Top 10 Anime Boys With Brown Hair

Shu Ouma (Guilty Crown)

This list includes the top favorite anime boys with brown hair of all time. These consist of either the iconic anime character like Conan or the beloved character Wales Tucker of the worldwide popular anime One Piece.

Some of them are protagonists while some are antagonists. However, these characters are without a doubt among the most memorable characters that star in some of the best anime series ever. If you are a big fan of anime, don’t hesitate to check out this list.

Top 10 Best Anime Boys With Brown Hair

1. Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

Conan Edogawa, whose real name is Shinichi Kudo, is shrunken into a child by the Black Organization. He attempts to hide his identity secret that the criminal organization will find out the truth and kill him as well as his intimate ones.

In the primary-school-student-like appearance, Conan has dark brown hair and glasses. Beneath the glasses are his blue eyes. He behaves akin to one assumed to do at that age with a childlike voice.

However, he remains a knowledgeable boy with excellent problem-solving skills, which helps him through several challenging situations. Besides having a strong sense of justice, he also can recall every single detail of the cases and demonstrates an outstanding photographic memory.

Conan is given a very special pair of shoes with the incorporated Agasa Power Enhancement that enables powerful and precise kicks to knock out his enemies with soccer balls or other handy alternatives.

2. Kazuma Satou (Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!)

Kazuma Satou (Konosuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!)

Satou Kazuma is the protagonist in the KonoSuba series. In his previous life, he used to be a normal student who would play truant to play video games at home. As a hikikomori, he restricted himself to his room, thus, had few relationships.

Then after his death in an accident, he is reincarnated in the fantasy world with the mission to fight against the Demon King, whose goal is to oppress the ordinary people there. This cute boy with green eyes and spiky brown hair is somewhat sarcastic and blunt towards others, particularly his teammates.

Despite his seemingly bad attitude, Satou Kazuma is interiorly a kindhearted person and becomes countable at critical moments. He will come up with surprisingly wise plans and be a good leader when needed.

3. Rolo Lamperouge (Code Geass)

Rolo Lamperouge (Code Geass)

Rolo Lamperouge is a 16-year-old student at Ashford Academy. He has purple eyes and fluffy hair. Rolo is a detached and ruthless assassin in disguise as an innocent and shy person at school. Throughout his life, he has killed several powerful and influential figures.

Despite experiencing psychological instability, Rolo is described as a rational and smooth operator on his mission. Before Lelouch retrieves his memory, Rolo truly considers him as a brother and becomes extremely possessive of him. As a result, he will go to any lengths to keep Lelouch’s younger sister Nunnally away from him even by killing his obstacles.

However, his opposite side composed of selflessness and loyalty towards Lelouch is shown through his sacrifice for the latter.

4. Tooru Oikawa (Haikyu!!)

Tooru Oikawa (Haikyu!!)

Tooru Oikawa is the captain of the volleyball team in Aoba Johsai High School. He is an attractive boy with brown hair and brown eyes who is popular among girls. He has a unique expression with his tongue stuck out accompanied by a wink and a broad smile. This is deemed his trademark expression.

Despite his childish nature, Tooru Oikawa is a well-rounded volleyball player. He occasionally shows his care and attentiveness towards others, usually with his teammates.

Described as an ambitious and single-minded boy, he endures such an extremely vigorous practice on his own. Additionally, he is shown to watch the records of the previous games of his rivals to study their movements and devise his strategy to defeat them.

5. Akio Furukawa (Clannad)

Akio Furukawa (Clannad)

Akio Furukawa is the co-owner of a bakery named Furukawa Bread. As a result of the terrible baking skills of his wife, for most of the time, he takes the charge as the major baker. He is also the victim of the bread made by his wife, yet, he still expresses his love for it.

He is a sympathetic and kind-hearted individual with yellow eyes and light brown hair covering both eyes. His childish personality enables him to befriend others easily despite his rough manner of speaking and playing.

