and selfless towards others. He is a good-looking man of a muscular build with tan skin, long purple hair, and golden eyes.

He is a fun-loving individual and tends to flirt with female characters. However, if necessary, he can be a serious and rational man. He is held in high esteem by people he meets and is considered an honorable king.

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2. Shuu Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul)

Shuu Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul)

In addition to being a Social Welfare senior at Seinan Gakuin University, Shuu Tsukiyama is the head of the influential Tsukiya family.

Born in a wealthy family, Tsukiyama is a gentle and attractive young man with blue and purple hair. His usual outfit is European attire and long pants with eccentric patterns like flowers, geometric shapes, and stripes.

Being an infamous ghoul, he conceals his cruel, eccentric and selfish personality under the cover of a hospitable individual to attract his prey to the Ghoul Restaurant. He will go to any lengths, even using merciless measures to get what he wants.

Shuu lacks understanding of human feelings and usually calls Chie Hori, who is his only human friend “pet” to express his lack of interest in eating her.

3. Trunks (Dragon Ball)

Trunks (Dragon Ball)

Trunks is a male anime character with short purple hair and green eyes. In the Super Saiyan mode, his hair glows blonde, and his original blue eyes change into green color.

He is a mischievous, selfish, and arrogant boy since he is pampered by his parents. These traits are the exact combination of his parents: conceited like his father and egoistic like his mother.

Inheriting the scientific mind of his maternal family, he has commanded a significantly broad knowledge about science since he was very young.

Additionally, Trunks is also described as a strategic person. This characteristic takes after his father and paternal grandfather.

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4. Atsushi Murasakibara (Kuroko no Basuke)

Atsushi Murasakibara (Kuroko No Basuke)

Atsushi Murasakibara used to be the center of the Generation of Miracles, but currently, he is the Yosen High basketball player.

He has back-length lavender hair and violet eyes. He is one of the highest and largest players throughout the series. This number 9 jersey basketball player acts rather gawk, mildly childish, and sadistic.

He has such a craze for sweet things and junk food that he can spend all the money he has on them.

Although he always tells others that the only reason he chooses basketball is that he is good at it and even shows hatred towards those playing with passion, he still loves it from the deepest of his heart.

He is also worried about hurting his teammates and opponents due to his impressive size. Hence, he is always aware of using his strength in the match.

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Final Words

If you are an anime enthusiast or simply a big fan of purple, you should not miss these 10 anime characters with purple hair. Like red eyes in the anime which is often believed to represent extraordinary things, purple hair stands for mystery and charm.

Each anime character bears an implication of the anime creator through their appearance or such a popular and powerful tool as colors that help to convey something about their personalities or their stories.

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