Top 10 Anime Characters With Glasses (Male & Female)

Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

Glasses can be used for various purposes depending on the anime characters. The eyewear typically makes its owner become hotter and more confident, regardless of gender. Here are the top 10 anime characters with glasses that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are an anime fan.

Top 10 Anime Characters With Glasses 

Female anime characters with glasses 

1. Mey-Rin (Kuroshitsuji)

Mey-Rin (Kuroshitsuji)

Mey-Rin is a maid working for the Phantomhive household. She is a young girl with hazel eyes and long maroon-red hair that is frequently pulled back into high pigtails. She puts on enormous, thick, and circle glasses, a present from her master, that enables her to see close objects.

Mey-Rin is self-assured, strong-willed, and keen to establish her worth. As with other servants in the Phantomhive household, she is extremely loyal to Ciel and holds Sebastian Michaelis in the highest regard.

2. Hange Zoë  (Attack on Titan)

Hange Zoë  (Attack on Titan)

Hange Zoë was the Survey Corps’s fourteenth commander. She was previously the 4th leader of Squad, tasked with the responsibility of innovative invention and research on Titans.

Her left eye was severely wounded after being trapped in an explosion. This prompted the character to cover it with a little black eye patch. Besides the eye patch, Hange also put on a pair of brown glasses.

Hange Zoë is a genius who used their intellect to develop weaponry, tactical plans, and innovations for the greater good of humanity. She is a thoughtful leader who was considerate of their comrades and capable of quickly resolving complicated challenges to establish plans for their comrades to follow through.

3. Fuu Hououji (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Fuu Hououji (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Fuu Hououji is among the 3 main characters of the anime series. She is the Magic Knight representing the element of wind.

Fuu has green eyes and blonde hair with small bangs on both sides of her face. She is one of the most stylish and intelligent anime characters with round glasses.

Fuu is usually smiling, however, she is a skilled tactician. She is composed and courteous yet her words are direct. She is the team’s brains and frequently the one who saves them from danger.

4. Homura Akemi (The Puella Magi)

Homura Akemi (The Puella Magi)

Homura Akemi is among the leading characters of the Puella Magi anime series. She has long back hair with bangs falling freely over her forehead. At present, she usually has an emotionless, austere expression. Before realizing her horrific fate in previous timelines.

Homura is brilliant, athletic, distant, and unfriendly, which results from her experience during her time as one of the Magical Girls. Despite her harsh demeanor to others, she still cares deeply for them, especially Makoda, whom she has been trying to protect since the latter made her wish.

5. Tamako Inada (Silver Spoon)

Tamako Inada (Silver Spoon)

Tamako Inada is a younger sister of Shinichiro Inada and a freshman at Yezo High School in the Dairy Science Department.

She can be identified as a fat anime character with glasses. However, she is able to lose weight quickly, revealing a slim physique that she shares with her mom.

Tamako is a self-confessed money lover. She plans to gain control of her family farm and reportedly expel her parents from the business in order to expand it on a larger scale.

She is painfully honest and not hesitant to tell her peers the truth, which might make her uneasy around her friends or a terrific source of honesty.

Male anime characters with glasses

1. Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

Kusuo is a memorable male character due to his unusual appearance and sense of fashion. His trademark look is pink hair and green glasses.

Nevertheless, his mild attitude and social difficulties that he experiences on a daily basis make him a likable and relatable character.

Kusuo is cautious and reclusive. He despises being the focus of attention, hardly uses his voice, and prefers transferring his messages into the brains of other people through telepathy.

2. Kyoya Ootori (Ouran High School Host Club)

Kyoya Ootori (Ouran High School Host Club)

Kyoka Ootori is a sophomore at Ouran Academy and the Vice President as well as co-founder of the Host Club. He has short hair and glasses that flash whether he is plotting, being smug or hilarious, angry or covertly scared.

Kyoya is a calm, reasonable, and incredibly intelligent man. He can also be disinterested and, when necessary, menacing. He is the attentive secretary of the club, keeping constant track of its clientele and fortunes.

3. Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

In his small form, Shinichi Kudo’s alias is Conan Edogawa. After his exposure to a toxin created by the Black Organization, Shinichi assumed the look of his 6-year-old self.

The signature hairstyle of Conan is dark brown hair draping largely downwards with a few strands sticking up at both the front and the back. To disguise himself, he puts on his dad’s old big glasses.

Although Conan has been turned into a young boy, his intelligence has not diminished. He still has a vast knowledge of various subjects and trivia which aids him in solving crimes and escaping perilous situations.

However, when dealing with grownups, Conan tries to communicate in a more childlike manner. But he frequently becomes engrossed in the present case that starts speaking like a grownup, alluding to complicated issues and employing reasoning far beyond that of a typical child.

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4. Gendo Ikari (Evangelion)

Gendo Ikari (Evangelion)

The appearance of Gendo Ikari is typical of a middle-aged male, sporting a neat beard and glasses.

Gendo plays the role of NERV’s Commander and father to Shinji Ikari. He was instrumental in developing and researching the Evangelions as well as Human Instrumentality Project.

Gendo deserted his son when Shinji was just a toddler. He was also indifferent, distant, and rude to Shinji throughout the Evangelion series.

However, as Gendo was dying, he explains that he avoided his son since he was frightened of hurting him, which is similar to Shinji’s thoughts, and that it was preferable to do nothing.

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5. Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Kamina is a deuteragonist in the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime series. He is the founder of Team Gurren and its first leader.

He is a big, well-built man who takes pride in being “manly and tough”. His signature look includes blue hair and red glasses. His complexion is tanned, and his blue-ish tattoos run the length of both arms, shoulders, and upper back.

Kamina appears to be noisy, hard-headed, and arrogant at a first impression. However, he is daily perceptive and never deterred for long. Despite his usually bold and often mad acts, he is genuinely intelligent in planning and combat.

Final Words

In real life, glasses can help you become cooler. In the anime world, eyewear signifies the pinnacle of coolness. Anime characters with glasses are some of the most intelligent, confident, and stylish ones as evidenced by our list.

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