He spends his spare time playing baseball with kids in the small park near his bakery. He is also engaged in the Gundam fandom. Tomoya Okazaki, who is the main character of the series, looks up to him as a father figure.

6. Shu Ouma (Guilty Crown)

Shu Ouma (Guilty Crown)

Shu Ouma plays the main male character role in the Guilty Crown anime series. In addition to being a participant of the modern motion picture research club of the Tennouzu First High School, he also joined the against-the-current-government Funeral Parlor organization whose purpose is to liberate Japan.

His usual attire is the school uniform. His maroon red eyes glow blood red at times. Shu Ouma has noteworthy intelligence and observational skills. He is initially shown to be a reticent teenage boy who spends the majority of his time surfing the Internet.

Shu Ouma has some problems with eye contact and feels awkward when he has to say things to people. He at first appeared to be insensitive and rude. As the series progresses, Shu becomes a braver and more sociable individual with the help of other members of the Funeral Parlor.

7. Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa)

Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa)

Makoto Naegi, whose title is the Ultimate Lucky Student, is a member of the Killing School Life group at Hope’s Peak Academy. This brown-haired anime boy has determined hazel eyes. He often wears a zipped-up green hoodie, black jacket, black jeans, and red sneakers.

Makoto is an altruistic, friendly, supportive, and slightly naive boy. Although he can be a pushover at times, he possesses the ability to be a charismatic and determined speaker.

Makoto firmly believes in hope, which helps maintain his optimism even during hard times and has a positive effect on the way of thinking of other people. This pacifist also strongly believes that violence is not the solution. Despite his weak-looking exterior, he is mentioned to have incredible strength inside.

8. Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Osamu Dazai, previously the youngest leader in the history of the Port Mafia organization, is now a participant in the Armed Detective Agency.

Dazai is a mysterious man with a slim physique with curly short brown hair and dark brown eyes. His typical outfit includes a striped dress shirt, a black vest, and a trend coat. He also has bandages wrapped nearly all over his body except for his hands, face, and feet.

Dazai is an enigmatic person whose true personality and intention can be revealed only by himself. He draws his joys from teasing people and also deems his perfect plan as a joke.

Additionally, he is a suicidal maniac. He tries to kill himself many times but may end up failing or giving up on his attempts because of how painful the methods are.

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9. Wales Tucker (One Piece Role-Play)

Wales Tucker (One Piece Role-Play)

Before becoming a pirate at the age of 18, Wales Tucker was an apprentice doctor in the South Blue. Tucker is an orphan, hence, he always wore simple clothes when he was a child and was teased by other kids as he was skinny and short.

Since the start of his pirate life, he has grown into a muscular guy with naturally tan skin, golden eyes, and the new dragon tattoo on his left arm. He bears the exterior appearance of a menacing and careless person wearing a wide-open jacket and black leather gloves.

He is described as a determined and discerning pirate without the intention of either doing harm to or robbing innocent people. He has a great passion for exploring the world and tends to make impartial judgments based on people’s actions without any preconceptions and stereotypes.

10. Lyle Dylandy (The Gundam)

Lyle Dylandy (The Gundam)

Another hot anime guy with brown hair is Lyle Dylandy. He has a twin elder brother, Neil Dylandy, who looks identical to him. Lyle is a carefree and straightforward person whose intentions are demonstrated clearly via what he says.

Lyle expresses deep care towards his friends and will be the one lightening up the mood of others if given a chance. Having a strong sense of justice, he is inspired to change the world positively.

Lyle has had an inferior complex since his childhood as he was always compared to his twin brother Neil. This leads to his insecurity and cautious manner when approaching people. When being mistaken for Neil, he can do drastic things to distinguish himself. Despite this, Lyle still holds his elder brother in high respect.

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Final Words

Compared to other features of anime characters, brown hair seems to be a normal one as it also exists in real life.  It does not have any special meaning like red, white, or purple color.

However, these anime boys with brown hair still succeed in demonstrating their captivating peculiarities whether they are heroes or villains, main characters or supporting ones.

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